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Latina beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ has shrugged off warnings a joint world tour with husband MARC ANTHONY could damage her career.

Salsa star Anthony, who married the glamorous JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer last June (04), is thrilled about the shows because he’ll be performing to crowds far larger than he’s used to – thanks to his wife’s widespread appeal.

However, Lopez’s aides reportedly fear her decision to tour with Anthony may confuse – and possibly alienate – fans.

A source tells Britain’s OK! magazine, “She’s been trying to see if it’s the right thing. Jen’s people have advised her not to because it’s bad for her career. She’s too mainstream to tour with him. He needs her but she doesn’t need him.”


JENNIFER LOPEZ’s marriage to MARC ANTHONY is destined to last because the Latino singer stands up to her and bosses her around.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK star was able to control former lover BEN AFFLECK’s every movement, according to her close friend MARISSA THOMPSON, and that is why their 19-month relationship failed.

But Thompson is confident Lopez’s third marriage will be successful – because Anthony is exactly the kind of strong man she needs to keep her happy.

She says, “Marc tries to tell her what to say, what to wear, how to be… She likes being told what to do. Ben was weak in that regard. She could run roughshod all over him.

“She wants her man to be a man… but that doesn’t mean she won’t push him to see how far she can go with him.”


LATEST: JENNIFER LOPEZ met animal rights protesters head on at a record signing in New York yesterday – by wearing a fox fur poncho.

Volunteers from PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) camped outside Virgin Records store in Times Square, Manhattan on Tuesday (01MAR05) to protest J.Lo’s use of animal skins in music videos and fur content in her new fashion line SWEETFACE.

But the sexy superstar defiantly waved to protestors and fans assembled outside the store and cheerily waved as she entered the store wearing the accessory, which was lined with fox fur.

DAWN CARR, a PETA director, insists the group will continue to campaign against Lopez: “She is our latest target. We have sent her dozens of letters and DVDs to try to show her why the fur trade is so evil but she has ignored us.

“The amount of fur J.Lo has worn recently and now uses in her clothing line , shows he is blind to the horrific cruelty of the fur industry.”

14 Responses to “More Jennifer News…”

  1. kay says:

    I don’t get why she wont listen to them, its like she doesnt even want to know about it, if it wasnt such a big deal, then she wouldnt be targeted, but in reality it is a big deal and she just turns her back to it, if your going to wear animal fur, then you should at least know how it was taken off the poor animal…I don’t understand why she is doing this and has been doing this for so long…come on Jen have a heart, i want to think of her as a great person, so i can be a big fan again, but she is constantly showing how insensitive and unethical she is

  2. bella77 says:

    I don’t understand why she wears fur. Doesn’t she know what kind of torturous lives these animals have to live through?

  3. Erin says:

    OMG! please people GET OVER IT!

  4. marcus says:

    i love jennifer and all, but doesn’t she realize that going on tour with marc could hurt her career? especially after their grammy performance? jen is at the top of her game right now and the last thing she needs is for marc to bring her down! why can’t she just listen to her aides? after all, they know what they are talking about!!!

  5. Erin says:

    I def agree w/ marcus. I think they are a GREAT couple (even though i hear marc is VERY controling, which sux). I LOOOVE the songs they sing together (escapemonos, no me ames), but i just dont think touring w/ him is the best idea. If she goes on tour (which i would SOO go)she should do some songs w/ him, but not “tour” w/ him.

  6. Javier says:

    Yeah get over it with the fur. There are far more problems in this world than “animals” It’s like you cant have peace in this world. There will always be violence occurring each and everyday. No stopping or protesting the war will stop bush from sending troops.

  7. jm says:

    javier, of course there are more problems in the world, what does that have to do with anything? Its still not right to torture and make the animals life miserable then kill them in an inhumane way. They have lives too, not just humans and i think it is great that there are organizations like Peta out there, because every problem needs a support system. Dont you guys realize that jen and others who support the fur industry are doing more harm than good and are bringing more horrible problems in the world? Of course Bush wont stop the war because of protesters but they still protest dont they? so why do you all get so angry when animal rights activists protest? Thats what they believe in, the only reason you get so mad at them is because they are protesting Jen. really open your eyes people, what she is doing is sick and unethical

  8. CzarCastic says:

    You seem to assume Jennifer has 100% control over what gets produced. And it’s just that: an assumption. Why don’t you ever hear of PETA attacking the source of the problem: foreign governments that allow sweat shop workers to be doing this? Even if Sweetface stops their production, that won’t stop the raw material provider. To them, Sweetface is just another consumer of theirs. The sweat shop workers will continue to do it regardless…they are paid to.

    This is why I think PETA goes about things entirely the wrong way. Not only do they assume the aforementioned items, but supporters then come here and trash Jennifer on our fan web site. This is totally disrespectful and really destroys PETA’s image in my mind. These “supporters” just look like desperate individuals with absolutely no respect at all. I truly pity those who come here with no regard whatsoever.

  9. Javier says:

    Well I guess Jen is like Bush, she wont stop fur collecting. 🙂 Face it, you know you want to rock a nice fur coat.

  10. Candy says:

    I’m a huge JLo fan and if she’s comes out with a new brand of toilet paper, I’d go out and buy it just to support her but in all reality I have to be honest and say that Marc Antony is a much better singer than she is. Don’t get me wrong; I love her songs. But she does it all and she’s good at everything she does but Marc only sings and he’s GREAT at it. I don’t see how touring with Marc would be bad for her. He’s an amazing singer with an amazing voice. I was at his concert at MSG a few years back and he was AMAZING. I think they are a great couple and maybe touring with Marc will be good for her career. If you take her signing talents and Marc’s greatness and put them together in a tour, they should have great succes. She’s also the most amazing dancer I’ve ever seen so that will help to make it an extra great preformance. Her dance moves top any of the other singers out there that are trying to dance. The only reason their performance at the Grammy’s was so bad was cause she was coming down with a cold or flu or whatever. He sounded as great as he always does. Unfortunatly she was the one with the problem. You can’t judge that one performance and assume that all other performances together will be bad. Both of the songs they do together are really beautiful and they sound great together (No Me Ames, Escapemonos). I also know alot of JLo haters that loooove Marc’s work. Maybe touring together will turn some of those haters into Jlo fans.

  11. Javier says:

    Jennifer sings BEAUTIFULLY in spanish, many hispanic love her singing in spanish. Basically all hispanic rock the “No me ames” song once in a blue moon.

  12. ashlee says:

    I LOVE Jennifer Lopez and all of her songs, even the ones with Marc Anothony in them. I think that touring with him is her opinion but I wouldn’t do it only because it could ruin her realationship with Marc. If you are really a Jlo fan then you wouldn’t care what poeple said,you would sitll like her even if she choose to tour with Marc.

  13. Master Debater says:

    Hmmm… You all are interesting. All of you, both pro and con. I must say, I am no animal rights activist really but I don’t support cruelty to them though, but I eat them (animals taste good…) and am ok with non-trophy hunting of them. Just make it quick and clean like a cheetah. Neither am I a big fan of JLo but I am a fan of Bush (two imprisoned countries under military dictatorships given a chance at democracy is the best song I’ve heard in the last 4 years), I don’t know what Bush has to do with her or this but everybody else is making Bush comments, so I want to blend.
    So why am I here commenting? I got here because I wanted to hear what the pro’s are saying to support JLo. You guys are not doing a good job. JLo is not helping matters though, she keeps wearing the dang fur! If anyone has heard her say anything in her own defence of this practice, please post a link or a quote. I am just incredibly curious. The main reason being, I cannot figure out why she is shooting herself in the foot on this! Especially from a marketing standpoint. Does she have a different demographic than I think? Is her fan base not young girls that think bunny rabbits are cute with their skins on themselves? Or is her fan base jaded 50 something Cruela DeVilles who long for a less polictically correct time? I doubt it.
    I just don’t get why the SWeetface marketing and PR gurus are not running past models and sending the fur flying and JLo is not in her fans sweetfaces going “gosh I had no idea these were not faux!” If she is just sticking to her guns to be stubborn and is not prepared to appear apologetic for fear of losing latina face, well… Bienvenidos A Miami. I have known many other JLo’s to go down the same inflexible way. JLo, if you read this, it’s ok to have a change of heart about something you thought you were right about. Folk will love you even more if the change is better. Don’t make it about sticking it in the faces of the folk that were mean spirited to you.
    Anyway, kudos for taking hubby with her on tour. She must not be all about making money, obviously. If fans of either singer can’t stand the other, well as Yogi Berra said “If nobody goes to the ballpark, who’s going to stop them?” and that’s fine too. I wish her and her fans the best, for real.

  14. JJo says:

    i believe JLo can where whatever she wants i mean stop bustin on her shes not the only one and who cares we eat the animals anyway so why doesnt she just use the fur to make clothes instead of wasting it i mean come on god give the girl a break