Vartan Comfortable Being in Lopez Shadow

LOS ANGELES – Michael Vartan doesn’t mind playing second banana to either of Ben Affleck’s Jennifers.

Vartan former boyfriend of Affleck’s current love Jennifer Garner, as well as her co-star on TV’s “Alias” now plays backup to Affleck’s ex, Jennifer Lopez, in the big-screen romantic comedy “Monster-in-Law.”

Lopez plays a wannabe artist earning her keep with a string of jobs that include dog-walking and office temp work. After she meets the man of her dreams, a doctor (Vartan) from a wealthy family, her prospective mother-in-law (Jane Fonda) goes to slapstick extremes to try to break up their engagement.

The movie gives top billing above the title to Lopez and Fonda. Vartan comes third, after the title, a position with which he’s perfectly comfortable.

“I have a very healthy and I guess accurate perspective of where my career is and where I fit in in this crazy business,” Vartan told The Associated Press. “I don’t really care if my name’s first, second or last or even in the end credits.

“Being in the movie is much more important. And also, I knew that this was their movie. This was clearly a movie about the two women going at it, sort of creating chaos. So I knew what I was getting into. It was much more about getting to work with Jane and Jennifer, so how can you say no?”

Vartan caught his share of tabloid fame when he and Garner were dating. So he can commiserate with what his co-stars have gone through because of their involvement with Affleck.

Both of his Jennifer co-stars have handled the notoriety with poise, Vartan said.

“They’re amazing. The people who succeed in this business and have staying power are the ones that really understand the two facets of it, the work and the celebrity, and they’re professional. You know you’re going to be chased by paparazzi if you’re one of the Jennifers. That’s just the way it goes.”

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  1. uyaliah says:

    hey yall!!! i read in a magazine that jen likes vonzell solomon on american idol so i think we should all vote 4 her. evem tho…i already lyked her!

  2. x says:

    Hi ya’ll how are u doing. Did all of you hear jen is pregnant with ben uh my god.
    I feel so sad for our jen. Hope she gets preggey sooon.