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Jennifer Lopez’s insatiable quest for a family like her own caused her two previous marriages to collapse.

The superstar admits her failed marriages are entirely down to her own misjudgement and failure to spend more time out of wedlock with her men before exchanging martial vows with them.

But Lopez – who has been married to waiter OJANI NOA and dancer CRIS JUDD, and engaged to BEN AFFLECK – is confident third husband MARC ANTHONY will be her final one, despite rushing into that union too.

She says, “Mine isn’t the greatest track record. But I had such a loving, caring family and I was trying to get that for myself. I never quite got there – until now.

“I’m a born romantic who thinks along the lines of love and marriage. The only mistake I made was getting married too quickly to the men I fell in love with. Everyone’s had a good laugh at my expense. I didn’t like it at the time and I don’t think about it now.

“I just have to be thankful for the fact I’m now married to Marc and I can move on.”


Jennifer Lopez regrets not taking onboard her mother’s relationship advice, because it would have saved her from two failed marriages.

Lopez’s mum GUADALUPE urged her daughter to allow her friendships with men time to blossom before settling into romance – wise words the JENNY FROM THE BLOCK beauty chose to ignore.

However, Lopez – currently married to third husband MARC ANTHONY – confesses her mother’s life lesson disappeared from memory when Hollywood started corrupting her mind.

She recalls, “She said, ‘Be friends first and then you can see whether you want to spend the rest of your life together.’ But how many girls listen to everything their mother says?

“I should’ve taken more notice, but I lost my way a little. This business takes over and you don’t think straight.”

JENNIFER LOPEZ has slammed her reputation for being a diva as preposterous – especially considering how much the mothers of her ex-husbands and boyfriends liked her.

J.Lo is currently married to her third husband MARC ANTHONY, following two failed marriages and public relationships with SEAN ‘P DIDDY’ COMBS and ex-fiance BEN AFFLECK, but she continues to impress her ex lovers’ mums.

She says, “I have this reputation for being difficult and that can frighten people.

“But anyone will tell you that I’m not this pushy, confident woman in my private life. I’m quite shy.

“Whatever’s happened in my love life, I’ve always got on well with my partners’ moms. They’ve treated me well and I’ve liked them all.

“It didn’t take them long to realise that I treat families with the greatest respect and politeness.”


3 Responses to “Various NewsBits From Contact Music”

  1. sarah says:

    i think jlo’s fashion is awhsam i love her look

  2. Candy says:

    I hope that her marriage with Marc lasts. They are both so talented and they both come from the same background. I disagree with all those that say that they are not a good match. I think it’s really great that she is not on the cover of every tabloid as she has been in the past (the whole “Bennifer” fiasco). I think that being with Marc, who is a very private person, has had allot to do with that. Every other relationship she’s had, has been very public. The media takes celebrities and turn their private lives into a circus. Especially when the star is always in the public eye. It must be awful to be be constantly running from the paparazzi! Stars can’t even go outside in their robe to get the morning paper without having photographers outside their house waitng to catch a glimps of them. She always loved the media and the cameras and was always willing to talk about her private life but in turn the media has been very cruel to her and turned her every move into “headlines” and ridiculed her various marriages and/or relationships. She’s definitely learned her lesson (the hard way). I’m sure that Marc is the one that has helped her learn how to keep her personal life private. It seems to be working for them. I hope she’s found in Marc everything she’s ever wanted in a man including a family. I’m sure she will be a wonderful mom.

  3. ella says:

    i hope she is happy with marc because they look good together..thats all i have to say..

    and i love j.lo she is the best singr and actress