“Rebirth” drops out of Top 10 in Billboard Top 200

“Rebirth” is set to drop to position 12 on the next issue of Billboard’s Top 200 albums.

21 Responses to ““Rebirth” drops out of Top 10 in Billboard Top 200”

  1. simon says:

    funny or not??

    switzerlnad: #1, #4, #7 and now #11

    usa: #2, #4, #7 and now #11

    the same to 99 per cent…

  2. simon says:

    and where is get right now???

    and hold you down???????????????????????

  3. Seb says:

    4 EPIC 4 7 12 LOPEZ*JENNIFER REBIRTH 60,305 0 60,209 468,600

    Probably Gold the next week !

  4. Lucylover1986 says:

    We’ll find that out tomorrow Simon.

  5. xox says:

    Its funny how americans like 50 Cents music, they like all the sexed up videos that makes u feel like ur watching a porno movie instead of a song. But who didnt buy Rebirth is the loser πŸ™‚ I dont care about figures. In my heart she’s the #1 in everything she does πŸ™‚

  6. Joseph says:

    Yet notice how after the first to second week drop the sales have remained consistent. There’s still hope for Rebirth.

  7. Seb says:

    Hold You Down is #64 (from #68)
    Get Right is #47 (from #44)

  8. crayola skies says:

    i agree with xox 110%!!


  9. Kate says:

    I am and always will be a big fan of Jen, but I just want to say that I am disappointed in Rebirth. And in a sense I understand that her sales are low. This is not her best work ever. My favorite album is “On the 6”. And what’s with Jen only putting 12 songs on an album nowadays? And what surprised me about Rebirth is that she only co-wrote 2 songs out of the 12… I still love you Jen, but I hope you do better next time! Peace.

  10. ncedz says:

    I love and will alwayz love jlo even if she sells less than a thousand copies of her albums coz she has style!!!!

  11. simon says:

    hey i found it out that hold you down every 3rd week a level goes up!

    1 week: #79, #74
    2 week: #68, #64

    next week: #57 (??), #52 (??)

  12. simon says:

    how much sold jennifer this week at #11??

    how how much sold she all togheter

  13. kat says:

    she only co-wrote 2? wow thats not too good πŸ™

  14. rhymez says:

    i like jen, i really do. she’s rican and her existance and presence in the world is empowering to all latinos. now that i have gotten all sappy and what not – let me say that this cd is not her best work. but i understand that they may be a relative thing. i applaud her for always trying to do something different. however i do feel that she sometimes records material that has been rejected by other artists. ride or die was a brandy “throw away song” – other throw away songs were get right, let’s get loud, waiting for tonight and play. this is problemattic for me. while she may have an ear for great radio tunes – recording that many throw away songs leads to believe that the producers she works with do not take her seriously enough to create original material but just give her what they have.

  15. Seb says:

    Simon..she’s solds this week 60,209 copies. +0% since the last week.

    In total : 468,600 copies

  16. onur says:

    i love jen and im a big fan.im so sad for rebirht.but rebirht is so good.i got u,still arund.i cant understand this people.i dont love 50 cent.im still hope for rebirht.j.lo ur the one

  17. Kevin says:

    I am a huge fan of Jennifer’s and love her album Rebirth its just that people are paying way to much attention to 50cent (who i like to) because hes at the top of hes game now! The only reason people are not buying Rebirth is because there sick of hearing news on her shes been in the tabloids so much people are getting sick. I love her music but shes gotta do sumthing really good to get people back, like: 1.Put more songs on her albums 2.Dont wear so much fur (even though 50cent does) 3.Make better movies 4. Make sure your first single is good (do a test audience)

  18. J Rob says:

    Hi everybody, I think that rebirth is a good album but in this one she has no the same feeling like in the others, (ie.- j lo) and also she forgot latin tracks, anyway I love Jen

    Don΄t you think this album is quite similar to FOREVER from spice girls, even in the picsss

    Oh i Have a question, who trough lets get loud, waitin for tonite and play…

  19. konan says:

    i like jlo music .jlo is beautiful woman.iwould like that jlo do hip hop style for the new album
    and a featuring with beyonce for seing who is the sexy..wonderful and beautiful american artist girl.ilike getright remix and hold you down

  20. Jamal says:

    Hello all you J.LO fans. I’m sorry to hear about how your girl is doing as far as sales go. If I may say Jennifer’s problem is, she is trying too hard. She is no singer, she is a dancer with a voice that goes well with a dance track. I tried to listen to this Rebirth and it was sh!t. By the way I am so tired of the people comparing her to my girl Mariah, who by the way is FAB!. They are two different people with two different styles, but Jen could learn alot from the number one selling female artist in HISTORY! You have to have talent. Music is not and never will be for Mrs. Lopez. Acting and looking good in cloths is all she can do for me, and dance. I couldn’t beleive my ears when I heard this song called “I can’t beleive this is me” or something like that. Well I couldn’t beleive it either. She can not sing power ballads. Leave that to the Legends Mariah, Whitney, and Mrs. Dion. Jennifer should come after Janet that’s who she can battle, because the Bitch can dance her ass off (jennifer lopez). Now she can do that for me all night. I don’t mean to sound harsh people but the truth hurts.

  21. sexyfilippina says:

    i don’t know what’s wrong with “Rebirth” but no matter what i still love jennifer lopez songs cuz she has style, && represents hispanics!!!