The Billboard 200 Album Chart Update

This week on the Billboard 200 Album chart, Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” drops from #4 to #7 while selling 60,000 copies. After 3 weeks the album has now sold 408,000 copies.

15 Responses to “The Billboard 200 Album Chart Update”

  1. xox says:

    I am so sad about this! 🙁 I can’t believe this is happening!!!! Jennifer should release Cherry Pie, I Got U, and Step Into My World. I just wish people start realizing that her album is great and buy it.

  2. simon says:

    oohh no!!

    biut why are the cd selling in the usa now so low???

    i mean. this is me then was 2002 on #8 at sold 314`000 cpies at #8!! and now she is on #7 and sold 60`000 copies!! why are the cds selling in the usa sooo low??

    i mean aswell: how many have at #9, #10 sold??
    they are too, so low!!

    and now, is this rebirth a flop or not??
    i mean, after 3 weeks is it good 408`000 copies sold in usa?? or should have the album take the 1 mio line??

    in switzerland dros the album frm #4 to #7!!
    in every country drops the album down!! in the uk from #14 to # 26…. :-((

    but the logic is not very true. i mean tha album is in the worldcharts at #2…
    so jennifer must sold a lot of cds.

    anywhere, i cant understand the us-selling from the album. i mean as too,, at #4 she sold 86`000 copies- thats very strange, or not?????

  3. Ben says:

    Is that all that Rebirth has sold ?? I am pissed off. I can’t believe it. Whatever happens I will remain Jen’s biggest fan. I hate saying that but I am beginning to think that Rebirth won’t sell much and it might even be a flop like xox said… Even by including the worldwide sales, we will barely reach 1 to 1.5 million copies sold.

  4. A says:

    Too bad Jenn……Also, since she has a upcoming film production “Bordertown,” I guess no WORLD TOUR either. Again.

    HOLD YOU DOWN is a good single but is slowly garnering popularity. I think if she put out Whatever You Want or I Got U. There might have been a significant change in the album figures.

  5. Nath says:

    I’m sure if she releases a good single (aka, Step Into My World) her sales will go up. If they don’t then it doesn’t matter anyways cause I’m in love with the album! Anyways, everyone has one floppish cd in their career. :p

  6. zakes says:

    i think that as time goes people are going to see that the album is good and they are going to buy it so i don’t really care what people or the media says. i believe this album is good and it’s better to realize that now than later and yes it might be slowly selling but eventually it’s gonna get there. lets not forget that lopez has fans all around the world and she does not really has to depend on US sales alone i’m sure the album is doin g very well globally

  7. mike says:

    its bad news !!!
    and down from #5 to #8 on billboard r&b/hip hop albums…………..
    i wish it will be better next time

  8. simon says:

    so whe all ow, in the USA Rebirth sales 408`000!

    but waht is with the rest of the wolrd!

    i dont nknow, but is it logical that wwhen jennifer sold 408`000 in usa so we can make 408“000 x 2… then jennifer sold logical worldwide 816`000 cds. but the rest of the wolrd include japan and the othe big countrys so we can make a plus to 1 Mio.

  9. ALBIE says:




    YOUR ALBUM!!!!



  10. Cherry Pie Cream says:


    i knew this was gonna happen. Jen…i love u babe, but seriously, u need to promote your albums better, or in the case of “Rebirth”, AT ALL!! its like there was promotion everywhere for a while and when it comes out, it just STOPPED

    HYD is a shit single, she needs to release Cherry Pie or I Got You, or Step…and NOW…forget HYD, it SUCKS!! and plus, Fat Joe is a damn traitor being on Mariah Carey’s new song Its Like That’s remix…who does he think he is? he cant diss Jen like that…bastard

    oh well, another flop. EVERYONE has flops, but the thing with Jennifer is that she might not able to come back considering the public backlash from Jenny From The Blocks trite lyrics, and the GIGLI incident, and the flop of this album, and her never touring cuz she cant sing live…the public wont be very forgiving next time…oh well, she shouldve done something better

  11. Lou Rock says:

    i think people are just becoming skeptical about her. she really needs to tour. she needs to something to show her crediability as an artist. anyone can record an album however that alone does not give you crediability. and another thing – that HOLD YOU DOWN song is just awful. I GOT YOU is the best radio friendly song on the cd and she actually sounds ok.

  12. BEING HOT (ALBIE) says:

    i agree with LOU ROCK i mean….come on JENN youve got four studio albums under you belt!!!!!

  13. marcus says:

    i think that jennifer should promote the album. after all, she goes to these shows (like TRL and 106andpark) and just talks. she needs to be performing and doing things that will help her sales! going on tour would probably help her sales. but she needs go on tour with someone who also has that appeal to sell concert tickets…like Alicia Keys, Destiny’s Child, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, even Usher! And about Rebirth…Janet Jackson’s album “Damita Jo” debuted at #2 because of Usher’s “Confessions” and she bounced back. Her first single “I Want You” was okay…it brought the sales up a little. The same happened with her second single “All Nite (Don’t Stop).” But when she debuted her third single “R&B Junkie” her album went from #10 to #1!!! Jennifer just needs a good single, like “Step Into My World” or “Whatever U Wanna Do” to bring up her sales! And she needs to start working with more hit makers! Like Kanye West, P.Diddy, The Neptunes, and people that can help her music career! And she needs to leave Marc and get back with P.Diddy cause lately he has been saying how much he still cares for her and things of that sort! Also because he helped her career. If it wasn’t for her, she may not be as popular as she is with the R&B / hip hop crowd! If you listen to certain rappers talk about a relationship, most of the time they refer to Sean and Jen. There was this one song that said “I need a girl who can ride wit me lyk how jennifer lo rides wit pd!” She needs him and he need her!!!

  14. Gee says:

    All d jlo haters out there shame on u. alot of peeps hav been sayin bad stuff about Jen but d album is great. sh e just has to release another hot video and u’ll see how sales’ll go up.
    Sum tin with verve like I Got U, Whatever U Wanna Do or evn sumtin emotional like Ryde Or Die

  15. Ruben S says:

    I am just so pissed off at how Rebirth is selling. I mean its an awesome cd not herr best but still. Its like 1mill a lil over worldwide thats horrible. Jen must be heartbroken I know I am. That performance at the Grammys didnt help at all she was sick at the time but Marc still insisted on doing it. That also contributed to lagging saled boy am I pissed off. Then that freakinn PETA has got me so ticked off. Jen release Whatever U Wanna Do and itll be a hit!!!