Welcome to the Rebirth

With the new album dropping today, it’s only fitting we unveil our new web site design. We’re still working out the bugs and not all pages have been converted yet, so we hope you’re as patient as we are!

Also, *much* thanks to Keir over at NitrusDesigns for the design and help!

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  1. Dj J. Salinas says:

    Congrats on the new look… 😉

  2. Lucylover1986 says:

    Very nice look too. I didn’t even though this was going to happen so nice surprise.

  3. JLoMyQueen says:

    WoW wOw WoW!!!!!! I love it i love it!!! very impressive, much better then the last design which looked very cheap (No Offense)and its really funny cuz i was gonna complain about the last layout 2 be changed, and i log on now and surprise surprise lol and loandbehold its changed and looking awhole lot better… Great job moderaters keep up the good work… and long live Tha Queen DIVA #1 Jennifer Lopez!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Nath says:

    I LOVE it. 🙂 NICE JOB!

  5. Gerard says:

    Excellente design!!…The Jennifer’s Rebirth is for everybody and in every facts…if you change this site like this jenn’s porpuse is becoming complete….

  6. jennifer says:

    nice congrat`s with this fab site

  7. kelly says:

    nice layout

  8. Hey says:

    Look this review of REBIRTH by E!Online :

    “So, if J.Lo is going through a rebirth, that means her movies are gonna be great, her clothing line will rock and albums will be totally hot, right? It’s hard to tell what she actually wanted to deliver here, but everything sounds pretty much the same. The heavily produced music on her fourth album is more nonstick than a Teflon pan, despite the help of R&B heavy hitters like Timbaland and Rodney Jerkins. It says a lot about an album when the best song, “Get Right,” is actually a leftover from Usher’s Confessions. It only goes downhill from there: Witness the lukewarm funk of “Cherry Pie” (sadly, not a Warrant cover), the limp Marc Anthony-produced “(Can’t Believe) This Is Me” and the complete lack of singing skills. It’s enough to make anyone a born-again Lopez hater.”

    I couldn’t have put it in better terms !

  9. Jack says:

    Hey I found a review on REBIRTH TOO… :


    She should’ve called it “Deathwatch.” Or maybe “Life Support.”

    Jennifer Lopez’s new album, “Rebirth” (Sony), is so misguided and poorly executed that the only thing it truly launches may be the end for her music career. Why should she bother to break from her lucrative acting and fashion careers to do music when she gets such haphazard results?

    “Rebirth” becomes even more crushingly disappointing considering the bold and inventive first single “Get Right.” With that single, thanks to that raucous horn loop and her excited vocals, Lopez reminded fans why they liked her. At her best, Lopez is streetwise and fiery, with charisma to burn. When she has great material to work with, like “Waiting for Tonight” or “All I Have,” she is nearly irresistible. When she has good material, like “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” or even “Jenny from the Block,” she has the skills to sell it.

    Unfortunately, this time out, Jenny got fooled – yes, by the rocks that she’s got. When so much cash has been sunk into your album to land hot producers, hot songwriters and hot rappers to make cameos, it’s easy to get a false sense of security that everything will sound OK, especially when you’re so powerful that the people around you may not always want to tell you what they really think. It’s a problem a lot of powerful singers run into – from Madonna to Britney, Britney to Whitney, no one wants to be the one to say, “Miss Thang, you need to try again.”

    In this case, someone should have told Lopez the truth: “Rebirth” is a mess.

    “Cherry Pie” is a good example. The music is interesting enough, like a mash-up of The Supremes’ “Come See About Me” and Prince’s “Little Red Corvette,” but it gets hamstrung by clunky lyrics and an arrangement that has Lopez singing outside her comfort zone and, at times, off-tempo. All it really needs is a rewrite and a bit of tweaking and it would be just fine, but apparently no one was troubled enough to fix it. The same goes for “Hold You Down,” a duet with Fat Joe built over a sample from Shirley Murdock’s “As We Lay” that leaves in a cheesy synth snippet that was distractingly dated in the 1986 original. The 19 years that have passed haven’t helped it any.

    Of course, “Rebirth” has bigger problems than that. “I Got U” takes a decent Rodney Jerkins track with some nice scratch-guitar riffs and ruins it with a chorus of “I’ve got you and nobody can come and change a thing. … If someone tries to take you from me, they’ll see I’ve got you, you’ve got me” that Lopez sings in a key that she can barely reach.

    “Whatever You Wanna Do” is a funk jam session that gets out of control, losing focus and eventually becoming a waste of time.

    “Still Around” tries to be a breezy love song, reminiscing about how she and husband Marc Anthony first met, but it gets bogged down in overwrought vocals and heavy-handed lyrics. It sounds more like a press release about their relationship than a song bathed in the warmth of their love.

    It’s another sign that Lopez has forgotten why she liked making music in the first place. In recent years, she made music part of her image-building machine, proclaiming herself “real” when stories about diva-like behavior grew out of control or declaring her love don’t cost a thing, when people start painting her as too bling-obsessed. The message on “Rebirth” is that she’s happy with Marc Anthony and that she’s leaving the whole “Bennifer” era behind with all those unsold “Gigli” DVDs. (I’m guessing “Dear Ben” from her last album doesn’t get played much around their Brookville home these days.) Too bad the directness of that message detracts from the music.

    Lucky for Lopez, her record company needs “Rebirth” to be a hit as much as she does. So look for a whole lot of remixes from this album in the next few months as she and her team of the-best-producers-Sony-money-can-buy start primping and polishing these songs into usable radio hits. Maybe this time they’ll get right.

    Grade: C-

  10. Jim Derogatis says:


    BY JIM DEROGATIS Pop Music Critic

    1.5 stars

    Jennifer Lopez has reached that rare strata of super-celebrity where she’s famous just for being famous.

    Sure, J. Lo has had plenty to keep her busy. There were the cinematic classics, such as “Gigli” and “Maid in Manhattan.” There’s her recently confirmed third marriage to Latin pop star Marc Anthony. There are the clothing line and the perfume, and, of course, there is choosing what outrageous outfit to wear on the next red carpet.

    With all of that weighing on her, you have to wonder why the 35-year-old former fly girl would bother to record a new album, much less one that trumpets her “Rebirth.” But then I never understood why such a forced and limited singer would try to have a musical career in the first place.

    J. Lo’s musical role model has always been Janet Jackson, for whom she once worked as a dancer. But where Jackson rose above the liability of her own unremarkable voice by choosing the right producers (Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) and exuding an undeniable personality, Lopez is a hazy presence on her own albums both musically and in the heavily air-brushed photos, a chimera that provides no focal point for the well-crafted dance-pop constructions of her personal A-list production team.

    Arriving in stores today, “Rebirth” finds Cory Rooney, who oversaw Lopez’s 1999 debut, “On the 6,” serving as executive producer and getting some high-caliber help from Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland, Big Boi and even Lopez’s new hubby. While there are a few too many sleepy ballads, other tracks are appealing enough, from the blatant Prince ripoff “Cherry Pie” to “Step Into My World,” which evokes Madonna in her Middle Eastern mode, to the hard-grooving hit “Get Right,” which is built on a sample of James Brown’s “Soul Power ’74” and opens and closes the disc in two different mixes.

    But Lopez has very little to say on her fourth set of new material, and she says it in a slight and forgettable voice. You’d think that a woman who’s been through as many turbulent love affairs as she has would have some things to get off her chest, but she co-wrote only two of the 11 songs. And for all her talk of rebirth, she offers little insight into the inner workings of her soul.

    Mostly, J. Lo coos in her effects-heavy wisp of a voice about all of the reasons we should love J. Lo: “Short skirt, golden-brown thighs/ Gucci heels, 4-inch high,” she chirps on “Whatever You Wanna Do.” In case we missed the point, she spells it out on “Step Into My World”: “Like a moth to a flame, you know you’re drawn to me.”

    Certainly, Lopez has the power to attract male duet partners, including guest rappers Fat Joe and Fabolous. But whenever one of the fellas steps up to the mike, you forget that Jenny was ever on the block, much less in the house.

    Artistically speaking, the best use for “Rebirth” would be pulling Lopez’s vocals off and giving the tracks to some mash-up mixmasters to add singers with some fire. As it is, this is just one more piece of product from a lucrative celebrity cash machine, though you have to venture to a record store to pick it up, instead of just clicking on http://www.shopjlo.com.

  11. NY Daily news says:



    Not every singer can soar and shout. Some have to make do with tweets and coos. Yet, with the right smash of a song, and a whiz of a producer, they can do very well indeed.

    Nonsingers from Paula Abdul to Janet Jackson to Ashlee Simpson have found themselves carefully placed in songs we love.

    Jennifer Lopez is no different – though she has even less talent to call upon than those other stars.

    Cursed with a voice that’s almost entirely devoid of range, expression and character, Lopez has still had the good fortune – and rich backing – to find herself attached to singer-proof smashes like the danceable “Waiting for the Night,” the slinky “If You Had My Love” and the tart “Jenny From the Block.”

    That last ditty provided an ideal cover for Lopez’s iffy abilities. Its lyrics pointed listeners’ attention away from her instrument and toward her persona – which, along with her looks and headline-making ability, is all she has to give.

    So, in assessing a new J.Lo album, the question isn’t “How does she sound?” It’s “Have her handlers come up with enough decoys to distract you from asking the question to begin with?”

    On “Rebirth,” Lopez’s fourth CD – in stores today – her overseers have come up with something less stirring than the title implies. There are good ideas for songs, but nothing quite clicks.

    Take the single, “Get Right.” It goes for the kind of triumphant horn hook that proved so commanding on Beyonc’s “Crazy in Love.” But there’s no tune. Only on the remix, buttressed by Fabolos’ cheeky rap, does this bland ditty get some hip-hop spice.

    The single sets the pace of the record, a far more upbeat affair than Lopez’s last CD, “This Is Me … Then.”

    That’s a positive change. Her previous CD, cut when Lopez still basked in the glow of the Ben Affleck affair, found her singing too many ballads. Not only were the songs too gooey, they demanded far more emotion than Lopez could possibly muster.

    “Rebirth” keeps things so snappy, it even includes Lopez’s first semi-rock cut, “Cherry Pie” – though she proves no more competent at that genre than Ms. Jackson’s similar stabs.

    Lyrically, Lopez tries to keep things lighter, too. Wary from the public excoriation of her last love – which resulted in 2002’s appalling “Dear Ben” – you’ll hear no hymns to Marc Anthony here.

    Lopez’s most autobiographical piece, “I Got U,” finds her damning those who snicker over her fast-fading affairs, warning us not to judge her “just cuz of things in the past.”

    Too bad the music doesn’t communicate the fire or flippancy she intends.

    Ultimately, you can’t blame Lopez for that. She’s barely more than a hologram on the CD to begin with. But without more zippy hooks, and bouncy melodies provided by others, we’re too often left to ponder the cipher at the CD’s center.

  12. Javier says:

    TRL might DEBUT “HOLD YOU DOWN” music video today. So I cant wait if they do.

  13. Wear a RainCoat tonight says:

    By Jeannette Walls
    Updated: 2:43 a.m. ET March 1, 2005Jennifer Lopezs fur is going to fly.

    The actress/singer, whose album Rebirth is being released today, is about to become the target of a major campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals because she wears so much fur and uses it extensively in her new line of clothes, Sweetface.

    Phase One of the campaign launches today, when the take-no-prisoners activists will be stationed outside Virgin Records in Times Square in Manhattan. While Lopez is inside signing copies of her new album, PETA activists will be showing horrific film footage of animals being skinned alive in China the worlds number one fur-producing country, where theres not a single animal-protection law edited in with images of Lopez swathed in fur from her latest video.

    There is nothing remotely sweet about the torture deaths of animals killed for fur, says PETA Vice President Dan Mathews. Jennifer Lopez may be able to get the images of bloody, skinned foxes still alive and breathing out of her head, but we doubt all her fans will.”


  14. Me Also says:

    I don’t like Lopez but I do think whoever is running this site is her best rep of a fan. The other sites are secular. This one shows humor and creativity.

    Nicely done with the new layout! Congratulations.

  15. Keir says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂
    I’d jus like to point out that it wasn’t meant to be graphically intensive, mainly because of the bandwidth but hey, all feedback welcomed!

    As for those reviews of Jennifers new album, I disagree lol.

    I think its a good fresh album with some good tracks.

    ’nuff said! 🙂

  16. Seb says:

    I have Rebirth !! The album is just amazing, !!


    Jennifer Lopez gets loud – again ! The diva delivers a dynamite fifth album


    “On her last studio effort (2002’s This Is Me..Then), Jennifer Lopez was lost in love.(Remember the track “Dear Ben”?) Now, with Rebirth, the newly married bombshell comes off cool-headed and in control. For those craving up-tempo, booty-shaking dance floor beats, Lopez offers “Get Right”, which – with its addictive horn hook – promises to be 2005’s “Crazy In Love”. If it’s her signature melodic pop you seek, no further than “Hold You Down”, featuring raps by fellow Bronx native Fat Joe, who reminisces with J.Lo about their pre-superstardom days. And to add a little spice to the mix, Lopez has recorded a rocker called “Cherry Pie” in which she shound almost like Joan Jett ! Surprisingly, it works. What doesn’t ? “(Can’t Believe)This Is Me”, an English-language ballad featuring hubby Marc Anthony that has all the telenovela melo-drama the two exhibited on the Grammy stage. Romantic or revolting ? Its a fine line.”

    FINAL SAY : 3,5 STARS / 4 – Lovin’ la vida Lopez !

  17. Erin says:



  18. KarlaH says:

    DAMmNnN!!! nice site u got up here,i love it!,its real good! i love Jennifer Lopez (latinas 4Ever!).this is one of mah fave sites 🙂 Keep up the good work.
    PS.u should put some more pictures up,i’d love it. thanks. xoxo

  19. Erin says:


    Jennifer Lopez News
    March 1, 2005 by Critics
    Why do some of the same critics who go gaga over Madonna and Janet Jackson bemoan J. Lo’s lack of vocal prowess? True, no one will ever mistake Lopez for Celine Dion, but Lopez’s tangy, girlish singing is actually better suited to sassy, smartly produced tracks such as the thumping (if not exactly fast-rising) single Get Right and new single Hold You Down, an irresistibly sweet buddy song featuring Fat Joe. And while only Lopez’s voice-dressers know for sure, her crooning sounds less processed on this outing’s breezy pop-soul confections. Besides, if tone enhancement and pitch correction were crimes, we couldn’t build enough jails to hold the offenders.

  20. KarlaH says:

    SiCk SiTe u GoT uP hUrR!,i love j to the Lo (latinas4Ever),Congrats on the site and to mah girl J.Lo for her NEW Album! much love, xoxo
    keep up the gud wOrK! 😉
    ps.put some more pics up iight.love ya

  21. Ron says:

    I also disagree! I think the album is great!

  22. Cody says:

    Get Right fans should join the official Get Right fanlisting — http://www.body-language.org/getright/

  23. Jack says:

    JLO was still her best album. However, Rebirth does sound different. I’m liking it… so far.
    Favorite track include: He’ll be back, Cherry Pie, Step into my World. gurlfriend needs to work on her vocals though. She has potential!

    Anyways, i think your site is the BEST jLo fan site outthere. Love it!


  24. bella77 says:

    I met jennifer today at the NYC signing in times square! nice site!

  25. Javier says:

    I bought my Rebirth DualDisc today, and I missed TRL. And I got a free Rebirth poster with my purchase. The lady said, there were a lot of die hard fans getting her cd today, I recieved two posters 🙂 I wonder if ya got a free poster also?


    I finally heard


    and Cant Believe this is me


    I love I GOT YOU

  26. Erin says:

    omg. im pissed. i didnt get the poster w/ my cd. that suxxx.

  27. marcus says:

    i bought the album yesterday after i got home from school and it is like BLAZIN!!! is CRACK!!! i love it! her third single should either be STEP INTO MY WORLD or WHATEVER YOU WANNA DO. i love all the songs…and HOLD YOU DOWN is such a sweet song. I even heard that JEN, JOE, and BIG PUN have known each other since elementary school…if that’s true…it is so cool! 2005 is the year of MRS. JENNIFER LOPEZ! i was reading an article on jennifer’s cd in a magazine while i was in giant and in the article they said jennifer’s album had some of her best material yet. and that is way much better than this is me…then. and that Get Right is 2005’s YEAH and CRAZY IN LOVE put together! which i think is really hot cause both of those songs were really hot and successful

  28. alex says:

    I think her next single should be ‘Cherry Pie’
    I love that song!!!

  29. M*%#@ue says:

    jennifer should STOP using fur in her clothing line.And she should STOP wearing it all together.Shes a great singer and actress but she has got to stop with the fur.Nice layout to lol!!! surprise surprise much better than the last!!