TV alert: Inside the Actor’s Studio

Inside the Actor’s Studio with Jennifer Lopez will be re-running tonight in the US at 1AM EST on the Bravo Network.

20 Responses to “TV alert: Inside the Actor’s Studio”

  1. thomas says:

    Hey, im a french fan of Jen and I’ve just seen that she’s #229 on the list of best-sellers on, and the witch mariah carey is #23 without her album released yet ! How is it possible ????

  2. Erin says:

    dont u mean 29?

  3. chris says:

    I really wanna know the impressions for Hold you down since nobody in the forum knows…somebody here? How is she doing please i need to know!

  4. lux says:

    Chris, what do you mean by “impressions”?

  5. marcus says:

    how can jennifer be number 229? hopefully u meant 29!

  6. thomas says:

    No I didn’t mean #29, Jen really is at #229 ! I was as surprised as you guys !
    And on (USA) :
    – Jen is at #2112 (!!!)
    – the witch carey is at #129 (still with her album being unreleased yet !!)
    On (Canada) :
    – Jen is #906
    – witch carey is #51

    I can’t believe it. I’m really beginning to believe the person who said that Rebirth was going to be flop was right… And Hold you down isn’t even in the top 50. I am really sad. But anyway Jen is still the best. Love ya Jen !

  7. simon says:

    Get Right sold more than 500`000 Coopies Worldwide!!!!(Platinum)


    by the second biggest music store in switzerland is rebirth now #8!!!!!!!
    so it do it well!

    and rebirth ist in the UNITED WORLD CHARTS #3!!!!!

  8. MEXCHULO says:

    REBIRTH IS NOT A FLOP!!!! You guys are overeacting!!! Yes , in comparison to the opening sales to “This is Me Then” its not as good…But when “On the Six” Opened…it only sold about 150 thousand…..RELAX!!!…..ONLY FOUR WEEKS….GEEESH…Im so irritated at u guys disscussing her voice….Give it time….Rebirth will go up…many cds start out like that…..One thing that did influence her sales….i strongly believe…is her marriage to Marc…alot of my friends who did like her…didnt buy the cd…cuz of that..imagine people who didnt care for her before,,,,but just wait…if shee’s smart she’ll stick to her sayin that “actions will speak”…lets just promote her in tha right way….not doubting her…….COME ON!!!

  9. ZAKES says:

    ys and girls this cd is good and one thing i that iknow is that in time they will start buying it maybe it won’t sell as fast as the others but it will eventually lets just wait for the third single and i think the third single should be “step into my world” and i think the video to that song should be very sexy just as the song then she will get more publicity and maybe she should get someone like bratt pitt to be in the video any publicity will do at this moment.i also have to agree i think jen should totaly get over marc he is just not her type she needs someone alive,sexy and who is out there just like her and most people liked that about her that divaness in her not the nicer jen and also the toning down it’s just not working i think she should go back to be the sex symbol that made her famous

  10. Kate says:

    I live in Florida, and while I was listening to the radio this morning, I heard the DJ diss Jen, saying that Rebirth is a flop and he also said that she’s planning on releasing “(Can’t believe)this is me” as a third single…..

  11. Nowandthen says:

    I believe her CD will surprise us, and will soar up the charts eventually. Also, she is a beautiful woman and I also don’t think Marc is right for her. There is much backlash because of her marriage to Marc because he had young children and a nice wife, but I just wish she could take her time and find a man more suitable for her, with no ex-wife and kids. A single and free dynamic individual, who will adore and cherish her and they can start their life together anew.

  12. marcus says:

    i think that jennifer should release the hold you down (reggae tone remix). i think it increase her sales with the reggae tone fans! or she could release “step into my world” and get a famous male lead that would help her sales. she should get someone like…Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Will Smith, or someone like that. She needs someone who has that univeral appeal, but is still sexy! She needs someone, just not Marc Anthony! I can’t stand him!!!

  13. Lou Rock says:

    a coupel of things. why call mariah a witch? i am really fed up with the comparisons. jen’s success should not be based on mariah’s and vice versa. i love them both. mariah is a singer and songwriter. jen is a performer. they do what they do well and leave it as that. if mariah’s cd sells more does that make rebirth a flop? if jen sells more than mariah will that make rebirth a hit? no – so let both artist exist.

    yeah rebirth isnt selling as fast or even as much as her previous albums. i honestly dont think it will either but that could be that after 5 years – she is not longer the “hot” new artist. if jen is a real artist and if she has great fans – her music will sustain.

  14. CzarCastic says:

    500000 is not platinum, merely gold.

  15. chris says:

    Im with you Marcus. stop. they are both different and both have good and bad things.

  16. xox says:

    Jen is great and you guys should respect the fact thayt she chose marc as her husband! she suffered from the media, and now she needs to stay the way she thinks she should, and not be crazy and a gangster etc.
    Rebirth is a great album, the sale #’s don’t matter to me coz its a good cd anyway.

  17. simon says:

    500`000 are paltinum!!!!!

    because she have not a round sing. she have a triangle!! adn a trinagle is the sing of platinum!! and 500`000 are platiunum IN THE WOLRD!!!!!! nOt uSa

  18. CzarCastic says:

    I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again that world charts mean nothing. They are by no means official and are just a collection of charts from around the world done independently.

  19. Candy says:

    Why does everyone hate on Marc Anthony so much?? He’s amazingly talented and he is the man that Jennifer has chosen. He has an amazing voice and he has a great career. He’s huge in PR and in South America and Spain. He has also done a great job in the States as a cross over artist upon recording English CD’s. I agree that he shouldn’t be in her videos but I hate to read these comments of her fans dissing her husband. Why must her fans hate on him. Are you really Jennifer’s fans?? It’s not right. If you’re a true fan you would not constantly critizize and try to redicule the man she’s chosen to marry. And besides, tons of men re-marry who have children from previous marriges. He’s not the only one.