“Get Right” Takes Big Fall On Latest Billboard Chart

Most likely due to the increasing airplay of “Hold You Down”, “Get Right” falls 11 spots on the Hot 100 this week from #15 to #26. “Hold You Down” meanwhile jumps up five spots from #79 to #74 this week.

Other “Get Right” chart positions:

Billboard Pop 100: #22, down seven spots from last week
Hot Digital Tracks: #10, down three spots from last week
Hot Dance Music/Club Play: #14, first week on chart
Hot Digital Songs: #9, down four spots from last week

Other “Hold You Down” chart positions:

Billboard Pop 100: #47, first week on chart

19 Responses to ““Get Right” Takes Big Fall On Latest Billboard Chart”

  1. simon says:

    whats the position of hold you down?? from #79 to ???

    please give me the information!!

    rebirth won`t be a flop! between it is on #2 (!!!!) in the world charts (sales)…

    so, hello guys. rebirth is on top!! look outside the USA!! usa is not the world. we have here europe and asia too….

    and rebirth is on #1 in europe (sales). the europe charts are building the sales-charts from 36 (!!) countrys across europe. and jen is here on #1!!!!!!! ok!!??

  2. CzarCastic says:

    By the way, “Hold You Down” is #74 🙂

    Might want to edit the post with this.

  3. Saleh says:

    No Prob, no one can make there songs last forever ! Although if you go to


    Then you can see that her single is selling very well it was no.1 for two weeks and now is no.2!! And her album is at no.2 for its second week ACROSS THE WORLD! So No WAY is it a flop, so what if its going down in the USA, JLO is still BIG WORLDWIDE! YOU GO JEN ! I CAN HEAR THE PLATINUM BELLS RINGING !!!

  4. Thomas says:

    I am a french fan and I have been checking the charts and I am sorry to tell you that Jen isn’t #1 anywhere in the world.Here are her positions:
    France : – Get right is down to #3,
    – Rebirth is down to #10.
    Belgium : Jen has fallen off the charts.
    UK : Rebirth is down to #14
    Canada : Rebirth is #4
    Switzerland : Rebirth is down to #4
    Germany : – Rebirth is down to #3
    – Get right is down to #8
    Spain : Rebirth is #2
    Norway : Rebirth is out of the top 20
    Denmark : Rebirth is out of the top 20 as well
    Global chart : Rebirth is out of the top 20

    For those who won’t believe me, go to this link and see for yourselves : http://allcharts.org/music/
    You can see her position by clicking on each country on the right.
    See, she isn’t #1 in any country and I am so pissed off, because her sales have been going down since Rebirth came out.I hate to be pessimistic but it would be safer not to talk about platinum yet… I truly hope “Hold you down” will help and that the sales will pick up.Take care. Jen’s the best !

  5. simon says:

    in switzerland was jennifer last week #1…

    ans was well she ist #2 in the world!!

    in europe at #2

    but anywehere. we will se, how many will jennifer sell from rebirth. she msut take over the 5 Mio. boarderline. because every album from jenn was over the 5 mio boarderline!


    i am from switzerland!! how are you??
    where do you living? paris, brest, marsaille, lyon etc??

    and jennifer was in your country at #2 with get right!!
    so jennifer is really on top. and as well rebirth will be many of weeks in the charts in every country. hey guys the album is brand new, wait a little-bit and we all will se. NOW rebirth and get right are top seller cds…
    to 100 per cent it is true…

    you dont msut in every country at the top of the charts for making at #2 or #1 in the globla charts. you must be from #10 to #.
    so hello, not only #1 is good.. when the single was at #9 or so in your county. then was that aswell a good position!!





  6. marcus says:

    they were like having a jenny lo marathon today! i went to walmart wit my brotha n we were listening 2 da radio n they played these songs (in this order)
    1. i’m real remix
    2. ain’t it funny remix
    3. all i have
    4. get right
    5. get right remix
    6. hold u down
    7. hold u down reggae tone remix
    i wuz having so much fun. the only thing i wish jennifer would do is change her remixes. the beats are hot, but she hasn’t been changing the words lately!!!

  7. Lucylover1986 says:

    Pretty cool, lol. I wish they would play those songs on the radio in the store that I work at. 😀

  8. Matthew says:

    To thomas and simon :
    I think anthony is right. We should not get our hopes up just yet, because even if Jenn is on high positions throughout the world, the biggest sales are always in the United States and considering that the sales are going down and already low here in the US…. I’m afraid that Rebirth won’t sell as much as previous album…

  9. simon says:

    yes i now! more tghan 50 per cent from the music business is in the USA!

    But i dont know what is habenn with the sales in the USA!! jennifer has every album at #1 in usa. and this is me … then was #2…

    but anywehre. it is the second week of the charts and i say now: guys jennifer will be 30 weeks or more in the charts…

    so she can from rebirth sales a much of cds. maybe, next week on the #1. 50 cent will be lower and lower from week to week. and maybe will be in the next weeks the sale in the charts very high…!

    i mean 86`000 in one week are not really as much as well. but i said this week was very low! and rebirth is at #2 in the world charts (since 2 weeks), so i cant be better. she sell now a lot of cds! and thats good! we have also japan ant the UK…

    we wil se in one month…

    i think she will be break the 5 Mio Sale!
    The album will be take a sell from 7 mio…

    because rebirth is beginning in the start

  10. simon says:

    Here are the rebirth charts around the world!
    and not forgott, it is only the second week! everything is possible!!


    Switzerland Peak 1- down
    Holland Peak 1- down

    Canada Peak 2- down
    USA Peak 2-down
    Spain Peak 2-down
    World Charts Peak 2 (2 weeks)

    Germany Peak 3-down
    Italy Peak 3-down

    Belgium Peak 4-up

    Austria Peak 5-down

    France Peak 7-down

    UK Peak 8-down

    Australia Peak 10-down

    Japan Peak 11-same

    Finnland Peak 19-down

    Danemark Peak 15-down
    Ireland Peak 15-down

    New Zealand Peak 22-up

    Norway Peak 25 (new)

  11. simon says:

    and now, here are the get Right charts from thw world!!

    Platz= Palce (#1, #2…)
    (the country are of german, but i think is not difficult)
    you can question me, when you dont know one of the countrys! i will translation ist…

    World Charts Platz 1
    Europa Charts Platz 1
    World Airplay Platz 1
    Irland Platz 1
    Grossbritannien Platz 1
    Süd Afrika Platz 1
    Italien Platz 1
    Portugal Platz 1
    Libanon Platz 1
    Estland Platz 1
    Lettland Platz 1
    Litauen Platz 1
    Hong Kong Platz 1
    Japan Platz 1

    Griechenland Platz 2
    Frankreich Platz 2
    Neuseeland Platz 2

    Australien Platz 3
    Niederlande Platz 3
    Schweiz Platz 3
    Dänemark Platz 3
    Spanien Platz 3
    Belgien Platz 3

    Internet Sales Platz 4
    Finnland Platz 4
    Russland Platz 2
    Thailand Platz 4
    Philipinnen Platz 4
    Türkei Platz 4

    Kroatien Platz 5
    Süd-Korea Platz 5

    Norwegen Platz 7
    Deutschland Platz 7

    Tschechien Platz 10
    Schweden Platz 11
    Österreich Platz 11
    Singapur Platz 11

    USA Platz 12

    Israel Platz 17

    Brasilien Platz 18

    Kanada Platz 22

  12. marcus says:

    what ever happen to AJ and the whole Time Passes By album? With the three intreludes, the duets with Usher on The Heat and with Marc Anthony on Sway? And what about Let It Flow (On The Floor)? I never did hear that! Was it good?

  13. Joseph says:

    Britney Spears My Prerogative didn’t sell well in the US and she’s sold 3.7 million copies worldwide. There is hope.

  14. Lucylover1986 says:

    Hey Marcus, click on the music link on the left hand side of the main page and we have “On The Floor” for you to download. It’s a pretty good song. About your other questions, “Sway” was recorded but not released, it would be cool if it ever got leaked online. I don’t know about the Usher duets. I don’t think she ever did any with him.

  15. Julia to Thomas says:

    Thomas I Won’t believe you,cause jennifer is number one in Latvia:P But i think that nobody knows here where is that country…

  16. kelly says:

    stop acting like the album will flop. Jen has released Get right and Hold u down, who are not the bestsongs on Rebirth. When she will relese Step into my world and other great songs, the sales will go up, so stop worrying

  17. simon says:

    yes , jennifer is now the best selling music artist in the world! nobody have now a cut through Place 2!!

    50 cent is #1 by the album charts. the single is not in top 10. green day are #1 in the single charts. the LBUM ISNT IN THE TOP 5. JENNIFER IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAVE THE ALBUM AND THE SINGLE IN THE TOP 2…




  18. marcus says:

    hey lucylover1986, i went to the page but it wouldn’t let me download it. i think its because at the bottom of that page, there is a removed items list and it’s under that! oh well!

  19. Lucylover1986 says:

    Marcus, we still have a version for to download though on the page. It’s under added 8/7/04, Jennifer Lopez – (Out) On The Floor. It’s in the middle of the listings. Right click and save target as to download song to your computer.