Audio: Trying to reduce the backlog here…

Here’s the reggaeton CD quality remix with Don Omar:

Jennifer Lopez ft. Don Omar – “Hold You Down” (Remix) – MP3/VBR/3:57/4.7MB

“Hold You Down” promo covers with radio edit:

Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe – “Hold You Down” Radio Edit – MP3/VBR/3:57/4.8MB

Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe – “Hold You Down” (Instrumental) – MP3/VBR/4:33/5.6MB

We’re also working on the lyrics section. We know they’re still out of date, but we need to convert them to the new layout first. Sorry for the delay and being patient with us!

27 Responses to “Audio: Trying to reduce the backlog here…”

  1. Lucylover1986 says:

    Pretty cool song. I still don’t like the idea of a music video for it though.

  2. Rebirth says:

    “Pretty cool song. I still don’t like the idea of a music video for it though.”

    — Me neither, I would rather have a video for the Fat Joe Remix To The Remix than this one. 🙁

  3. Ronaldo says:

    thanks for the good quality! for the remix!

  4. xox says:

    You guys should take down the song downloads, people should buy it instead of downloading it. But for unofficial remixes its fine I guess.

  5. Farina says:

    This song is very very nice !! I like it =))
    J.Lo is the best !!!

  6. Candy says:

    I love Hold You Down. It’s a beautiful song. I HATE reggaeton. In my opinion it’s truly like really horrible noise. Ex: for me there’s nothing worse than that stupid “gasolina” song. It truly sucks and it makes no sense. But… since I love Jennifer and Hold You Down so much, I guess that this reggaeton re-mix is not so bad. I can listen to it and not cringe. I must be too old for reggaeton or something cause it seems like all young people like it. Even the name is stupid! Reggaeton. What the hell is that? Is there anybody else out there that hates reggaeton or is it just me??? But I loooooove Jennifer and I’ll tolerate this version of the song only to support her.

  7. Erin says:

    uhh actually i like Gasolina, i just put it on my MP3…

  8. Erin says:

    wow, love it, awesome remix. Will you have lyrics???

  9. marcus says:

    I like the song but I was told that there was a version coming out with different lyrics!

  10. Seb says:

    They will release a video for witch version ? Anyone know ?

  11. kevin says:

    i’m a j.lo fans from hk
    wao, i love this song, i think it’s better then the get right…coz get right is a new version of a usher song which he didn’t include in his last album….well, i love the music vedio, but i think if this song can be plug on to the radio during x’mas, it must be much more better…cox it’s quite x’mas feel…..i think~ haha

  12. angela says:

    how can u hate reggaeton , if ur latin and like the type of song dats great coz dats the type of music we latin people like , u just dnt apreciate great music , anyways keep ur opinions to ur self we dnt care wat u think , im gald to say that i love reggaeton , at least we latin people have a different type of music dat sounds like hip hop only on the type of music we like … i like the remix with don omar .. finally jen makes this type of remix with don omar .. shes done salsa now reggaeton dats great i would have wanted her to actually sing in spanish … anyways the song i still great ! p.s if u knw the singer India shes from puerto rico too she was also born in the bronx just tell me coz i want some one to talk about her great music , she has the most amazing music anyways add me to ur msn at gracias

  13. Candy says:

    Angela, You mentioned that no one cares about my opinion and that I should keep my opinions to myself. I’m not sure if you are aware that the comments posted here are peoples’ opinions. I don’t agree with your some of your opinions but that doesn’t give me the right to tell you not to post them. Whether or not you agree with my opinion is ok. It’s only an opinion. It’s not law. I understand that many young latinos and other nationalities enjoy listening to reggaeton. I’m just not one of them. I Love Jennifer and I feel that she is very talented but I’m also into old school Salsa and dancing all night at the Copa (NYC) to the music of Hector Lavoe, Frankie Ruiz, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico , and other Salsa legends. Salsa dancing is an art that requires skill as apposed to dancing raggaeton; which is simply rubbing your sh*t all up on your partner on the dance floor. Many people enjoy it I’m sure but I’m not down with that. You can’t compare salsa where you have people playing the piano and wind instruments and actually singing on key with reggaeton where all you are doing is laying down some tracks and rapping in spanish. (If you pay attention while listening to this reggaeton version of Hold You Down, It’s Jennifer’s whole song just as it sounds on her cd. Jennifer did not re-record the song with Don Omar. He just laid down the track of her song and added his vocals, added a reggaton beat and removed Fat Joe’s vocals) If you love reggaeton, go ahead with your bad self. No one is stopping you but accept the fact that reggaeton is only a novelty that will be short lived as apposed to Salsa that’s been around for decades and will be around forever. I’m Cuban and proud of it. Not liking reggaeton does not make me a “fake” hispanic. Every latina doesn’t HAVE to love reggaeton. It just make me someone with likes and dislikes like anybody else.

  14. Candy says:

    Angela, I forgot to mention something. I agree with you on one thing: La India is truly an amazing artist and I wish you luck trying to find her on the web. In the past I haven’t been able to locate allot of stuff about her but you should try They have pictures of her performing at the Copa in NYC. FYI for those who don’t know; Back in the 90’s she recorded a song with Jennifer’s husband (Vivir lo Nuestro) I saw La India perform live twice back in 1989-1990 when she was singing Freestyle at a club in NJ called Foxes. (she was sooooo skinny then) She was there performing along with George Lamond and Noel during the Freestyle years. I then saw her again in 1999 at the Copa while promoted her CD Sola. The last time I saw her perform was at a celebration for Tito Puente’s birthday in NYC a few month’s before his death. I think that was in 2000. She puts on a great preformance!

  15. Mafia Dos says:

    This SOng Kills THe Normal Version i Like reggeaton version better then the fat joe version Reggeaton Comein Soon theres goona be reggeaton versions for all the good songs

  16. Miguelito says:

    You fools!! WE YOUNG LOVE REGGAETON!! And we dont care about you old guys sayng that Salsa is better coz its NOT! Reggaeton is like the Latin HIPHOP! Yeah its like Hiphop with latin Style!

    Shakiras new SINGLE “La Tortura” Is a Reggaeton..
    yeah its the only right 2 do! 😉 //salsero 😛

    Listen 2 shakiras Reggaeton:

  17. oNe-wAy says:

    if anybody has the instrumental to the remix of hold you down can u hook me up? not the raggeton one, the cory roony mix. my aim is- dreminem2o01 and my email is ill give u a cookie if u hook me up 🙂

  18. flaubert says:

    Regarding the debate over reggaeton — this is not a generational issue. Any form of music that revolves around one single drum pattern is not a form of music; it’s a bunch of people copping the same beat. Granted, hip-hop suffers from the same problem, but what makes reggaeton truly indigestible is that this is perhaps the most juvenile ass-clowning beat known to man. It’s one pattern with one fill with no variation, and if that’s what people are supposed to like because they are young and latin, then young latin people had better get ready to be lauged at because this music sucks in an obvious way. J-Lo rules, though.

  19. JMC says:

    The end is near folks! Raggaeton is a sign of the end times. It is the most worthless excuse for “music” that has ever been dumped on the world. Seriously I cannot believe how many people are into it. I honestly question the future of a society where the youth is into this stuff. A monkey with a pot and pan can make more interesting noise. Oh, and I am hispanic.

  20. bdd says:

    good i love it!!!!!!!! I love reggaeton!!

  21. cq40 says:

    Reggaeton RULES!

  22. jr2 says:

    You have to have some serious brain deficiencies to actually like reggaeton. If this is what latin hip hop is supposed to sound like, please discontinue trying to do hip hop, because you are completely fu*king it up. The beat is repetitive, the lyrics make no sense whatsoever, with no real meaning, and when something does actually make sense, it turns out to be completely retarded. I’ll give it a few more months…

  23. gracia says:

    i dont really care wat ppl think i love love love reggaeton!!! ofcourse i like da classic stuff like merengue, salsa, cumbia n all dat but reggaeton still rox my sox!n this song…woah if u truly feel dat way about some1 it so gets 2 u. neway its like da most beautiful song ever n its my absolut fav. oh n da reggaeton version kix ass…i like it so much better than da regular 1. plus it was time jlo got it touch w/ her boriqua roots. yay her!

  24. carlos says:

    carlos, do you even know anything about reggaeton, abously not, do you know where all these artist imspire themselves from, maybe you should do a little reserch about reggaeton, its not just about dirty dancing,there its more to it than that. im a big salsa fan from ruben blades,a tito rodriguez,la fania, and many more. about you saying reggaeton wont last, it will and will be around for a long time,daddy yankee just sing with puffy(gasolina) tego got a song with the game,hector el bambino got a deal with jay-z, r-kelly got a song out with winsin y yandel,mtv,and bet are playing reggaeton, and so many things are out there about it. if you notice you ofended alot of us about your comments. hopefully some day aprenderas a apreciar reggaeton es algo que representa a muchos latinos.

  25. susana says:

    reggaeton is fake reggae and is a ripe off

  26. 123Jamaica says:

    For all the reggaeton loving folks out there who say this new genre is original latin music please take the time and download a song released in the early 90’s named “Dem Bow” by Shabba Ranks…a Jamaican DANCEHALL REGGAE artist and you will know where your music really comes from. That three thump drum pattern(also called the DemBow riddim after the song you guys ripped it off from) is the foundation for your entire genre.

    -It’s not hating when you’re telling the truth.

  27. george says:

    reggarton sucks, and its not latin hip hop, i think that its a bad copy of hip hop, becaude they always use the same beat, and theya r tryin to copy a culture that belongs to african american people, all the latinos have to think about it, reggaeton and hip hop are reaally different , in the sound, and the most imortant thing the people who make the misic, thats because if the latinos created the reggaeton they have to be independent and dont try to tell the othets that it is latin hio hop because ir is not there are two different cultures, i think latinos are dissin afro american people sayin that things…