PETA Targets Jennifer Lopez Film Premiere

LOS ANGELES – Dozens of protesters representing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals greeted Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of her new movie “Monster-in-Law with signs declaring her the “monster-in-fur” for her Sweetface fashion collection.

The protesters, who included some people dressed in animal suits, complained that they have asked several times that Lopez eliminate fur from her clothing line, but have been ignored.

“She could make a difference in a positive manner, and what she does is cause the death of a lot of animals,” protester Linda Kraemer said during Friday’s demonstration in front of the National Theater in Westwood.

Lopez was asked what she thought of the protesters.

“I don’t,” she replied as she headed into the premiere.

Others involved in the film said the demonstration didn’t bother them.

“It’s America. You have a right to protest and do whatever you want to do,” said actress Wanda Sykes.

From AP

3 Responses to “PETA Targets Jennifer Lopez Film Premiere”

  1. xox says:

    damn them, what else are the animals in this world are for? their meat and fur! but ofcourse by killing them humanely.

  2. Rachel says:

    Well, i believe that everyone in the world has their own opinion. I think that protesting at jennifers’ movie premiere was wrong, regardless she is still making money. I think that what jennifer is doing right now, which is ignoring the press is the right thing to do. I think that because they have n’t recieved any gossip of her they miss her so they rea trying top hear from her. I love jennifer and as i fan i would want her to use artifical fur becasue i love animals and the thought of them being hurt kills me!

  3. cindy says:

    I love Jennifer Lopez, but I saw the video on how they skin those poor animals. I have two dogs and it pains me to think that someone could hurt and innocent creature for fashion. I hope she reconsiders … faux is just as fashionable as the real thing!!!!!!!