A duet brings Amr Diab and Jennifer Lopez together

Renowned Egyptian pop-star Amr Diab has just completed the recording of a new duet with internationally known singer Jennifer Lopez. Amr also appeared in a new soft drink commercial with Jennifer.

Amr revealed that he is currently preparing to film the song Wahashtini in the form of a music video in Lebanon under the direction of international director. The singer stressed that the song will have a slow romantic theme to it.

40 Responses to “A duet brings Amr Diab and Jennifer Lopez together”

  1. Seb says:

    Who’s Amr Diab ?

  2. xox says:

    I think thats a cool move amr diab did he’s the middle east arab’s super star. He’s been talking about this duet for ages, I’m glad they’ve done it at last. Can’t wait 🙂

  3. mariah says:


    yes yes yes !!!

    He’s a good singer !!! he’s got a beautiful voice

    the duet will be good, i’m sure

  4. Amal says:

    amr diab is my favo singerr
    he is truly the besttttt
    i mean it, he is amazing
    his voice, his looks, his style
    he is the BEST singer of the arab world and the middel east
    world wide know everywhere
    ask any arab and he of she knows him
    he is more than an artist, he is an icon

  5. maya says:

    amr diab is i good singer!!!
    i like to listing to his music…

    xxx hayat from belgium xxx

  6. me says:

    ooooooh my god,
    it’s really amazing
    Amr diab is really great
    he’s the best singer
    and so does J.Lo
    It will be a beautiful song

  7. layla says:

    really i heard it today on the radio here in holland but im egyptian &nd amr diab 2
    my best stars in the world
    amr diab

    i can’t want..!!!

  8. semmi jo says:

    amr diab is the coolist he is my
    favo arabic artist
    he is amazing 😉
    I known that the new song
    it wil be so good !!!!

  9. melinda says:

    waow im so happy, amr diab is really talented but the question is,,is this real? are they really gonna make a song toghether?

    i hope so!!!!!!!!!

  10. faatje says:

    J to da Lo plus Amr Diam..well that’s what i’m calling DA SHIZZNIT 4 Sho..Big up!!!

    x Fa

  11. al-masri says:

    Amr Diab is a big KING of Music anybody that gets the chance to work with him is very lucky.

    Amr u r the best

  12. j007 says:

    J LO is damn lucky to be singing with Amr Diab-he like ROCKS!

  13. shady says:

    amr diab is a huge star, he,s the best , and jenny is the most cute english artist , im crazy about her ..
    it’ll be a wounderfull duet

  14. Soraya says:

    I just wanna say that amr diab is a really good singer, so is Jlo and it’s so good that she is doing a duet with him because its a whole different style…it will be very good…

  15. AdoLa says:

    HeYz….Thats cool
    Watching people talking about AmrDiab in a good way (Y)

    Well, Iam a Moderator in the OFFICIAL AmrDiab WEBSITE (( http://www.AmrDiabWorld.com )) u can visit us and register with us and know alot about AmrDiab.

    The Duet will be released Sooon.

    Regards, AdoLa

  16. fawzi says:

    amr diab is exellent singer he has sensitive voice
    id like to be slow song ilove amr +jlo very much it will be the hit song for 2005 all over the world

  17. Dalal says:

    I’m very glad Jennifer is recording a song whit Amr Diab. They are two of my favorite singers. And I hope in the futur that other famous star will follow this pad. Because:
    – Music brings people togeher-

  18. Basma says:

    Amr Diab is not only the greatest singer in the Middle East, he’s the greatest singer in the world! Anyone you gets to sing with him is very lucky and should be honered to work with him.

  19. khaled says:

    he is good

  20. ayoub says:

    i think it wiil be great
    amr is the best singer in the middle east and i think its a smart move from jay lo

  21. moe- palestino says:

    j-lo is hot and then she going to sing with amr, what a funky yet cool combinaton cant wait for it.

    i loves the j-lo

  22. Sal says:

    I think thats a cool move amr diab did he’s the middle east arab’s super star,his voise is fabilous ,he have been singing for over 20 years since i was born in 1985 his ,and hes the only middlestern atist that win two music award 1996 and 2002,my favorite albums are
    1.tammaly maak (1999)
    2.ana aktar wahed(2001)
    3.habiby ya nour alain (1996)
    4.alem alby (2003)
    5.amarien (1998)
    6.lealy nahary (2005)
    9.mayal (1985)
    a sugest you to buy the top six albums cos they are amaizing , i love amr along with the iraqi singer kazem al saher he is fabilous too and of course the lovely jlo and im sure that both singer are gonaa add so much to each other .i cant wait to see that duet omg

  23. omar khribech says:

    i love amr diab for ever

  24. J-lo fan says:

    DAMN… you must be kidding..

  25. Sydney, Australia says:

    I’m Italian, and all I can say is AMR DIAB is the king of the Middle East.

    Can’t wait to hear it!


  26. will says:


  27. amrs_big_faaaaaaaaaan says:

    wat a nice step. i like da both, amr ‘n’ j-lo. m waittin’ 2 this duet….. come on… m waittin’.

  28. motasem says:

    amr diab is the best singer in the world

  29. omar says:

    theres no duet its all over

  30. saad says:

    go ahead amr, you are the best,

  31. Wendy A. says:

    Music is an “International Language;” it connects cultures & ignites a spiritual revival in Humanity. Partnerships b/wn cultures will continue to produce mutual appreciation and advancement. Imagine: the possibilities are infinite….Alf Mabrouk !!

  32. zainab says:

    woohooo – Amr Diab rocks!! luv em to bits!

  33. egysally says:

    hell ya jlo is so lucky to be able to sing a duet with amr dieb for the people that don’t know who amr dieb is he’s the egyptian pop star ok …. he is the best ….. if u want to know more about him go to http://www.videoarab.com and press on the letter a or go to http://www.melodyhits.tv u will also find jlos video clips on these websites after u go to these websites u’ll worship arabic music ask me

  34. Amr hugest fan says:

    Amr is the one and only Egyptian Super star in the whole world in my eyes he’s the only singer who’s got it all..the voice the charm the looks the best attitude the smile the fame the personality the self confidence the warm voice the true feelings in his tones and music the uniqueness..the ambition…the genuinty…

    I think his music should be a subject to teach in global ans international universites like Egyptology.
    Way to go Amr, lucky Jlo she got her life opportunity by dueting with Amr.

  35. amrdiab_lover says:

    i love me love amr so much because he is the best persom i have see love u
    ur lover

  36. mido says:

    Go east Go west AMRDIAB is the Best

  37. valantota says:

    am sure it will be great if it happen
    both of them are so artistic in choosing music and ideas for their songs

    and for who don’t know amr diab
    you can visit his official site at:

  38. Houssein says:

    Plz i wanna know when the new album gonna be ready and what about the dueto whith jlo

  39. masriya89 says:

    this is awesome but im curious whens it coming out. i ve seen the pepsi commercial. but im waiting for the music. ???

  40. Sanaa says:

    Amr Diab is the best! THE BEST! It is totally amazing he did a duet with J-LO, he is an international superstar in hiw own right as is she. That is great to see Arabic music and art getting thrust into the mainstream media like this.

    I will be attending the huge concert at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino on March 11 at the Arena showroom. I got my tickets early because they are expected 5,000! The show will of course feature the star of the evening Amr Diab. Opening for him is the great Lebanese band The Four Cats and the always fabulous belly dance star Soraya. What a great show this will be…

    See you all there!