J Lo says she loves to be domestic

She cooks and cleans. Jennifer Lopez says she loves to clean up and can’t leave a room without tidying it up.
She also tells Cosmopolitan magazine that her favorite food is fried chicken cutlets. She also makes pork chops. And she may be known for her backside, but that’s not J.Lo’s favorite body part.

She says she prefers her waist and stomach, saying “I’m lucky genetically. I’m small there.”

From AP

11 Responses to “J Lo says she loves to be domestic”

  1. kevin says:

    i’m a j.lo fans in hong kong
    i see a english magazine call pop with j.lo cover, i wanna ask what’s that magazine is? as the cover of it is very cool….
    i wanna know if any one buy that?

  2. Crablegs says:

    Did anyone see that article about how Jennifer’s people were able to make Billboard pull PETA’s ad attacking Jennifer’s use of fur in Sweetface? That is awesome, because PETA are the ultimate moralizing bullies. And after watching Penn and Teller’s Bullshit expose on PETA, I saw that they don’t actually help any animals, but they do make lots of money.

  3. crablegs says:

    Hi, here’s a link to the article I was referencing earlier about how Jennifer’s people laid down the law the hypocritical bullying extortionists PETA:


  4. Nath says:

    Aww! Jen is such an awesome woman. I remember seeing her doing an interview back when she was with Ben and she was cooking. She looked so cute.

    As for this PETA thing, I think they should seriously just stop. They even have ads with Beyonce and Star Jones on them. I’m so happy Jennifer pulled the things about her from that magazine.

  5. thomas says:

    Here in France, people are already saying that Rebirth is the flop of the year… Hope Jen does better next time!

  6. simon says:

    rebirth is in brazil from #7 up to #5!!!

    and the peak positions from get right in columbia is #18 , in mexico #26 and get right goes in south corea and in other countrys in asia up in the charts!!!!!

  7. xox says:

    Rebirth is not a flop! even if it doesn’t sell more than 1 million copies its okay 🙂 Its a great album! so who cares about JLO haters 😀

  8. Javier says:

    I am disappointed that Rebirth is not doing a good job. The album is not that bad. But that is ok, Jennifer will always be famous no matter what she do.

  9. Nowandthen says:

    I am sure Jennifer is not worried about Rebirth, plus she has a lot on her plate right now. They are casting for her new UPN sitcom, “South Beach”, which sounds good, Monster-in-Law, will be in theatres next month (I think will be one of her best films yet) promotion for that, and she also may star in the film “Bordertown”.

    She got glowing reviews for her ability as a Fashion Designer, and is now preparing to executive produce her own TV sitcom (South Beach), so that has to be exciting. So Rebirth is just a tip in the bucket and if it doesn’t work out, you can see that she is moving on to even bigger and better things.

  10. simon says:


    the sitcom “south beach” is this a sitcom with jennifer in a role or is this a production of jennifer lopez? so its jennifer the regisseur or director of this sitcom or waht.

    then will jennifer have here own TV-Sitcom??

  11. Mee says:

    Hey do you know how could Jennifer stick hey breasts when she was with the green dress???