Jennifer Lopez pregnant rumors

British tabloid newspaper The Sun is reporting that:

JENNIFER Lopez was said to be “delighted” last night after tests revealed she is expecting her first child.

However, J.Lo told US magazine People just last week that a baby is not on her agenda at this time. “I’m not on a timetable [to have a baby] – though do hope to become a mother someday” she said.

So, for now, we are taking this with a grain of salt as an unsubstantiated rumor.

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  1. Keir says:

    I would take this with a few handful’s of salt.

    The sun is well known for writing stories from rumors.

    I doubt she would get pregnant when she has an album to promote. She said she want’s to have a baby at some point, but I think the Sun is just taking the fact that she was told not to fly by her doctor and some rumors probably found on the internet to justify their reasoning for writing such an article.

    One of my friends recently flew to Germany, and he was just getting over a cold, and since he’s come back he’s found he has a bruised eardrum its taken about 2 weeks for the hearing to come back properly in one ear, as when your blocked up, flying is one thing you should avoid.

    Now, from that, I can safely say that flying long distance, when you have flu is definatly not going to be good for your health.

    Just my 2 cents!

  2. Hell says:

    So much for your #1, J-ho and J-ho fans !!! Ha-ha-ha

  3. No says:

    J.Lo Begs Benny to Take Her Back

    Jennifer Lopez wants manager Benny Medina back, but does Mariah stand in her way? According to Roger Friedman of Fox News, she does. Read on.

    “Jennifer Lopez sure likes the spotlight. She’s busy making a few people in her world unhappy even as we speak.

    Recent disappointments and missteps have caused her to once again re-evaluate her management situation.

    Those setbacks include her disastrous duet with husband Marc Anthony on the Grammy Awards show, her failure to snatch a potential hit single away from an up-and-coming singer (more below) and the botching of a documentary that was supposed to accompany her new CD. (I told you that story in a recent column.)

    Lopez apparently decided that that was it for manager Simon Fields, who produced her movie “Shall We Dance?”

    According to the New York Post, Lopez approached former manager Benny Medina – whom she sued last year and eventually settled with – about taking her back.

    Only one problem: Medina – who did not return my calls – now manages Lopez’s mortal enemy, Mariah Carey.

    Four years ago, Lopez and Tommy Mottola stole music from Carey and put it on Lopez’s album before Carey could release it.

    Carey – who does not consider Lopez a singer, and rightly so – has been furious with Lopez ever since.

    Sources say she only signed with Medina after it was explicitly understood that he could not bring Lopez back as long as Carey was a client.

    All of this is said to be proving a dilemma for Medina, who is about to launch Carey’s comeback album, “The Emancipation of Mimi.” All the early buzz is good, and signs point to a hit.

    Not so for Lopez, whose “Rebirth” album – due around the same time – will reveal more of the actress/dance/singer’s vocal deficiencies than anyone cares to learn about.

    Who will now manage Lopez is up in the air, but one thing seems certain: It will not be Medina, at least not while he’s working with Carey.”

    Ha-ha-ha !!!!

  4. Ha-ha-ha says:

    [Comment removed.]

  5. kelly says:

    the administration of this site should delete all the crazy carey and hate posts because it is annoying, childish.
    Do you thin k by doing this you are gonna help mariah or change our minds about jen,
    U need to grow up because no matter how much u hate we fans will always love her, so what you are doing is useless

  6. Joseph says:

    Mariah hasn’t had a hit since when? Do you not realize that you’re only helping Jennifer by bringing attention to her? True Mariah has the voice, but Jennifer has the appeal, and appeal goes a long way now-a-days. If that BS story was true, how come Get Right made it up to #13 and “It’s Like That” which is way more “urban” peaked at #19. Please get off this site and go back to your Whoreiah Scarey message boards.

  7. Carlos says:

    Hey Jlo.Net:

    Here at Handprint Entertainment, I can assure you that both Ms. Carey and Ms. Lopez are both managed by Benny Medina. Not to mention he also co-manages Ricky Martin. And that ridiculous rumour about Lopez stealing music from Carey is not true. 4 years ago, Ms. Carey was not with Sony Music. She was with Island. Just stating the facts.

  8. simon says:


    spain #4
    grecce #2
    portugal #1
    germany #7

  9. call me mike says:

    hey everybody especially jlo fans
    i have a great news i know 3rd single of rebirth,this song is……
    what do u think????
    i’ll tell u soon
    think about it!!!!!!

  10. Joseph says:

    Hey guys, I have great news. “Get Right” is #2 on the World Chart. That means her song is the 2nd most listened to song on the planet. Isn’t that just wonderful?

  11. Erin says:

    THAT IS AWESOME! ( ^ ). Now we need to make her album #1…YES! 2 MORE DAYS!

    AND about you guys calling her a HO, tell me ONE, just ONE reason why she is one, because i bet you cant.

  12. DB says:

    OK…for the Mariah fan

    JUST STOP ! LOL! ur embaressing yourself…and also making Mariah fans look bad…go eat cereal or something….

    anyway…I DO preffer Mariah…however…when I say things about Mizz Jenny Lo…I say it because it is called for…I just dont go to fansites just to “hate”

    I dont like jennifer…but I dont hate her either..I do have all her albums…and pretty much all her movies…I LOVE HER MOVIES
    but I dont think I am going to get Rebirth…I was not pleased with what I listened to on The Leak…but I wish her the best =)

  13. Juan says:

    Lmao.. It seems like Mariah Carey Fans!! Have no life at all.. lol.. its ashame.. anywayz its all gravy.. I hoping she is.. but isnt she about to start filming her movie pretty soon, with the producer from selena? so maybe the rumors could be false who knows they have been saying that for a while.. i guess time will tell..!! Lets hope that Rebirth is number 1!!!

  14. call me mike says:


  15. Khaled says:

    I think it will be Step Into My World or Cherry Pie I dunno all the songs in her album are GREAT and I love them all!
    About Whoriah Shit I used to not hate or like Mariah but now I dont like her because her fans are so sleazy and annoyed of JLO endless success over Whorieh No way to compare them both together Jennifer is way above her. And i am sure 100% all Mariah fans LOVE JLO music but they can’t show the LOVE and one proof is that they always come and check her news?

  16. SoulSimon says:

    Jennifer pregnant – tellin’ sun. That dont need comment:P
    i have no idea what gonna be 3rd single but 4th gonna be I got U thats one for sure.

  17. Anna says:

    Lopez “Fans” are spamming Mariah’s message boards that is why they are on hers. There is no comparison between the two. Mariah is a true talent. J.Lo is studio created.

    That is fact. Not hate.

  18. marcus says:

    i think the 3rd single will either be step into my world, cherry pie, or whatever you wanna do! this is just a prediction! i think it will be step into my world because everyone seems to be talking about how good the song is. i think it will be cherry pie because i read in People’s Weekly that she was getting rave reviews for the song. i think it will be whatever you wanna do because that was one of the songs they kept playing on the MTV special: JENNIFER LOPEZ…BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

  19. Javier says:

    what part of PUERTO RICO is Jennifer from? I am from Yauco, PUERTO RICO. Any ideas where in PR she is originally from?

  20. Jose says:

    Im from Diego Hernandez Yauco.Well Jennifer is from Ponce well her Parents

  21. simon says:

    jennifer lopez is from ponce in puerto rico!
    thank you so much. tha was a good question!!

  22. Javier says:

    Ah that’s cool, her parents are next to my YAUCO!!! LOL. I’m from Rio Caña Yauco. Remember today is the MSN live CHAT which people going to say it’s only a assistant. But hey, I’m going to brag to everyone that I chatted with her! LOL.

  23. marcus says:

    i have liked mariah since…i can’t remember. but if i had to choose, it would to be jennifer! simply because jennifer is multi-talented. even though mariah can sing better, jennifer can act better, dance better, and dress better. And now in the music business, you don’t have to know how to sing. look at britney spears, beyonce knowles, and ashanti. u don’t have to sing like aretha franklin, patti labelle, or teena marie to be successful!

  24. marcus says:

    if jennifer lopez and tommy mottola stole music from mariah…why didn’t she file a lawsuit??? and since you know everything, what song was it that they stole?

  25. Gracie Alverez says:

    Wow JLo could be pregnant…wonder who’s the daddy.

  26. CzarCastic says:

    Gracie, your ISP has been alerted of your trolling on this web site.

  27. Gracie Alverez says:

    Why should I care? Being that I am only expressing my opinions which by the way are backed by more facts than all the JLO fans combined on this site. Perhaps all of you should looked up the word “hater” since it’s very apparent you don’t how to use the word. Have a nice day chops, all my love


    Also look up the word DENIAL

  28. Javier says:

    Gracie this is a fansite to support Jennifer. This site in initially for fans of Jennifer who support her 100%. But you, I dont think you are a fan of Jennifer. Well it seems like you dont.

    When is the MSN LIVE CHAT with Jennifer?

  29. CzarCastic says:

    Thanks for reminding me. I’ll make a post to remind everyone now 🙂

  30. Joseph says:

    Czar, also please post TRL reminder for tomorrow, and a link to Kiisfm, where she will chat with Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K tomorrow morning.

  31. samin says:

    hi ilove you

  32. KADYAN says:

    I want u people to stop comparing Jlo with mariah, because there is truly no comparison. Jlo is wayyyyy… BETTER! And for u guys who r saying that she cannot sing, I have a question for u ”
    Are u any better? apparently not because u r not as famous or making that amount of money. I for one would luv to be Jlo.

  33. Joanne says:

    I think Mariah is cool but Jennifer has better style and a tad more class!!!! I have JLO’S cds and I like them. She has a cool little beat. I mean shes no Whitney but she has cool music.

  34. chloe says:

    i think jloz wicked and the rumors bout her being pregnant rnt tru but she should donate sum money 2 charity
    luv chloe ps MAKE POVERTY HISTORY

  35. katie says:

    hey can you send a video of there wedding day
    with marc anthony

  36. razerson says:

    good to here miss LO prez gots hope, sure liked her wison, singing her songs to all, even making men and ladies, smile in prison. see her best art, i hope you meet the right ol fart. hearts be few, just be good you dont break him into. watch his eye, you might have to cry, its the few, that make the best two. if only i could whisper in your year, theres more dreams ahead, go knockem all dead, smiles at that, cause that girl getting little fat, gee im good, but her oscar made her find 2. becareful you dont get a big chevy, they hold alot of gas and are quite heave. peace to you, and your future number true, movies breakall gold, cause her baby, will happen to be from a charming lady, oscar time, bring your eyes, im hoping you win the prize.