Jennifer in Japan

Jennifer Lopez exposed her lack of world knowledge during a recent trip to Japan to promote her movie SHALL WE DANCE – by failing to recognize the name of the Japanese prime minister.

The superstar was grilled by local reporters keen for her thoughts about the film, a remake of 1996 Japanese movie SHALL WE DANCE?, in which she appears alongside RICHARD GERE.

According to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, journalists were amused by Gere’s resemblance to Japanese premier JUNICHIRO KOIZUMI – a comment that left J.Lo blank-faced.

When someone explained who Koizumi is, Lopez responded, “Really, I’m sorry. That’s so funny”

One Response to “Jennifer in Japan”

  1. kay says:

    wow she does that alot, first it was with the jacket she wore when she went to Germany (which had like nazi symbols on it) and now in Japan. She really needs to acknowledge the countries she goes to because she offends alot of people. Its kind of rude to the people of thoses countries. I’m sure she doesnt mean anything by it but people get offended very quickly.