Images: Latest Music Videos up

We finally have the music video images up:

“Get Right”
“Get Right” (Remix)
“Hold You Down”

and another little something:
Jennifer Lopez with Marc Anthony – “Escapemonos” at the Grammys

14 Responses to “Images: Latest Music Videos up”

  1. mexchulo says:

    According to Jennifer will release the follow-up single I Got U taken from 5th album ‘Rebirth. I Got U is a good summer tune proving that you dont need a vocal range to create a hit, just a top producer. I Got U is a smooth track grooving into the summer.

    NO!!!!…I think “step into my world” shud be the next single i mean come on……its such a hot song…perfect for the summer

  2. xox says:

    put this in the news site 😀
    JENNIFER LOPEZ has beaten celebrity stunners including BEYONCE KNOWLES and JESSICA SIMPSON to be crowned the star with the Best Body Makeover.

    The curvaceous beauty has slimmed down recently and she credits her disciplined eating and regular workout sessions with her personal trainer.

    She says, “I don’t eat a lot. But I am the type of personal who will eat whatever she wants.”

    The top 10 is as follows:




  3. xox says:

    I hate PETA damn them!

  4. Erin says:

    they should release cherry pie-its the best 1! (but then again it has significance to me)

  5. marcus says:

    “I Got U” would be a good spring tune to listen 2. but she should release “Step Into My World” as the summer tune! then get everybody ready 4 skool wit “Whatever U Wanna Do”! i have faith in jen…so whatever she wants 2 do, im behind her!

  6. Ashlee says:

    What do you mean about the PETA?? I loved the pictures by the way . . . they are sooo cool!

  7. SHEEP says:

    hey guyz
    im from poland ,do u hear about Pope John Paul II Dead??
    John Paul II was born Karol Jzef Wojtyla a near Krakow, Poland, on May 18, 1920
    ……….now he past away ……
    i think we should know!!!!
    (i know this is jlo forum ) but HE was AMAZING INCREDIABLE..

  8. Joseph says:

    I think Step Into My World would have been a much better choice, as would’ve been “Ryde or Die” or “He’ll Be Back”. I love “I Got U”, but I don’t think it’ll be great with radio outlets. Baby I Love U was a great song, but failed to catch on and I Got U I fear will be the same. With previous efforts, that didn’t matter, but she needs singles that will boost her sales, not stall them.

  9. me says:

    STEP INTO MY WORLD ! oh my gosh i love it, is there any way we could let her know to put that song out instead of i got you, i mean i love them both, but step into my world is just whoa !

  10. simon says:

    step into my world is the best song for the next single

  11. Someone says:

    OK I am not a real big J LO fan but I do not dislike her. I am beginning to think this REBIRTH album may be the flop of the year though. You gotta admit, the album is not real great. Its actually weak. I am not a big Mariah fan either but I have listened to about 5 tracks from her new album and it will likely be a BIG album. The songs I have heard are incredible. I think Rebirth may get overlooked because of Mariah’s new CD. I will probably buy it when it is released. Maybe J-LO will re-issue the album soon.

  12. Russian Girl says:

    Hi everybody! I love ‘(Can’t Believe) This Is Me’ and ‘Step Into My World’. But my favorite song is ‘I Got U’. It’s very beautiful song.

  13. Ali says:

    I think your site ( should have a link to click on that will show J Lo’s music video’s that she has done in her whole singing career.
    Thank You for your time,
    * Ali *

  14. jessica says:

    u know wat i tink dat step into ma world shud j-lo’s next single come on now dat tune iz buff na!!