Banderas in ‘Bordertown’ with Lopez

Antonia Banderas is set to join Jennifer Lopez in the indie thriller “Bordertown,” pairing the two stars for the first time on the big screen.

Set on the U.S.-Mexico border, the film centers on a journalist who investigates a series of murders that take place in the vicinity of U.S.-owned factories in the region.

Gregory Nava, who directed Lopez in the 1997 biopic “Selena,” is directing the picture, which is being fully financed by Mobius Entertainment. In 2001, Nava and Banderas signed up to work together on the Walt Disney Co. film “Zapata.”

“Bordertown,” which previously was set up at New Line Cinema, is due to shoot in New Mexico and Mexico.

Banderas most recently starred in “Imagining Argentina,” and in “Shrek 2” he voiced Puss in Boots. He’ll reprise the swashbuckling feline character in an animated adventure starring the cat, as well as in “Shrek 3.”

Also among the actor’s upcoming films is “The Legend of Zorro” — the sequel to 1998’s “The Mask of Zorro,” in which he starred with Catherine Zeta-Jones. His other credits include the “Spy Kids” films and “Original Sin.” In his native Spain he appeared in numerous features, including Pedro Almodovar’s “Law of Desire” and “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!”

6 Responses to “Banderas in ‘Bordertown’ with Lopez”

  1. xox says:

    You guys didnt give me credit for this. I submitted in the news section. :/ but its okay lol

  2. xox says:

    Banderas with JLO! I think this movie will be a hit.

  3. lux says:

    xox, Joy doesn’t check the news emails so she must’ve found it on her own. We always credit when fans get news to us first through email.

    I think this movie is going to be excellent since it’s based on true events. I’d like to see Jennifer be in an Almodovar movie since her Spanish is getting to be so good.

  4. CzarCastic says:

    Yeah, only one person – me – usually checks the submitted news. Even then I am slow with it because I have to weed through everything else.

  5. angela Serna says:

    i think the movie is gonna be great coz they’re both latin and will make a great 2 some in the movie im really extited about it

  6. onur says:

    wowowowowo wow it s will be a perfect movie.everybody will talk this movie. i wish .