Video: Jennifer on Leno

Here we bring you Jennifer’s appearance from tonight on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno! Jennifer also presents her new haircut:

Jennifer on Leno – Part 1 – WMV/6:47/18.3MB

Jennifer on Leno – Part 2 – WMV/5:37/15.8MB

Monster-in-Law Commercial – WMV/0:30/2.8MB

13 Responses to “Video: Jennifer on Leno”

  1. lux says:

    I really liked her new haircut.

  2. Hell_is_4_Heroes says:

    Hey, I posted to my favorite gossip site a link to this page. You are the FIRST to have video, NICE!

    I missed the taping (sadly, I didn’t even know it was going to be airing, baaaaaad little me) so I am happy you have this. Thanks!

  3. lux says:

    That’s funny. CzarCastic and I read that community daily.

  4. Ben says:

    Jen is so cute on that pic ! Some people have been saying that Rebirth is Platinum in the US, but it is not true. I sent an e-mail to Billboard, and they replied saying that the only real certifications are the RIIA’s. And if you go to the RIIA certifications on, Rebirth isn’t Platinum. 🙁

  5. xox says:

    Ben go to the 100 top ablums in billboard and you will see a platinum mark beside Rebirth. This means its platinum.

  6. onur says:

    jlo is looking is so cute i liked her new hair.but rebirht is im crying.what am i doing.and isnt rebirht platinum oh my god oh my god

  7. Lee says:

    She looks so beautiful and fresh in that new haircut!!

    BTW, Rebirth has shipped platinum, although not sold. So it has been certified by RIIA. Check out the 200 albums chart on and you will see a triangle next to Rebirth, that means it has shipped 1 million copies in the US.

  8. Ashlee says:

    omg i watched it it was sooo cute!! love that haircut . . .thats what i am gonna do to mine!! 😉

  9. Jenny says:

    I absoulutely LOVE her hair that length!

  10. Gripen says:

    Yes, her new haircut is cute…But for my part, I like her hair like “Spanish curly hair”. Like she had in a video I’m glad.

  11. marcus says:

    i do like her new hair-do. personally, i like her hair-do in the remix for AIN’T IT FUNNY featuring ja-rule and cadillac tah. i also like her hair-do in the video for I’M GONNA BE ALRIGHT featuring nas. finally, i like that bush she had in PLAY!!! but i love jennifer and she always looks good! GO GIRL!!! WORK IT!!!

  12. star says:

    jennifer lopez is soooooooo cute and sooooooo funny. i’m not gay or anything but damn, go jennifer, she’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m loving the hair, at first i was a bit mmmmmmm, but now wow, it really suits her face.

  13. Kels says:

    Her Hair Is adorable! The way it lies on her face it makes her look really thin!!