Pop beauties BEYONCE KNOWLES and JENNIFER LOPEZ are both trying to persuade soccer hunk DAVID BECKHAM to star in their next music videos.

Knowles and Lopez have both decided a brilliant way to promote their forthcoming singles would be to have REAL MADRID ace Beckham appear in their promo clip.

The two singers hadn’t realised the extent of Beckham’s international fame outside their native America until they embarked on a brief European trip to promote their recent PEPSI advertisement together.

And now Knowles and Lopez are both keen to work with the soccer player, who is married to former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM.

But Beckham has yet to decide which, if any, video he will appear in.

An insider says, “They couldn’t believe how popular he was. During all the promotional appearances more people were screaming for him than them.

“Beyonce and J.Lo have good business heads and realise what great publicity it would be to have David in their videos.

“David is hugely flattered to be approached by both the singers. But it would be overdoing it to appear in two videos so he’s trying to decide between them.”

From Contact Music


  1. marcus says:

    i think david should do jennifer’s video. especially if step into my world or whatever u wanna do is the third single. and after all, beyonce is with destiny’s child and they just did a video for their song “GIRL.” if he is smart, he’ll stick with jennifer cause she has more of a universal appeal than beyonce.

  2. Ashlee says:

    That is sooo cool that she is gonna do a Pepsi commericial! I think that he should choose Jennifer since she needs a little more publicity that Beyonce`.

  3. Lucylover1986 says:

    Even though this is most likely just a false rumor, I have a feeling if he does appear in a video it would be for J. Lo. Beyonce won’t be shooting any more videos for awhile. Destiny’s Child is done making videos for their CD and Beyonce isn’t working on a new solo album yet. We’ll see.

  4. bunny says:

    Why don’t they show the commercials in the USA?