Details emerge on Lopez film plans

Jennifer Lopez has plans for the big and small screens this year — but not the kind you might be thinking.

Her production company, Nuyorican Productions, is still casting for their pilot, which is tentatively titled South Beach.

Described as The O.C. meets The Sopranos set in Miami, the one-hour drama swirls around two guys who’ve moved south from the Bronx, New York, according to a spokesperson from Nuyorican. One is running from some unspecified bad news back home, and the other is chasing an ex-girlfriend who is pursuing a modeling career in Miami. UPN is the pilot’s current home; Lopez may make cameo appearances.

J. Lo’s production company is also working on two other film projects, according to the spokesperson. One is a musical biopic currently in the works entitled El Cantante that stars her husband, Marc Anthony. And a thriller called Bordertown begins production next month and stars Lopez herself. J. Lo plays a journalist who travels to the U.S./ Mexican border, investigating mysterious factory murders. Plans call for both Bordertown and South Beach to hit the screens later this year.

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