The Diva-in-Law?

I found this article this morning ; Apparently the author is determined to continue the rumors of Jennifer’s diva behavior. Although it’s not the most positive press- it is indeed still press!

Despite global fame, Lopez says she’s still Jenny from the block

From the Winnipeg Sun

Written By: Louis B. Hobson

HOLLYWOOD — Jennifer Lopez insists she doesn’t really know that J.Lo person journalists love to write about and paparazzi like to photograph.

“Who I am as a person has never jibed with how I’m portrayed in the press. I am not the diva the press has created,” insists Lopez. “It’s all fabricated to make things more interesting.”

Lopez utters these pearls of wisdom at a press conference for more than 100 journalists gathered to do interviews for her new comedy Monster-in-Law.

Her co-stars Jane Fonda and Michael Vartan have just completed three hours of roundtable interviews with the same journalists in groups of 10 to 12 people. Lopez couldn’t spare the time or the energy — but she’s not a diva.

A whole floor of the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel is secured for her. No one was allowed on the floor without a pink armband, and people were checked at the elevators by security — but she’s not a diva.

When a journalist confronted Lopez about the strict security measures, she joked it was because there would be a dance immediately following her press conference. She then insisted she knew nothing about the security.

When that remark elicited a wave of snickers, her press agents insisted it was the hotel or film company who had initiated these measures, not Lopez or her team.

“I have to have security,” added Lopez. “The paparazzi have become so aggressive. Their relationship with me has turned into a game of cops-and-robbers.”

She says her only recourse has been “to take myself out of the public arena as much as possible. I’ve stopped leaving my house unless it is absolutely necessary.”

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3 Responses to “The Diva-in-Law?”

  1. mEm says:

    it sounds soo fake…Cuz Jen always go shopping withOUT security…

  2. zakes says:

    it’s great that monster-in-law is opening in the UK 2, great news for jennifer this movie it’s just what she needs

  3. me3000 says:

    I don’t think Jen is a diva, I think she was, not anymore. She looks so adorable and sweet since she got married…