Angry crowd plans to jeer Lopez on Friday

On April 29, Jennifer Lopez is expected to take part in the popular Jay Leno’s talk show. Outside the studios where the programme is recorded, a crowd of animal rights campaigners are expected to assemble to show their disapproval to her controversial taste for wearing real fur. The activists have prepared a 10 metre inflatable beaver with a banner saying, ‘Fur – Leave it to Beaver’.

Lopez’s next film is the romantic comedy “Monster-In-Law” which will debut worldwide on May 13. Posters of the film have been altered to read “Monster-In-Fur”. The Atlanta premiere scheduled for May 5 is another likely target for a similar showdown with Jennifer Lopez.

9 Responses to “Angry crowd plans to jeer Lopez on Friday”

  1. kosta_germany says:


  2. candy says:

    Did anyone watch the sick PETA video featuring the skinning of live animals to use their fur for the Sweet Face line? I think that this video is full of sh*t. Yes, I’m sure things like that happen in some remote place in the world but there is no way in hell that I’m going to beleive that all fur used for clothing, including the Sweet Face line, are obtained in that inhumane manner. I’m sure that there are other ways to skin these animals for their fur after they are dead. I think that the video was rare footage of some crazy place in some third world country and PETA is giving the impression that ALL fur is obtained in that grotesque manner. Impossible!

  3. kay says:

    Hey, Candy I understand why you would think that but that video was from a China Fur farm (which is where the U.S gets most of their fur from). You must have seen all the raccoon dogs in the background in cages. What do you think is going on their? They are killing those animals to most likely export their fur around the world and into China’s market. Why dont you go onto the PETA website and see the other fur farm footages from the U.S. such as the chinchilla (sp) farm or the one narrated by Stella McCartney, or the canadian seal hunt(Fashion designers use the seal’s fur). Now where do you assume that fur goes to? Candy it is not impossible that fur is obtained in inhumane manners, after all do you actually think people in this day and age would spend money on the humane living of and deaths of these animals? NO…its just like slaughter houses! People are greedy if you havent already noticed. Dont put anything past anyone…not even J.LO…Even if they were treated humanely do you think its right to kill animals for the sole purpose of vanity? I definitly DON’T….

  4. Candy says:

    Kay, I’m not prommoting the use of fur. I’m only pointing out how PETA manipulates people into thinking that all fur products are obtained using those unethical skinning methods. PETA generates popularity by exposing these farms where this abuse is taking place. And by the way, only 11% of mink and 27% of fox comes from China, the balance come from all different parts of the world including the US.
    Obviously from your comment I see that you are totally against fur and that is commendable but don’t be fooled by what you see in those videos. Yes, those things do accur but the tactics portrayed in those videos are not the standard procedure for furriers. Although it will always be inhumane to kill animals for their fur, there are better and less painless ways to do it. The legitamate places that skin animals, have a very strick set of regulations to follow in order to maintane well treatment of the animals and making the experience as painless as possible.
    Think about this: What kind of animals have the best looking fur? The ones that are fed a healthy diet and get regular exercise. In order for the furriers to get the thickest and shiniest product, they must care for these animals to a certain extent. It is in their best interest to treat these animals well. Is it still cruel to kill animals for vanity purposes? Yes it is but it’s not the horror show in the video on the PETA website.
    I didn’t have to watch that video to be against wearing fur. I’m against it because I feel animals should not be murdered for fashion. PETA feels that they have to show this awful footage in order to gain more patronage and popularity. It’s obviously working.
    If you want to find out more about the laws and regulations followed in fur farms don’t take my word for it visit and see for yourself. One of the reasons that I’m certain about the things I’ve mentioned is because my office is on the same floor as a feather company’s showroom in NYC. The gentleman that owns the place produces the the majority of the fur used for the custumes in Broadway shows and for the showgirl’s custumes worn in Las Vegas. He’s explained to me how in his farm in PA, the birds are kept very well and in a healthy enviroment or else their plumage will be dry and brittle. They also have inspectors that come in to his facility ramdomly throughout the year and fine him heavily if he is not up to code with the ethical treatment of the birds.
    PETA should use their influences to concentrate more on exposing those horrible slaughter houses showed in their video and push to close them down instead of working so hard to point their finger at what designers are putting on their lines. The problem begins in those slaughter houses not in a garment manufature’s showroom.

  5. CzarCastic says:

    Candy, that was one of the most knowledegable posts I’ve seen on the subject yet. And I agree with you – they only show the Chinese and other third world country farms where the workers are peasants and just want money to get by. Plus, these countries don’t have any animal treatment laws in place to stop this.

    However, the majority of the public sees PETA as nothing more than a nuisance, me included. I’m glad they’re fighting, but I don’t wear fur and don’t need the issue thrown in my face everywhere I look. This only creates a negative image of PETA for the public and to view their cause as nothing more than attention-hungry.

  6. Candy says:

    Thanks for the compliment Czar.
    Hopefully PETA helps bring justice to those brutal slaughter houses. Because the only thing they seem to be accomplishing at the moment is the defamation of American and foriegn clothing companies (including Sweet Face) by encouraging boycotts. They are also very accomplished in making themselves look like ignorant extremists. They need to be more realistic with their methods.

  7. star says:

    all because they show people a tape of animals being skinned alive for their pelts doesn’t mean that the same thing happened for jennifer lopez’ sweetface clothing line. why are they just targeting jennifer lopez? nearly everyone in the music biz wear fur; destiny’s child, faith evans, lil kim, amerie. also why is pam anderson saying jennifer lopez smells like a dog and that she’s an idiot, how dare she. pam anderson is not serious, she’s a leather wearing, fake boobed vegetarian, how does that work? leather is made from cows, fake boobs consist of animal fat. people need to get their facts straight before standing up for a cause.
    jennifer lopez fan always, regardless

  8. star says:

    it’s me again. i agree with candy, if the PETA use more realistic methods and take a professional approach to getting their message across maybe the fashion world will listen. but shouting and making rude comments is going to get them nowhere/nothing, nada.

  9. Dawn says:

    fur is wrong. wearing it, or promoting it. the j. lo line is cute, no doubt, and i have always loved jenn, but her promotion of these attrocities is unforgivable. i will miss not going to see “Monster in law” in theaters b/c i am such a fan of her work, but i will stand my ground on this. jenn HAS to take fur off her line or she will only continue to see negative effects of killing animals for clothes! jenn PLEASE lose the fur, i miss your music and your movies.