Lopez’s New Movie Sparks Reaction From Allergy Group

JENNIFER LOPEZ and JANE FONDA’s new movie MONSTER-IN-LAW has come under fire – from an allergy organization.

Members of America’s FOOD ALLERGY + ANAPHYLAXIS NETWORK (FAAN) have branded the upcoming comedy insensitive to people with food allergies, thanks to a scene in which Fonda’s character crushes up nuts and laces a gravy boat with them after she learns Lopez’s character has a serious nut allergy.

According to MTV NEWS, the organization worries that the movie sets the stage for copycat incidents, which could be life threatening for some.

FAAN founder ANNE MUNOZ-FURLONG says, “I doubt NEW LINE would permit a scene where a diabetic would be given an overdose of insulin. In real life, food allergies are no laughing matter.”

4 Responses to “Lopez’s New Movie Sparks Reaction From Allergy Group”

  1. me3000 says:

    …this is ridiculous. First the fur? Now food??? Stop chasing Jennifer!

  2. Tommy says:

    Peta, Allergies….GET OVER IT PEOPLE….its a movie

  3. rhymez says:

    what is crazy to me is that there groups constantly speak about tolerance and what not but would never ever comment or step to the plate when a movie promotes homophobia and/or racism. like seriously, most people arent worried about nuts – they are worried about “nuts” (lunatics!).