“Rebirth” Takes Big Sales Hit On The Billboard 200 Album Chart

After selling 260,000 copies in it’s first week, Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” takes a dive from #2 to #4 on the Billboard 200 album charts by selling 86,000 copies of her album, only 1/3 of what her opening week sales were.

18 Responses to ““Rebirth” Takes Big Sales Hit On The Billboard 200 Album Chart”

  1. watauna v. says:

    I was hoping more fans would buy her new album but I guess only her true fans have it. I know I was waiting for her album since forever and this one really is sooooooooo her!!!! Go out and get it you are in for a treat! Jenny Lo’s #1 fan for 10 years and going strong!!!

  2. yoanjlofan says:

    wow thats …. ok … i dont know whats wrong because its good !

  3. Erin says:

    pleaaaase buy rebirth u have to trust me, it rocks!

  4. lola says:

    That topic it’s a big make up story. I just check on mediatraffic.de and REBIRTH is still # 2 on Billboard. Also, it came from #39 on Global Charts to #2. REBIRTH is the Largest Sales Increase. Please guys, don’t write something you don’t know about, or don’t make up story on our diva JLO.All you can do is to go buy your Sweet Rebirth. It’s an amazing CD. It should be #1

    You can check by yourself in: “mediatraffic.de”
    Love u all fans of Jennifer Lopez.

  5. Lucylover1986 says:

    Everyone really needs to go out and buy the album! At this rate it doesn’t even look like she’ll hit a million copies to go platinum. 🙁

  6. Lucylover1986 says:

    I’m not making it up! I’m really offended over that lola! Here’s the story, the billboard charts won’t reflect the change though until tomorrow:


  7. xxo says:

    thats really annoying!!! I can’t believe this! hopefully Hold you down, I got you, Cherry pie, Step into my world will make people buy the album. Her album is really great, I think maybe it needs more publicity

  8. Saleh says:

    LOLA this site wont make anything up ok, if you want proof, go to


    and then go to sales and there you will see it go to no.4 !! So we KNOW what we write !!!

  9. Ben says:

    Hey what’s going on ????? Considering that the first week is always the most important, Jenn will barely sell 1 million copies worldwide !!! 2 million at most !! Go out and buy the album !

  10. Ben says:

    Jenn plummeted to #26. That’s 11 places lower than last week. And she only sold 86,000 copies of Rebirth this week. I can’t believe it. Hey guys, do you honestly think that Rebirth could flop? I’m really worried, and I hope that the sales will pick up.

  11. simon says:





    and when it true is , thats rebirth on #2 in the global charts. then will it be the largest sell numebr in the planet!!

    we will se it in 2 month..

    rebirth ist in switzerland from #1 to #4…

    but also good!!!!

  12. Thomas says:

    Simon,I am a french Fan and I am sorry to tell you that Jen isn’t #1 throughout the world.Here are her positions:
    France : – Get right is down to #3,
    – Rebirth is down to #10.
    Belgium : Jen has fallen off the charts.
    UK : Rebirth is down to #14
    Canada : Rebirth is #4
    Switzerland : Rebirth is down to #4
    Germany : – Rebirth is down to #3
    – Get right is down to #8
    Spain : Rebirth is #2
    Norway : Rebirth is out of the top 20
    Denmark : Rebirth is out of the top 20 as well

    See, she isn’t #1 in any country and I am so pissed off, because she’s been going down since Rebirth came out. I truly hope “Hold you down” will help and that the sales will pick up.
    Take care. Jen’s the best !

  13. MARIE says:

    rebirth is a great album!

    i think jennifer should release i cant believe this is me has her next single. i absoultely love that song or cherry pie. she has done a great job with this album. i have all her movies, cds, perfumes, some clothes, purses. i feel peta should leave jennifer alone and target people who actually do things to those animals. now with all this dedication of a fan
    jennifer could still lose me by not making any new lovlies clothes i’ve been checking for new gear and nothing jennifer please dont forget about us!!!

  14. Marie says:

    I have the cd and it really is great. She really performed on this one. I hope it doesn’t get slept on.

  15. jlofan4life says:

    Everyone HAS 2 buy REBIRTH! it rox it has AWSUM songs! i love the cd!
    looking at sales, it hasint gon to the millions yet so thats not good….. but hey look shes sold over 38 million records so far and shes become such a foirce on entertainment if her cd flops she will still be super famous! but its not good that its bin out for so long and hasint even sold a million yet! no affence im the biggest jlo fan but she needs to bring back the more popy beats like ‘i’m real’ and ‘play’ (that song rox!)and the hip hop stuff like ‘aint it funny’ and ‘im real’! those songs sky rokitid jlo’s career! like im not saying the songs on her new album or bad but they are not as good as her earlier stuff! like i LOVE the song get right and hold you down but we want the more ‘poppy’ jennifer back!

  16. troy gartney says:

    i have the rebirth cd as well. i was so excited to get it and listen to it, when i did i was soooo
    dissappointed. this is her worst album ever i dont know what happened but i need a refund.

  17. Oscar says:

    YO Yo yo this is Oscar and like Jenifer Lopez’s #1 Fan and Lover. I love that woman to death,she is fine in any thing she wears and does, i am just dissapointed that her album isnt doin as well as it should be ,doing . I think she needs to fire some of those people around her because they are definately not doing a good job in gettinng her out there in the music buisness, she definately need a lot more publicity,hey Jenifer i am right here if you need a publicist, i heard earlier that she was hoping tha she could do a tour, that would b awesome, she really should push to do it and leave the movies to dedicate more for a while, and does anyone know if she will take out a third single and what is it going to be, if you know anything you can email me at bzkidd@yahoo.com ok , her next single should be step into my world that would definately be a hit, Peace.and those people who havent gotten the Jenifer Lopez cd, go get it it is 100% satisfactory , she really proves that she can sing here.

  18. Summer says:

    hey hey hey i am just stopin by doin a report on one of my idols JLo yeahy!!! well gtg my teacher is comming