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MSN thinks Jennifer Lopez should be “Wonder Woman”

Friday, April 15th, 2005

MSN Movies’ Hollywood Hitlist on casting the role for the new Wonder Woman film:

For a truly inspired choice, I would consider (don’t laugh) Jennifer Lopez. I know what you’re thinking: “J-Lo? Did you see ‘Gigli’ and ‘Jersey Girl’? Are you crazy?” Yes, everyone knows she has had some tough times recently, but her career is rebounding. And though she hasn’t shown it lately, the girl can act when she wants too (remember “Out of Sight”?). She has the star power, the beauty and the booty for the role.

They’ve also got a poll up where you can vote for who you’d like to see get the role. Angelina Jolie is currently winning, with Jessica Alba and Jennifer neck-and-neck for second place.

Thanks to Juan for informing us!

Billboard Charts Update

Thursday, April 14th, 2005

Billboard 200 Album Chart

This week, Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” falls ten spots on the Billboard 200 album chart from #20 to #30.

Billboard Singles Charts

Hot 100:
#58 – “Get Right”, down three spots from last week
#67 – “Hold You Down”, same spot as last week

Hot Digital Songs:
#36 – “Get Right”, down four spots from last week
#75 – “Hold You Down”, down one spot from last week

Pop 100:
#40 – “Hold You Down”, down one spot from last week
#41 – “Get Right”, down five spots from last week

Hot Dance Music/Club Play:
#6 – “Get Right”, down five spots from last week

Two News Items From

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

Lopez Simplifies Her Life

Jennifer Lopez is so intent on living a more simple life, she’s selling her collection of cars and trading in her lavish properties for smaller homes.

While fans believed that Lopez had recently traded in her Los Angeles and Miami properties for less grand homes to erase memories of her failed engagement to Gigli co-star Ben Affleck, superstar J.Lo insists it’s because she’s developed a new appreciation for a more simple life.

Lopez, married to singer Marc Anthony, says, “I came from virtually nothing, so there was a time when I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can have that car or I can have that coat.’

“I don’t think anybody in my position wouldn’t have done the same thing. But you get to a point where you want to strip down.

“Not that I won’t have a nice bag, but I’m going to sell that big museum-type house and get a nice cozy house, and I’m going to have one car and trade the others in. I want to go back to something simpler.”

Lopez Gets Political with Fonda as Adviser

Jennifer Lopez is considering a move into politics and she’s planning to use activist pal Jane Fonda as an adviser when she gets serious.

The singer/actress admits she has never got involved with political and social issues because she didn’t think her opinions mattered, but, after working with Fonda–who was once dubbed Hanoi Jane for her outspoken opposition to the war in Vietnam–she reveals she’s more interested in following a cause.

Lopez says, “She’s been politically involved her whole life but I never have… As you get older and you become more mature you become more aware of the world around you.

“I remember asking Jane if I wanted to do something what would you say and she said, ‘There’s a time to do things and a way to do things. When you’re ready call me and I’ll tell you what’s right and what’s wrong, so you won’t get yourself in any trouble.’ She was cool about that.”

Fonda and Lopez became firm friends while shooting new movie comedy Monster in Law together last year.

Lopez still wants to be called J.Lo

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez has declared she still wants to be called J.Lo – several months after fans were led to believe she wanted to ditch the moniker.

While it had been reported that Lopez was keen to distance herself from the name, the Jenny From the Block singer, wife of salsa star Marc Anthony, insists she continues to enjoy being addressed in abbreviated form.

She says, “I still like to be called J.Lo. I was just saying that last night when (Marc and I) went out. We were running through this crowd, in a hurry, and a little girl asked: ‘Could you sign this?’ I signed J.Lo really fast, and I was like: ‘That’s when it comes in handy.”

From Irish Examiner

Jennifer Lopez scheduled to perform at KIIS Wango Tango festival

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith are among the acts slated for Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM’s annual Wango Tango festival. Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas, Ludacris, Ciara, Backstreet Boys, Simple Plan, Frankie J, Ryan Cabrera, Natalie and the Pussycat Dolls will also perform at the Ryan Seacrest-hosted concert, scheduled for May 14 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

More info here:

Video: Jennifer’s Introduction to Selena Tribute Concert

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Opening to Selena íVive! by Jennifer Lopez – WMV/1:22/2.88MB

NOTE: Both segments with Jennifer are included; we just combined them into one video to save space.

Here’s the translation of Jennifer’s introduction (thanks to Joseph):

Here, at the Houston Astrodome, 10 years ago we were witness to the last concert by Selena. These walls still keep the voice of her last goodbye, and you can still feel her presence, energy, magic and music. We will celebrate the star that made us feel, sing and dream so much. A star whose light will shine forever. Tonight, only a few steps from here we will go from the past to the present because Selena lives, and just like Selena lives in me, she lives in every one of you that love and admire. Let’s celebrate that Selena lives.

I learned a lot from Selena, many beautiful things, to smile at life more often, to value human sacrifice. Not to give up, and to believe that true love really exists.

Here are some screen caps from the video:

Audio And Video Update

Monday, April 11th, 2005

We’ve got the way hot “Hold You Down” hip-hop remix that doesn’t sound anything like the original:

Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe – “Hold You Down” (Cory Rooney Spring Mix) – MP3/VBR/4:22/5.9MB

Lyrics can be found here.

Some other remixes, too. The 50 Cent one is more of a blend with his “Disco Inferno.” The R. Kelly remix is almost the same as last time, but the lyrics are rearranged with some more from Jennifer’s original version. Both are more for collectors than anything.

Jennifer Lopez ft. Fabolous & 50 Cent – “Get Right” (Remix) – MP3/VBR/3:12/4.4MB
Jennifer Lopez ft. R. Kelly – “Baby I Love U!” (Remix 2) – MP3/VBR/4:01/3.8MB

And the “Hold You Down” video:

Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe – “Hold You Down” – WMV/4:29/18.1MB

J.Lo’s Album Marketing Goes $150,000 Over Budget

Monday, April 11th, 2005

From Contact Music

Jennifer Lopez’s new album REBIRTH has hit further crisis, the marketing campaign has gone $150,000 (GBP80,000) over budget.

Rebirth is believed to have only sold a disappointing 400,000 copies in its first three weeks on release.

But attempts to raise the record’s profile look doomed as cash has run out. An insider tells website PAGESIX.COM the marketing over-spend has also led to some of J.Lo’s dancers walking out.

The source says, “They haven’t been paid in like a month.

“You won’t be hearing much more of the album after the budget crisis.”

J. Lo Upset About Dangerous Close Call With Paparazzi

Monday, April 11th, 2005

Lopez Says Photographer Nearly Caused Car Crash

LOS ANGELES — Jennifer Lopez said she knows no one wants to hear celebrities complain about how hard things are.

So she said she usually keeps pretty quiet about paparazzi. But she insists that they can be a real problem.

J. Lo gets goosepimples just thinking about what happened over the weekend.

She said her car almost got into an accident this past weekend with paparazzi. She said as her driver was “just taking a left right by the police station in Beverly Hills, all of a sudden this car goes screech” right in front of her.

Lopez said it was paparazzi trying to beat the light by making the same turn as her car. Until that moment, she said she didn’t even realize she was being pursued. She said they almost wrecked because the photographer was following too closely in a speeding car.

Lopez said “sometimes they feel like it’s a game — like they’re playing cops and robbers.”

She said what’s surprising is that they are so aggressive in their pursuit of that one photo.

She said she’s thinking about writing a book about how to deal with fame and fortune — but realizes that no one will probably buy it.

From ABC KSAT, WKMG,NBC Entertainment News, and the AP

No More JLO?

Friday, April 8th, 2005

This story was reported from Ananova Entertainment, but currently is not being reported from any other entertainment news sources that I could find. I cannot vouch for the validity of this newsbit, but I can post the article as it was reported from Ananova Entertainment:

No more J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez now wants to be known as Jennifer Anthony.

She has decided the time is right to take her husband’s name professionally.

Jennifer married Marc Anthony last summer reports The Sun.

A source said: “Marc never liked the whole J-Lo thing. He thought it wasn’t very classy.”

From Ananova

Jennifer Lopez starts off Selena tribute concert

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Jennifer did a very nice pre-recorded introduction for the Selena íVive! concert. We’ll try to have video up soon.

Billboard Singles Chart Update

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

In an unexpected turn of events, “Hold You Down” is now making its way down the charts, after a very slow climb.

Hot 100:
#55 – “Get Right”, down eight spots from last week
#67 – “Hold You Down”, down three spots from last week

Hot Digital Songs:
#32 – “Get Right”, down 12 spots from last week
#74 – “Hold You Down”, debut

Pop 100:
#36 – “Get Right”, down two spots from last week
#39 – “Hold You Down”, down one spot from last week

Hot Dance Music/Club Play:
#1 – “Get Right”, up two spots from last week!

It’s a grim sign that “Hold You Down” is already losing airplay. We need to pick it up and start requesting the song at radio stations. Use our radio directory and request as much as possible!

Selena íVive!

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Don’t forget to catch the Selena tribute concert tonight at 8pm EST on Univision. Jennifer is not scheduled to be there, but we thought we’d post a reminder because many Jennifer fans are also fans of Selena.

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Thursday, April 7th, 2005

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The Billboard 200 Album Chart Update

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

This week will see Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” fall eight spots from #12 to #20 on the Billboard 200 album chart.