Jen is #1 on Japan Dance/Soul Charts

For a third straight week in Japan, Jennifer Lopez holds the Dance & Soul Top 200 crown with ‘Rebirth’, while 50 Cent bows at No.2 with ‘Massacre’.

5 Responses to “Jen is #1 on Japan Dance/Soul Charts”

  1. Jessy Metayer says:

    AS a big fan of JLO, I think that Lux you are # 1 fan, is a site of Jennifer lopez’s fans not haters. Our JLo does well everywhere now. I have this question for all Jennifer Lopez’s haters “DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS PERFECT”? I guess not. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most talented women in this world, believe it or not, she is. Do not be a hater if you cannot see her goals,her achievements, her love for her fans,her generious and her beautiful face, body, and so on. Be a hater in an other site, not in this one, please. I love this site so much. I feel like i’m a member. I check it daily. Love you fans of talented Jennifer Lopez, and believe that she works to please us. Take care. Jessy who her whole dream is to meet Jennifer Lopez one day, just like you guys.

  2. K says:

    thats cool! I dont know why 50 cent is doing good!

  3. Erin says:

    GOOD! Im glad shes above 50 somewhere. I absolutely HATE 50cent.

  4. jessy says:

    I wonder why my comment still not post. How come? Please do it 4 me.

  5. simon says:


    50 cent is in switzerland at #2!! ha ha ha

    rebirth from #1 to #4!! :-((