Jennifer Lopez is selling her $11 million (GBP6 million) mansion on Miami Beach because it reminds her of former love Ben Affleck.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer, 35, is sad to leave her much loved home – which boasts eight bedrooms, 11 fireplaces, a pool and a dock for her private yacht – but the lavish house holds too many memories of her failed engagement to the PEARL HARBOR actor.

J.Lo is moving to a $10 million (GBP5.5 million) luxury penthouse flat nearby to start a new life with husband MARC ANTHONY.

This latest acquisition adds to J.Lo’s impressive property portfolio which includes a $6.5 million (GBP3.5 million) mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles and a manor house in New York.

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  1. Nowandthen says:

    My heart goes out to her, because she must still really care for Ben Affleck. I believe he was really the love of her life, and if she is sad to leave her Miami home because of memories, she still must not be over him.

  2. Lucylover1986 says:

    Yeah, if the media and public wouldn’t have been so involved and interested in their private life together, they’d probably still be together.

  3. Mark says:

    I am a big fan of J-Lo, but I must admit that it’s understandable that Rebirth is a flop because it is not her best work. Don’t get me wrong, I do like some songs (“cherry pie”, “I got U”), but her voice is very weak on this album, it wasn’t so weak on “This is me…then”.I am disappointed in Rebirth. She should focus on acting for now. Go Jen ! You’re still great !

  4. Kate says:

    I think Rebirth is a good album but is far from being her best work. I miss the era of the J.Lo album !! As for the album selling very little, I am skeptical about her sales picking up, even with the release of a better single. “Hold you down” isn’t a very good song. And as for “everyone has floppish CD in their career”, I agree with that but we must consider the fact that Jen has never been “a big seller” : all of her album sold about 5-6 million copies worlwide… It seems like people are getting sick of our Jen and that’s pissing me off. In my school, I hear ppl saying that her song were nowhere close to new or innovative and that her weak voice was annoying. WTF! Let’s hope she tours this year. Luv ya Jen !

  5. LiL'GirL says:

    i love jenny,but she doesn’t look very good with marc!it looked much better with ben,and i could see the love around them….
    but around marc and jen i don’t see love,i don’t believe that they love each other…

  6. Ibrahim says:

    i cant blieve j.lo is going out with marc anthony he ia tooo! old for her she deserves someone better like me

  7. simon says:

    no thats wrong. jennifer is one of the biggest seller in the musicbusiness! on the 6 sold 10 mio. copies, j.lo sold 10 mio. copies, j to tha lo sold 4,5 mio. copies (largest sales of a remix album, jennifer is in the guiness book of records with j to tha lo as best, most largest selling remix album of all time) this is me then sold 6 mio. copies.

    all togheter jennifer lopez sold in 5 years 35 mio. cds worldwide!
    and with the new album rebirth jennifer will take the 40 mio. boarderline!!!

    so we see jennifer sold more albums than christina aguilera and the same like eminem and destinys child!! only britney spears have more cds sold than jennifer. and all the other stars from this generation have a lower cd sell or are same like jennifer!!!

  8. Nowandthen says:

    She was always smiling and glowing when she was with Ben Affleck. She looked so happy and proud.

  9. Erin says:

    i think the opposite of you guys! I think marc n jen truly love each other. Her n ben’s love was very media fed. I think she is in love and it will stay that way. GO JEN! Love ya!

  10. xox says:

    how could you say that her album isn’t that good? Its new, if people didn’t like it at least I do! her voice isn’t weak its even better than before.!!

  11. marcus says:

    i think rebirth is a good album. i just think it was some of the people she worked with. for example, she did work with some of the same people like Corey Rooney, but with on the 6 and j.lo, she worked with P.Diddy and some of his people which created some really big hits! and for the whole jen and marc anthony thing…i don’t think they make a good couple! if u look at certain pictures of them together, she looks elegant and pretty, while he looks like a hot mess! i saw one picture of the two together and she was wearing some white jeans and a beige top with beige boots and she looked magnificent. while he had on some ripped up jeans, a baseball cap, and he looked like he hadn’t shaved in 2 weeks. he looked horrible. i personally think jennifer looked her best with p.diddy…i think ben ruined her career with gigli, jersey girl, and the whole bennifer thing! diddy helped her acting, music, and entrepeneur careers. but that’s just what i think! and by the way, i think her voice is much stronger than it was on this is me…then! if u listen to that album on “loving you” when she says “baby please understand me if it seems im confused” her voice is shaking and shivering. it did the same thing with the song still and you belong to me!

  12. kay says:

    I dont think ben ruined her career, how can you blame someone else for what is happening? Jen probably still loves ben, but they have both moved on, and i think he is really in love with jennifer garner, more than he was with J.lo. Marcus, you are pretty much saying Jen cant be good on her own and everyone else makes her either better or worse, it seems you dont have much faith in her ability as an actress and singer. I like ben alot and he seems like a real genuine guy, and i think he ended it with her for sure, shes not the same jen she used to be. I dont know what happened to her, but i think marc is having a bad impact on her. I know you will all bitch at me for saying that, but thats how i feel.

  13. marcus says:

    Kay, when I made my comments…I didn’t mean for you to portray it that way you did! Of course, Jennifer can be good on her own! She is very successful now, and was very successful before she met Diddy, Ben, or Marc! Jennifer is my favorite celebrity and I will always have faith in her ability! She is a very talented person. I totally agree with you when you say she is not the same Jen she used to be. I think that since she has been with Marc, she has learned not to be so open with her business. Which is probably the only good thing he has done for her! I totally agree with you when you say he is having a bad impact on her. It’s obvious! But with the whole Ben thing…if he seems like a real genuine guy, how do you explain that whole stripper thing in Vancouver and the rumor that he cheated on Jen? Sorry for the confusion!

  14. kay says:

    hey marcus, sorry i misinterpreted what you said. Yea i dont know what marc is doing to her, but i dont like it one bit. About Ben, well no one really knows what happened between them, but i doubt he cheated on her (why would he? shes beautiful), if he went to a stripclub, its not the same as cheating, and all guys do that so its not really shocking. Maybe they were having troubles during that time. I liked them together, but they didnt really fit that well. I mean he seems more down to earth than jen, and i dont think he liked all the glamour, but i think he thought thats what jen wanted, so he gave and gave to her. You know we will never know, but jennifer garner is definitly a better fit for him, and she seems really sweet. All i know is i dislike her the most with marc!

  15. cristina says:

    what u talkin about jennifer made a good couple wit ben. Marc is not a handsome man i dont know why jennifer pick him as a husband.And jennifer i hope u dont have a baby wit him u should break up wit marc and go back wit ben and get married and have a baby. I have a feeling that marc doesnt love u. He is just using u as a trophy. Showing off to people that he got the beautiful so people could start getting mad or something like that.Jen its ur choice Gom JEN LOVE YA

  16. jenniferLO says:

    jennifer still loves ben….marc is just the rebound guy….ben also loves jen, but his mommy wants him in politics…..classic west side story….also u cannot take the ghetto away from the girl…..they still want eachother and they know it!!!!!

  17. nydia says:

    I think J Lo made a very bad mistake marrying Marc Anthony because I know she is still in love with Ben!!! Come on Ben Affleck, he is so handsome!!!

  18. uushona says:

    i am a big fan of mariah carey but i see j-lo the new carey, and i think the rebirth album has shown how mature j-lo has become. gooooo.goooo j-lo

  19. Tevin says:

    Be calm mariah. She is very successful and prety also is smart. But she needs to take her head out of j.lo’s closet for one secound. She is always frontin’ and saying things about j.lo.
    I love mariah carey and her music. But please mariah for all your fans and others please leave your perky face out the closet. Theres most of your fans that love j.lo and love you too.
    Mariah always say stuff like ” if i had the luxury of singing my own music, i could have had time to sleep”
    I have a secret too. Mariah carey had to lip sync in her ” we belong together” video. J.lo has never lip sync. Just because she is multi talented in the music biz. She cand do those hot hip-hop aerobics dance moves and still be able to lace out a b-e-a-u-tiful laid back mid tempo sporranza voice. Please carey leave j.lo alone.
    Make peace in this industry.
    Beefing is for rap/hip-hop artist.
    Do a duet. Listen j.lo is never gonna sound like mariah carey. Mariah will never ever dance or sing as j.lo.
    You guys are very different. And that’s what makes you guys sell so many albums.
    If j.lo sounded like mariah carey then mariah would have neva sold records like she did. If mariah sounded like j.lo, mariah could have had never sold 40 million records worldwide
    I’m a big fan of j.lo and mariah.
    I dont agree with any of you guys.
    It doesnt matter if j.lo is wit marco antonio or ben. What matters is who she really feels happy wit. It’s not wat they show or do on the red carpet. I dont know yo dont know, what really happens behind closed doors. Bye.
    Biggggggest fan of jennifer lopez.

  20. jennily says:

    hey! well for me, I really like jennifer and marc together because they look better together and i think ben affleck and jennifer garner look better togther also! haha i guess it kinda worked out for the best.