Animal activists made diners at JENNIFER LOPEZ’s Pasadena, California, restaurant a little uneasy today (10MAR05) as they showed them images of animals skinned alive over lunch.

PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) followers took their fur protests against Lopez to a new level by protesting outside Madre’s.

They also paraded large posters of Lopez with the words “Fur Hag” attached and placards featuring images of orphaned animals and the caption “J.Lo: These Babies Miss Their Mother – Is She on Your Back?” as diners tried to eat lunch.

The activism was part of an ongoing campaign to shame Lopez for “promoting and profiting from the bloody fur industry.”

Activists with body-screen TVs also used the Madre’s protest to air the west coast debut of the first-ever video footage of fur farms in China, shot during a year-long undercover investigation.

The protest comes on the heels of the February (05) debut of Lopez’s fur-laden SWEETFACE fashion collection, which has been panned by critics and animal rights activists alike.

A PETA spokesman says, “Lopez continues to pimp for the fur industry despite the fact that PETA has contacted her no less than a dozen times, pleading with her to stop supporting the horrific abuse of animals killed for their fur.”

PETA have just launched an anti-J.Lo website JLODOWN.COM, which urges the Latina to stop wearing fur.


  1. Joy1282 says:

    I think that PETA has gone too far. Jennifer Lopez is an intelligent adult and can make her own choices. Whether or not one wears fur is a personal conviction, just like one’s religious or political choices. Radical behaviour like PETA is demonstrating simply discredits them. I wish that they would move on from Jennifer and just let her live her life.

  2. Ashlee says:

    3 words . . . get a life. Yes, i do agree that skining anmails is cruel but I mean come on!!
    That is just rude to protest in front of her resturant. It’s not like she is going to see them any way.

  3. Javier says:

    I wonder what the customers thought of this. Disturbing especially while eating food.

  4. Ben says:

    I disagree with the first comment, because religious or political choices doesn’t involve hurting people or animals unlike killing animals for their fur

  5. Joseph says:

    what they did is wrong.

  6. kay says:

    I agree with Ben, religious beliefs or political choices is nothing like wearing an animals fur. That was a ridiculous comment. I’m not condoning what Peta is doing but i do support their cause, and they have asked Jen nicely a dozen of times to please stop wearing fur for regard for the animals, but she never even replies back to them (which shows she doesnt care about animals), so they are fed up with her and i dont blame them. Yea i wonder what the people thought when they were eating?

  7. lux says:

    I am one of the JLo.net administrators and also a huge proponent for animal rights, but I have no respect for PETA. Their antics have always been juvenile, but PETA just screwed the pooch with this anti-JLo campaign of theirs. I mean, they get hold of RARE footage from a Chinese fur farm, and instead of presenting it to the public via a proper medium (I’m sure some news station would be glad to break the story), instead of that they chose to aim it directly at Jennifer Lopez and her fans. What a waste of this hard evidence, PETA! Instead of opening the eyes of Americans by showing this powerful video in a neutral enviroment, you’ve already alienated most by wrapping it up in this anti-Jennifer scandal. You’ve tainted your findings, and no one is going to care because they just think you’re out to get Jennifer Lopez and cause controversy. It’s sad to think how much change that simple video may have brought if it had been shown as it is. It is horrible enough to stand on its own. You thought you’d bring a popstar in to get people’s attention, and it backfired as it should have. You’ve made yourself look foolish and irrational. Now who’s going to listen?

  8. Candy says:

    I think PETA goes about everything the wronge way. They make an excellent point but they come across in a very negative way. I checked out JLODOWN.Com. It was very shocking to watch the animals being skinned alive. It was gruesome and very sad and I couldn’t finish watching the video but they shouldn’t attack Jennifer this way by protesting at a restaurant while people are eating. The abuse is not fair to the animals but the protest at the restaurant is not fair to the patrons trying to enjoy dinner. They shouldn’t try to correct a wrong with another wrong. I definitely have a different veiw of fur after watchy the gory video footage but I will not boycott Jennifer. They really need to find a better way to get their point across without the need to defame a superstar like Jenn. Many people do not find PETA’s tactics useful. More people would support their cause if they had better tactics. Maybe even Jennifer…………….

  9. simon says:

    so yes i must say jennifer ist with the furt very wrong!

    but i hate taht wghen people do wrong things to jennifer!!


    will be the new album rebirth a worldwide flop??

    or sell it more than 7 mio…10mio…
    and will be on top!!

    i hope it will be Top

  10. Joy says:

    Ben & Kay- I could argue my point for hours on how religious and political choices effect the lives of people and animals and if you thought for a moment you could too. For example environmental issues in politics( animals that are now extinct b/c of choices made), pro-choice/pro-life issues in politics, and in religion, animals that are uphold or some that are sacrificed just for religious purposes. If you don’t believe that your policital or religious choices effect the very life of humans and animals then you need to examine the facts. I also am a proponent for animal rights and hold strong convictions on other issues to, but you can’t force someone to believe what you do. There is a right and wrong way of doing things, and I believe that PETA is doing things the wrong way!

  11. CzarCastic says:

    TV stations wouldn’t care either. Nobody wants that trash thrown in their face every way they look. PETA is already seen in the eyes of many as a desperate, attention-hungry organization. Nothing more, and I can attest to this. 🙂

    Interesting stuff here:

  12. kay says:

    but that is what protestors do!! People who are anti-war do the same thing, anyone who boycotts a business does the same thing as what peta is doing, so how is this any different? I definitly do not think they are targeting jen to get attention, they are targeting her because she plays a major part in this sick fur business, when she flaunts fur it makes other people feel its cool and okay so they go out and buy it too. Its a cycle that they are trying to break at a source (jen), i know others wear fur too, but you dont realize that Peta targets them too. I also do not think they have made a mockery of their case, because that doesnt change the fact that the animals were murdered and if people choose not to listen because of the way Peta protests then they never really cared in the first place.

  13. Julie says:

    They only finally went after Jen because she has continued to disregard them, and on top of that incorporated huge amounts of fur into her recent collection. they’re targeting her because she’s a huge star, and showcases her insenstivity to animals causes to millions. She lost a fan in me, that’s for sure. PETA is a radically organization, this is true. I don’t think any mainstream TV station would show their footage- it’s simply too raw. That’s why they put up a website. And since J-Lo is the most public wearer and user of fur at this moment- they have to target her. It makes sense. I mean, Macys and a gaggle of other department stores bought her fur line for next fall. So that means more animals will have to suffer and die to fulfill the orders. It’s just sad. I totally understand why they’re going after her. She sets a bad example to her young fans. I just hope she stops using fur. It’s just not enough to have a cat or dog at home, and “love animals,” as some say. You have to conscienciously support anything that improves their lives, and reject anything that harms their welfare.

  14. vivi says:

    I am sorry but i just finished watching what those poor animals go thru when they are skinned alive and now I’m upset with jenn I am a big jennifer fan but I just think that she is being totally inconsiderate for those poor animals if she would at least sit down and see what those animals go thru I think she would reconsider what she is doing if intruly she is a good person I’m just a little upset at her right now.

  15. Jen says:

    It’s interesting to see the totally opposed view points on any one topic. One person has a rock solid opinion in their mind while another person has a totally different one. I for one have to say that I don’t agree with many of the people that have posted here thus far, but then again many of you would discredit me simply for the fact that I support PETA.

    But I think that before many of you discredit PETA and think about what they did as ‘wrong’… you need to know facts. You can’t toss around view points without knowing anything about it, or you’ll be the one that is inevitably discredited. For example, more than one person stated that PETA is focusing solely on Jennifer Lopez, which isn’t true. Granted they have focused on her but they focus on any wrong-doing of animals. They’ve focused on Wet Seal who is also a promoter of fur, namely rabbit fur– it is not simply Jennifer. Not only this but they focus on the abuse that is endured at circuses, factory farms, solitary abusers, zoos, traveling zoos, different issues in legislation. I assure you that Jennifer is not their only cause =)

    And as far as it going ‘too far’, there is more than one way to go about an issue. And after one way doesn’t work to get a point across, it is no longer logical to stick to a route that is met with nothing but a huge road block. PETA has tried to contact her on many bases with not even a simple reply– supporters of PETA have sent in letters to Jennifer requesting that she end the cruelty, and another way to make the issue known is by protests… the same thing that goes back decades.

    So is what PETA is doing wrong? Well, it’s up to the individual person. Is it wrong to raise animals in cramped spaces, neglect them, make them live in their own feces only to kill them to further fashion? Again, that is up to each individual person. But I’m rather comfortably knowing that I’m supporting an organization that is trying to make a difference in the world, rather than supporting a woman that is promoting animal cruelty and ignorance.

  16. in2theneonnights says:

    i got one word for PETA on jens behalf…


    yes, animal cruelty is a huge issue and must be addressed, but these people need to practice what they preach and stop being so “slanderously cruel” to a fellow human being…since we are animals all along.

    how dare they intrude on her property whether of our rights and all that or not…its one thing to scream and hollar at a fashion show, but not at a place of dining.

  17. MissLily82 says:

    I disagree with inetheneonnights on the slandersuit…how could it be slander if it is TRUE that JLO’s condoning the insensitive slaughter of animals? Instead of “how dare they intrude on her property..”? Excuse me but since when was that more “slanderously cruel” than the killing of innocent animals for their SKIN!!!

  18. Ashlee says:

    OMG. I just got done watching the movie about how the animals are skinned alive and I only got to the part where they are bashed against the gorund! I had to turn it off. The paragraph on the website says that the animals are still alive 5-10 minutes after they are skinned!! I am one of Jennifer Lopezs biggest fans and now I am kinda angry that she won’t listen to the protesters. I think that she should watch the video and just consider fake fur. Sure its not the same but I mean COME ON!!


  19. kay says:

    Jen i thought your post was well written and i agree with you 100%. Jennifer is definitly not the only person Peta targets, and if you don’t know anything on the subject it just as Jen said “discredits” you. As for “slander” I take a business law class and it is not slander because slander means “false statments that hurt a persons reputation”, well these are not false statments because they are infact true. Misslily I agree with you:)

  20. in2theneonnights says:

    I disagree with inetheneonnights on the slandersuit…how could it be slander if it is TRUE that JLO’s condoning the insensitive slaughter of animals? Instead of “how dare they intrude on her property..”? Excuse me but since when was that more “slanderously cruel” than the killing of innocent animals for their SKIN!!!

    Posted by MissLily82 at March 12, 2005 03:14 AM

    you know what, its 2005! people eat meat, people wear fur, people use products with animal products in them…humans have been using animals for fur FOR CENTURIES! yes, its cruel and mean but gimme a sweetface fur trimmed jacket anytime!!

    im being real here…theres alot of celebs that rock the fur too, they just target jen because shes an easy one.

    peta could have used a more respectful method besides ruining someones meal.

  21. CzarCastic says:

    And not only has PETA attacked Jennifer, but then immature members band together to attack web sites such as this one, not even to promote animal cruelty, but just to annoy people because they are fans of Jennifer. True discrimination – nice job PETA!

  22. Jen says:

    Hey Czar, just got done reading your post and I had to ask a couple of questions =) Can you point out the supporters have been immature and banded together to annoy you all? Because looking through all the posts I’ll I’ve really seen are facts and opinions, just as you and the members of this board have. PETA is discriminatory? I’d love to be enlightened and if I’m truly in the wrong, change.

    In2theneonnights… as far as other celebrities ‘rocking’ fur, how many of them have their own clothing line? It isn’t just that Jennifer supports the fur industry by wearing fur, but she is using it in her own clothing line… she knows how it is done, she knows of the abuse. PETA doesn’t randomly target people to try to make a change, they especially target those with the influence that Jennifer has. If it’s okay for Jennifer to promote this, then where is the line drawn for what isn’t decent?

  23. lux says:


    That’s because we are screening the comments before they get posted. Immature comments aren’t getting approved, so you don’t see them. There are a few threads on the peta2 message boards about bombarding this site and our forums. But they’re wasting their time. 🙂

  24. Tina says:

    PETA has every right to show how innocent animals are being treated.

    Have you ever heard an animal scream out while they are being skinned alive?

    I watched a documentary once on television and I saw a man tie an innocent dog up to a fence and pick up his hind legs and took his knife and started to locate the dogs veins and cut him.
    The dog was screaming in agony. While he was dying slowly of bleeding to death. I was so disgusted and in horror of the whole thing.
    Then the man skinned him for his fur.

    Now how can anybody think it is okay to treat animals like that? It is barbaric and inhumane!

    We need to wake up and see what is going on. Why do we need furs for fashion? Faux fur looks as much fashionable than the real fur.

    I am so disappointed with Jennifer Lopez and any other person who supports slaughtering innocent anmials for the name of fashion.

  25. sherri says:

    I just watched the fur video on jlodown.com and I’m totally tramatized. I didn’t know it was
    that bad. Why would our Jen want to contribute
    to that industry? I thought she loved animals. I don’t know much about that peta, but I love animals and even though I eat chicken, I don’t think that eating chicken is the same as taking an animal’s fur and skin (I always thought they just shave the animal, but it turns out they take their whole skin!) just so you could look “cool”.
    I wish I found out about this sooner!!

  26. glades says:

    Why don’t you ask the scumbags why they won’t help Terry here in Florida.
    She is a human animal!
    They would scream their hypocritical heads off
    if anyone slowly starved an animal while its
    parents and family watched helplessly!!!

  27. femail712 says:

    J. Lo is a beautiful woman. Lets face it she would look great in a burlap sack. Why then must innocent animals be slaughtered for their fur? So she can look better?? PETA goes to the extreme I agree but it is only because so many people don’t have a clue on how these animals are treated before their death and during the actual slaughtering process. J. Lo is intelligent and I’m sure can find another way to express herself that won’t cause suffering to animals.

  28. Alyn says:

    Anyone who wears fur when there are just as beautiful cruelity free alternatives needs to check themselves and their vanity. As much as J Lo claims she is just a girl from the bronx — she has shown over and over that she tries to wipe the bronx off of her by wearing “status” items. I feel sad for her. It is obvious she is not a happy woman or she would not have been on her 3rd marriage already. She needs to look deep within her heart and find compassion and when she does that she will be truly happy. I will never buy anything of J Lo’s again.

  29. JC says:

    Wow!!! I can not believe what my eyes are seeing! Here in Central America we are great supporters of Miss J. Lo. We really love her talent and convictions as a business woman. Until now, however, many poeple are begining to raise their voice at least here in El Salvador because of this unhumain treatment to animals. I can not believe that people are complaining about the fact that their meals were disturbed. Unfortunately sometimes it takes extreme measures to be heard. For us it meant 12 years of war! to stop human right abuses against inocent people, students, laborers, farmers, teachers, etc. The anumals do not have a voice, and we as a community that loves and supports J. Lo, have the responsibility to let her know that we disapprove of this behavier. If I had the chance to protest in the US as these poeple did, I would. It is not about who is right or wrong. Its about raising counciousness. If the US media does not care to pursue and become activist to defend and protect the rights of these inocent animals. Then it is our responsability. Cinceramente, un fan que te adora J Lo. mi esposa es puertoriquena y te pedimos que por favor eleves tu conciencia no por PETA pero por vos misma y por tus fans que te queremos mucho. Please J.Lo stop the production and distribution of fur cloth… We beg you please. Besos. JC

  30. kelly says:

    i think that it’s her money so she has thr right to wear as much fur as she wants.
    PETA people sould get over the animal thing becasue it’s a crap cause. If u want top get angry about bad things that happen in the world, get mad at kids dying every minutes of aids or poverty. But u decide to fight for animals, how pitful. Anyway, men have been eating meat and wearing fur for centuries and it’s not by acting like a bunch of barbaric and pathetic losers, protesting in front of CD signings, spamimg web-sites and displaying grusome videos that u are gonna change people’s mind. u are only making a fool of yourselves and nobondy will never take u seriously.
    Anyway, all this non sense just makes me want to wear more fur, and yes i own a lot of fur and leather and some desperate lunatics like u will never change my mind no matter what kinda lames stunts u do. Find another cause, because this one is going nowhere.

  31. Ben says:

    PETA may have gone to far by aiming at Jenn, but she is a star an could be an example to all of us out here, so PETA is right

  32. Loretta says:

    I was shocked to learn “from the PETA website” That they have been investigating the mistreatment of those animals in their video footage for a “FULL YEAR”. Why not call in legal help to stop it? They’ve given them time to move to another location just so they could use it against Jennifer?
    Think about it, PETA is there watching all this happen, gathering all this proof that could have taken a very big bite out of the fur industry had they called in legal authorities. If I had been making Donations to PETA, I would want every cent back! The whole point is to stop those people and they have a chance of a life time and they decide to use it against Jennifer Lopez? The press that she has gotten out of this surely has warned the true villians and they have moved on, laughing all the way to another location. Way to go PETA! Jennifer Lopez, I look at it this way, the damage was already done to those poor animals and continues BECAUSE of PETA. Don’t let their deaths be a waste, use the skin.

  33. Liz says:

    I agree with the comments above that disagree with Jennifer Lopez’s support of fur. I am a fan of animals, I think they are a facinating and wonderous part of our lives and need far more protecting than they receive currently. J.L. is a public figure and in a position to encourage or discourage, in this case, very cruel animal slaughter. Until she does something positive about this subject, I will avoid anything to do with her.

  34. mel says:

    Animals aren’t just used for fur, I wonder if the peta protesters are all vegetarian or refuse to use leather!

  35. Amanda says:

    The point that several people are missing here is the fact that Jennifer is a very popular celebrity, which automatically gives her a heightened influence in the world. For someone with that amount of influence to do something so inhumane in the name of money and global recognition is nauseating. We are talking about a woman who has millions upon millions of dollars in her bank account, and she is openly contributing to a practice that has the potential to one day rid the entire planet of every animal but ourselves.

    PETA is doing what the rest of us do not have the ability to do. They are opening the eyes of the public with a punch so hard it takes your breath away. You may have a problem with their tactics, but if you do your research, you will see that they are absolutely not singling out Jennifer – they have taken on many celebrities in their quest to end the fur trade. In a society like ours, it is nearly impossible to make people realize the horrific things that occur on fur farms, or on fishing boats, or during dolphin captures. We have been desensitized to such an extent that nothing short of seeing these murders first-hand will wake us up – and that is what PETA has decided to do.

    Why not do this in front of her restaurant? We should have absolutely nothing to do with her until she ends the use of real fur in her clothing line. We shouldn’t eat at her restaurants, listen to her music, wear her clothes, or watch her on television or in movies until then. The only way to send a message to a wealthy person is to hit them in the pocketbook.

    Even I don’t agree with PETA on every view – but this is a time when I find it very difficult to understand how anyone in their right mind could support Jennifer Lopez. Why does she refuse to at least taslk to them, or write to them, or acknowledge that they have contacted her in any way? The answer is simple, and sad. She doesn’t care. And for someone who has been blessed with so much, who claims to have come from so little, I am appalled that she wouldn’t realize the potential she has to make a difference. Even worse, that she knows and simply refuses to use her celebrity for the greater good.

    Also, for those of you who feel this was an attempt by PETA to involve a celebrity in their campaign for exposure – I assure you that once this matter has been resolved, they will immediately refocus their efforts on something else just as disgusting and putrid as Jennifer Lopez’s fur-filled, walking dead clothing line.

  36. colleen says:

    The problem lies in legislation. Everyone has the legal right to wear or eat what they choose. Pesonally I dont find fur offensive but for those who do (like PETA)a far more effective approch would be to make either the buying or selling of furs illegal or to legislate regulation of fur farms. Making the information about the injustice of wearing fur public is an admirable cause however their tactics dont have a positive or longlasting realistic effect.

  37. jess says:

    Earlier I wrote a comment but it wasn’t posted. I said some polite things against Jennifer, is that why? Do you post the ones who favor her or what?

  38. lux says:

    jess, there are several moderators who approve/reject posts. What may seem okay to one might seem inappropriate to another.

    I wasn’t the one who rejected your comment, but I looked it up and you accuse me of kissing Jennifer’s butt to get a raise. 🙂

    For one, this site isn’t affiliated with Jennifer at all. It’s only a fan site.

    Two, no one who works on this site is paid for it.

  39. katherine says:

    In response to the person who asked why PETA didn’t pursue legal action against the fur farms, that’s simply because in the jurisdiction that the footage was taken (China – which exports a lot of fur to the US), there are no animal cruelty laws, so legal action there would be completely futile and an absolute waste of time and money. Secondly, discarding the fur that has already been acquired is not the issue, the issue is trying to stop MORE animals from being killed by raising awareness of the fur industry and its practices – and so (hopefully) deterring people from wearing fur. As for targetting Jlo, I think that maybe initially this was a good idea, but as she has shown absolutely no concern so far, escalating means of protest is going to start REALLY annoying people and so will probably end up being counter-productive. Just my two cents worth.

  40. oliver says:

    I am a fan of Jennifer’s, but I just read the articles on the PETA Web site and was horrified to tears. I can’t even bring myself to watch the video, but my imagination has filled in the blanks. I shudder to think how many more tiny little animals are going to have to die painfully to fill orders for Jen’s fashion line. I know that some people have stated that Jen has a responsibility as a designer and a celebrity to step up to this cause. I think she has a responsibility as a human being to discontinue her fur line. We all have a responsibility to put an end to this. I’m not an activist, but just an average person, and I can’t stomache this kind of needless slaughter.
    PETA is doing what I think they have to do to put a stop to horrific, barbaric practices–get everyone talking about it. What better way to do that than use Jennifer’s celebrity. I for one, even as a fan of Jen’s, hope the media picks up on it and that some good will come. I personally don’t care if anyone in the fashion/celebrity world is inconvenienced by PETA’s efforts–they’ll be just fine. We’re talking about torturing and murdering innocent living creatures. Not to feed starving children, but to make a coat for a rich person to feel better about themselves.

    Let’s please not be duped into thinking the celebrities and fashionistas need us average people to defend them and their interests. These animals do.

  41. Loretta says:

    I’m sorry, I do not agree! I will continue my support of Jennifer. PETA did not make any moves to stop the slaughter they witnessed, video taped and bought back after a year. Thats not including all those others pictures in the past they had been passing around(even to children). They seem to have more compassion for animals than humans. I agree with another poster on another sight. She is a seamtress among her other talents. A consumer purchasing material for her designs from a manufacturer. She did not hand pick the animals to be slaughtered. It is made available like any other fabric. Why didn’t PETA protest at the site where they took those pictures? Not just the ones recently, but past as well? Think people….

  42. Nagev says:

    I have one question, howcome you have not allowed my comments to be posted? I have attempted to post information regarding this article and why the fur industry is a crime in itself.

    It seems that the administrators who preview these comments are being slightly biased in whos posts they allow to be seen.

    I support PeTA in everyway imaginable. For those of you who are against them I advise you to educate yourself about the organization rather than eating up all the biased media fed to you.

  43. sadlife says:

    PeTA is being very smart and tactful by targeting jlo and others. You will not get anything done if you are spread too wide, you need to pick something and stick with it until you have made a difference.

    “fur hag” is a perfect label for this so-called diva

  44. stop says:

    stop biasing your choices of who gets to post a comment

    you are only in favor of the ones who are in support of jlo

    you are only allowing some of the minor posts promoting compassion


    we will not stop protesting until fur is no longer on the FURHAG

  45. LiL'GirL says:

    People from PETA r stupid….cos how can other people who live in that countries,where all winter is -30C without real fur?Example i live in Moscow,& now here is very cold,i just can’t take this freezing without fur….
    And PETA says that she needs to create a synthetic alternatives…..but synthetic in that reeeaaaaly cooold winter just don’t warm…..So F*ck you zoophils..

  46. lux says:

    Just to set the record straight.

    We are rejecting comments that:
    – contain harsh language or tone
    – attack other visitors to this site
    – are unreadable

  47. kelly says:

    ok, i’m a j-lo fan and i come here to get news on j-lo not to read all this non sesnse of some desperate losers.
    This site is going downhill. The admin has to fix this and delete the giberish that thses psychos who have an unhealthy realtion with animals post.
    They spam the official j-lo website and they are campaigning against her in very single web site and as j-lo fans we musn’t allow this.
    AND 2 peta people, i feel sorry for u if u have to come to fan site and disturb people nad target one special celebrity, it’s highly immature and inconsiderate to act like this and to devote yourselves to animals instead of human beings.
    anyway, the admins need to deleted all thses posts and ban the PETA, they are annoying groupies

  48. CzarCastic says:

    Yep, what lux said. PETA members have been nothing less than abusive to this web site. Leave it to the few to ruin it for everyone. Then people like jess wonder why their comment doesn’t get through? Give me a break. This isn’t a web site to advocate anti-fur usage and such, so don’t expect that much from it. Oh yeah, and this *is* a Jennifer Lopez fan site, not a place for PETA to plead a cause. Move on.

  49. lux says:

    And to those that are arguing their 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech, you have a misunderstanding of how that right works. This is a privately-owned site; you do not have the right to say whatever you wish here. However, freedom of speech protects your right to create your own site, hosted with your own money to blab about whatever you want. We suggest you do that.

    This is going nowhere. Comments closed.