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Monday, March 21st, 2005

Pop beauties BEYONCE KNOWLES and JENNIFER LOPEZ are both trying to persuade soccer hunk DAVID BECKHAM to star in their next music videos.

Knowles and Lopez have both decided a brilliant way to promote their forthcoming singles would be to have REAL MADRID ace Beckham appear in their promo clip.

The two singers hadn’t realised the extent of Beckham’s international fame outside their native America until they embarked on a brief European trip to promote their recent PEPSI advertisement together.

And now Knowles and Lopez are both keen to work with the soccer player, who is married to former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM.

But Beckham has yet to decide which, if any, video he will appear in.

An insider says, “They couldn’t believe how popular he was. During all the promotional appearances more people were screaming for him than them.

“Beyonce and J.Lo have good business heads and realise what great publicity it would be to have David in their videos.

“David is hugely flattered to be approached by both the singers. But it would be overdoing it to appear in two videos so he’s trying to decide between them.”

From Contact Music

“Get Right” Takes Big Fall On Latest Billboard Chart

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

Most likely due to the increasing airplay of “Hold You Down”, “Get Right” falls 11 spots on the Hot 100 this week from #15 to #26. “Hold You Down” meanwhile jumps up five spots from #79 to #74 this week.

Other “Get Right” chart positions:

Billboard Pop 100: #22, down seven spots from last week
Hot Digital Tracks: #10, down three spots from last week
Hot Dance Music/Club Play: #14, first week on chart
Hot Digital Songs: #9, down four spots from last week

Other “Hold You Down” chart positions:

Billboard Pop 100: #47, first week on chart

Lopez: I miss dancing marathons

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez says she misses dancing in clubs until 4am.

She says since becoming famous she can’t enjoy a night of partying because of photographers following her every move.

“Dancing makes you feel free”, she says. However, now that she gets recognized, she adds: “People have their eye on me too much and it’s not too much fun.”


Thursday, March 17th, 2005

Here are 2 News Stories about Jen’s new movie Bordertown:

Lopez takes up journalism

Jennifer Lopez will re-team with her Selena director Gregory Nava to play a journalist in her next movie, Bordertown.

Lopez, who won acclaim when she portrayed tragic singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez in the 1997 movie, will play a reporter who investigates a series of murders near American-owned factories on the border of Juarez, Mexico , and El Paso, Texas.

Jennifer Lopez is said to be going back to her roots in her next film project, Bordertown.

The film’s director is Gregory Nava, who directed J-Lo in her breakthrough film, Selena.

From Examiner IE and YAHOO! News

“Rebirth” Takes Big Sales Hit On The Billboard 200 Album Chart

Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

After selling 260,000 copies in it’s first week, Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” takes a dive from #2 to #4 on the Billboard 200 album charts by selling 86,000 copies of her album, only 1/3 of what her opening week sales were.


Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez insists that she only picks great scripts.
The Latina star – who’s suffered critical maulings in pictures like THE WEDDING PLANNER, MAID IN MANHATTAN, ENOUGH and GIGLI – admits many of the projects that had early potential to wow audiences have turned out to be disasters.

But far from shouldering the blame herself, Lopez is adamant she’s given her best performance in every film – and she’s only ever pursued a part if the script captivates her.

She tells Britain’s EMPIRE magazine, “It’s hard to choose what’s going to be a great movie. I’ve chosen great material but it hasn’t always turned out to be a great movie. I would be disappointed in myself if I walked away from a movie and I was like, ‘I didn’t even f**king try. I sucked in that movie, I didn’t give all that I could have. I phoned it in.’ Then I’d be mad at myself, but I’ve never done that so I don’t feel that way. I don’t feel that I’ve had huge failures in my life because of that.”

From Contact Music

JLO Recognized On VH1’s 100 Most Wanted Bodies

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez’s beauty and healthy body has been recognized once again on VH1’s 100 Most Wanted Bodies. Jen came in at an honorable #17.


Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez has used her creative skills to design a high-profile collection of custom-made carry-alls for the new PLAYSTATION PORTABLE (PSP).

Lopez has joined a host of other designers, including MARC JACOBS, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG and KIMORA LEE SIMMONS, on the project, which went on display last night (14MAR05) in Los Angeles at a fashion show called PRET A PSP.

The supermodels graced the runway with the new PSPs encased in their respective carry-alls at the event, reports MTV.

The PSP launches on 24 March (05).

From Contact Music

Jennifer Lopez: No more ‘Soap Opera’

Monday, March 14th, 2005


NEW YORK (AP) — While other celebrities have taken pains to keep their public life under wraps, Jennifer Lopez always seemed to relish the white-hot spotlight.

Whether she was frolicking with Ben Affleck in a music video, wearing a barely there outfit to drive the paparazzi wild or gushing about her latest love in a magazine, Lopez was willing to let the public share in her private life.

“I grew up in New York and was very out there and outgoing. One of my main things was I’m not going to let this business change me, you know what I mean?” explains the Bronx-bred Lopez, 34. “That was always one of my mantras.”

Jen is #1 on Japan Dance/Soul Charts

Monday, March 14th, 2005

For a third straight week in Japan, Jennifer Lopez holds the Dance & Soul Top 200 crown with ‘Rebirth’, while 50 Cent bows at No.2 with ‘Massacre’.

Jennifer Lopez has two mega movies lined up

Sunday, March 13th, 2005

[Entertainment News]: New Delhi, March 12 : Music idol Jennifer Lopez would feature in two big movies this year – “An Unfinished Life” with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman and “Monster-in-Law” with Jane Fonda.

The films follow her new hit album “Rebirth”, which Sony released worldwide this month, and is an attempt by Lopez to focus on her career as a pop star and actress.

In the past, Lopez has starred in critically acclaimed films like 1998’s “Out of Sight” opposite George Clooney and directed by Steven Soderbergh and “U-Turn” made by Oliver Stone.

And also absolute bloomers like “Gigli” opposite then boyfriend Ben Affleck, and “Enough”. There have also been some moderate films like “The Wedding Planner” and “The Cell”.

Lopez, who has platinum selling albums like On The 6 and Jlo, told IANS in an e-mailed interview that her sound in the album and the films reflect a new maturity in her career.

“In many ways, this feels like my first album as when I did my first album, I took a long break and then worked on it, it’s the same with this album. I took a long vacation and worked on it. It represents a sound that is much more funk and a whole new level of maturity,” said the pop superstar.

Often described as the sexiest woman in the world, Lopez has been criticized in the recent past for concentrating more on her various relationships than making music or movies.

But “Rebirth” is one album Lopez says she’s worked real hard on.

“The one thing I wanted to do with this album was to get a lot of up tempo on it because that’s how I was feeling. In the studio you end up writing other things as well, but there are some dance tracks on it. I wanted to incorporate funk into it,” said Lopez.

“I had been listening to a lot of James Brown and horns and drums and it gave it a nice funk for this album.”

The album also features a track with husband Marc Anthony.

“Marc is a through professional. He is great to work with. Sure, we’ll work together again,” said Lopez, who is also working on her first Spanish album.

“Right now, I’m also very excited about the release of my first Spanish album which I’m currently working on. It is my passion project.”

She has had a series of failed relationships including the much touted ones like with actor Ben Affleck and rap mogul Sean P. Diddy Combs aka Puff Daddy.

But now, says Lopez, she is very settled with Salsa star Anthony. “I am definitely very happy at this stage in my life and feel very much at peace, whatever else comes along the way, I’ll deal with it then.”

Another change in her life has been that she now only wants to be known by her full name and not the popular “JLo”.

“Yes, JLo is the name of my first album … I have moved on from my first album,” said the singer, who was once called “Guitar” because of her perfect contours.

“I want to be known by my name, which is Jennifer Lopez.”

Indo-Asian News Service

2004 Tabloid Cover Queen

Friday, March 11th, 2005

Estylo Magazine reports that Jennifer Lopez appeared on more supermarket tabloid covers than any other celebrity in 2004, beating out Jennifer Aniston, the Olsen twins, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson.

Let’s hope she gets a little more privacy this year and falls off the tabloid favorites list. 🙂


Thursday, March 10th, 2005

Animal activists made diners at JENNIFER LOPEZ’s Pasadena, California, restaurant a little uneasy today (10MAR05) as they showed them images of animals skinned alive over lunch.

PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) followers took their fur protests against Lopez to a new level by protesting outside Madre’s.

They also paraded large posters of Lopez with the words “Fur Hag” attached and placards featuring images of orphaned animals and the caption “J.Lo: These Babies Miss Their Mother – Is She on Your Back?” as diners tried to eat lunch.

The activism was part of an ongoing campaign to shame Lopez for “promoting and profiting from the bloody fur industry.”

Activists with body-screen TVs also used the Madre’s protest to air the west coast debut of the first-ever video footage of fur farms in China, shot during a year-long undercover investigation.

The protest comes on the heels of the February (05) debut of Lopez’s fur-laden SWEETFACE fashion collection, which has been panned by critics and animal rights activists alike.

A PETA spokesman says, “Lopez continues to pimp for the fur industry despite the fact that PETA has contacted her no less than a dozen times, pleading with her to stop supporting the horrific abuse of animals killed for their fur.”

PETA have just launched an anti-J.Lo website JLODOWN.COM, which urges the Latina to stop wearing fur.

Jennifer in Japan

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez exposed her lack of world knowledge during a recent trip to Japan to promote her movie SHALL WE DANCE – by failing to recognize the name of the Japanese prime minister.

The superstar was grilled by local reporters keen for her thoughts about the film, a remake of 1996 Japanese movie SHALL WE DANCE?, in which she appears alongside RICHARD GERE.

According to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, journalists were amused by Gere’s resemblance to Japanese premier JUNICHIRO KOIZUMI – a comment that left J.Lo blank-faced.

When someone explained who Koizumi is, Lopez responded, “Really, I’m sorry. That’s so funny”

“Get Right” Moving Up Again As “Hold You Down” Makes It’s Debut On Billboard Chart

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

After dropping for two weeks, “Get Right” moves back up five spots from #20 to #15 on the Hot 100 chart. Also, Jennifer’s new single “Hold You Down” featuring Fat Joe debuts on the Hot 100 this week at #79.

Other “Get Right” chart positions:

Billboard Pop 100: #15, up three spots from last week
Hot Digital Tracks: #7, same spot as last week
Hot Digital Songs: #5, up two spots from last week