Jennifer Lopez Various Newsbits

Jennifer Lopez Newsbits:

Cowell had designs on J-Lo’s house
Simon Cowell has more in common with Jennifer Lopez than just tightly-stretched clothing.

The Pop Idol grump tried to buy the Hollywood diva’s Los Angeles mansion and went so far as to have a tour of the rambling house.

When it sold to somebody else, Cowell supposedly called J-Lo and asked for the number of her interior designer.

Cowell was so impressed with the beige and wood decor in her bedroom he wanted a similar style for the home he bought close to the California studio where he is currently shooting the US version of his hit franchise, American Idol.

Lopez, meanwhile, has emerged from her newly-wed cocoon with husband Marc Anthony to launch a promotional blitz for Rebirth, her new CD, which was released on Tuesday in the US.

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J.Lo deal with Medina is off again

Jennifer Lopez’s plans to reunite with her former manager Benny Medina have collapsed.

The pair agreed to reteam last week two years after their acrimonious split – but the deal is off again.

A source explains to website “It was a handshake deal, but when it came down to signing contracts on Friday, they decided to remain friends.”

The source claims J.Lo was unhappy to share a manager with chart rival and longtime foe Mariah Carey.
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Jennifer Lopez has refused to quit her singing career – even though studio bosses believe she has the potential to be the next MERYL STREEP if she concentrated solely on acting.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK beauty has no regrets about starring in box office flop GIGLI alongside former fiance BEN AFFLECK, because she insists on being true to herself and would feel fake following in the OUT OF AFRICA star’s footsteps.

The 35-year-old says, “I’ve done movies that are not great and are successful. I’ve done movies that are great and are not successful. The movie business is very unpredictable.

“I don’t have any regrets at all. I think there are some great scenes in that movie. And it didn’t get a fair chance. I’ve had studio heads who believe in me say, ‘Just be an actress, you’re an incredible actress, you can be Meryl Streep,’ and I say, ‘I’ve got to be me.’

“I can’t stop singing so people take me seriously as an actress. I’m an actress. You either take me seriously or you don’t. I’m sorry if people think I do too many things. But I would be miserable if I couldn’t do all of these things. I just have to be me.”

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JENNIFER LOPEZ got her hands dirty yesterday (01MAR05) when she christened MTV show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE’s Touch Of Fame.

Guests on the daily show will be asked to plant their hands in cement during their appearance and the prints will all be sold off for charity in the future.

Lopez refused the offer of Latex gloves for the hand print session, insisting on sticking her hands directly into the wet cement.

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Lopez now developing new TV series
Jennifer Lopez is developing the pilot episode for a new drama series called ‘South Beach’.

Variety reports that Lopez is working on the project with ’24’ executive producer Tony Krantz, ‘Smallville’ writer Philip Levens and her manager, Simon Fields.

‘South Beach’ will follow three young adults living in Miami.

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  1. simon says:

    jennifer lopez will be playing a role in a tv series?????
    oh yeah that will be great

  2. Javier says:

    I think that the bosses want Jennifer to quit singing because they think she doesnt have good vocals. That is what I think.

  3. Juan says:

    wow work with people from smallville and 24 I’m sure the show will be a hot one and a hit.. cant wait! By the way Love the new layout!!