The Billboard Hot 100 Chart Update

This week on the Hot 100, Jennifer Lopez’s “Get Right” plummets 18 spots from #26 to #44 while “Hold You Down” moves up six spots from #74 to #68.

Other “Get Right” Billboard chart positions:

Billboard Pop 100: #32, down ten spots from last week
Hot Dance Music/Club Play: #10, up four spots from last week
Hot Digital Songs: #17, down eight spots from last week

Other “Hold You Down” Billboard chart positions:

Billboard Pop 100: #44, up three spots from last week

16 Responses to “The Billboard Hot 100 Chart Update”

  1. SoulSimon says:

    damn not great news to get:(but any way this is one of the greatest albums of the year and i dont care how much it sells.
    Hold U Down is movin up and i guess it maybe even get to top 5 but i hope the time when Cherry Pie somes out.

  2. simon says:

    which song is the 3rd single from rebirth???

    cherrey pie or ???

  3. simon says:

    what is means…

    in the united world charts have get right since this week a triangle!!

    is thats so. jennifer have since this week wolrwide platinum?? i dont understand this sign…

    when yes. whatt is platinum in the wolrd charts? for 1 mio copies??

    then have jennifer now sold more than 1 mio. copies of her single get right!! when that is true, than is get right one of the most selling
    singles on the year!!!!

    have one perosn more information about this triangle??

  4. SoulSimon says:

    Simon, at global charths platinium album means 2 million copys sell’d world wide but i dont see no siqn behind the jennifers ReBirth album at least not at

  5. simon says:

    no no, not the album!!!!

    the single GET RIGHT HAVE A TRIANGLE!!!

  6. Annie says:

    I don’t know about you guyz in the U.S.A, but I know that in Canada, the country I live in, Jennifer Lopez, is not doing so bad. I mean, I don’t know much on the “Charts”, but I keep seeing her new music videos on tv, or hearing her new songs on the radio. Remeber, the U.S.A is not the whole world. She does well good in other places too. I think that is what happens. People forget that. Just remeber this important fact.

  7. Paul says:

    Hey I live in Canada, and I know for a fact that you’re wrong. J.Lo is doing as BAD here as well. They don’t play her videos that much in MuchMusic or even play her new songs on 93.5 or 98.5 or 103.5 J.Lo is going down. It’s just sooo sad 🙁

  8. Annie says:

    If this is really true, then this is really sad. I really want her to do well. I guess, now when I think about it, I only see her videos on air, every-so-often, or hear some of her old songs on the radio. Actually, I have never heard any of her song like, “Get Right” on Z 95.3 Yes, this is just sad. I really hope she does better soon, with her new Spanish album, coming out sometime in early 2006! Maybe, I was wrong.

  9. simon says:

    Get Right sold more than 500`000 Coopies Worldwiede!!!!


  10. Celso says:

    Jennifer Lopez needs to act quick. Her album is AMAZING, I think its the best she has had in years, I think its comporable to JLO if not even better, but the tracks she is realizing arent the best. She needs to release “step into my world” make a great video and that will boost sales, then she needs to release “(I can’t believe) This is ME” that is a powerful song that shows her voice has actually depth and isnt thin…but she needs to act soon…if only i worked on her crew….

  11. maurizio says:

    i think that is the “damita-jo” of 2005!!!

  12. Paul says:

    I think that J.Lo needs to release a good song like I GOT U…That is one catchy song. She needs a good 3rd single to increase her sales. Don’t you guys notice that J.Lo doesn’t really promote her albums. REBIRTHs promotion has stopped after first week of release. What happened. Does she really care that much of her music career? I love her but she needs to put her priorities straight.

    I GOT U…should be the third single! or else…REBIRTH will just be shelved

  13. marcus says:

    I think Jen should release a single that will help her sales. Something like STEP INTO MY WORLD, WHATEVER YOU WANNA DO, or I GOT U! something that will appeal to all audiences! With the whole promotion thing, you have to realize that Jen stays really busy. She has alot to do and not alot of time to do it!

  14. Patricio says:

    She should release Step into my world
    She can do a very hot video with that song, it’s very catchy…
    Also she could release Cherry pie… It’s very catchy too, maybe isn’t too much hip hop, so it can be a flop in USA, but in Europe and Latin America it can be a great hit

  15. moinier says:

    she is thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe besttt in france her single works

  16. ned says:

    when is the spanish album coming out!! Please find out the release date!! make sure the release date Is true!! Put a lot of information that is true about the spanish album!! Put the true information on very soon!!Please dont email me just put it on the web site because I always get ride of my mail!!