J.Lo Comes Clean: She Is, in Fact, Married

NEW YORK – Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she and Marc Anthony are, indeed, husband and wife.

“Yes, we’re married,” Lopez tells People magazine, on newsstands Friday. “I mean, come on, everyone knows. It’s not a secret.”

It was the first public acknowledgment of her union with the salsa singer an unusually long delay considering the ceremony was last June at her Beverly Hills, Calif., home.

The couple performed a duet, though, at the Feb. 13 Grammy Awards show. Lopez says she was ailing from swollen glands and a sore throat during the performance, which caused her to cancel a London trip to promote the British release of her film “Shall We Dance?”

Though the trip cancellation prompted some speculation of pregnancy, Lopez says she’s “not on a timetable” to have a baby though she hopes to become a mother someday.

Now, the 34-year-old says, she’s entered “phase two”: a less public, a “little bit suburban” life with Anthony and a far cry from her “Bennifer” days with former fiance Ben Affleck. But Lopez counts the high-profile romance as a learning experience.

“I take responsibility for the fact that I didn’t make adjustments,” she says. “Now I’m a little more careful. I travel in a certain way. I leave at a certain time. I learned.”

Lopez’s new album, “Rebirth,” will be released Tuesday.

31 Responses to “J.Lo Comes Clean: She Is, in Fact, Married”

  1. Gracie Alverez says:

    Of course Jennifer is married. Is it me or has anyone else noticed that with each album Jennifer has to have some highly publicized relationship to keep the buzz on her tripe forthcoming material. Examples…

    On The 6 (she and P. Diddy were an item)
    JLO (she leaves P. Diddy for her dancer Chris Judd)
    This Is Me…Then (She cheats on Chris with Hollywood heart throb Ben Affleck, and attempts to show her love with the embarrassing song “Dear Ben)
    Rebirth (She splits with Ben, within fours months she and Marc Anthony are officially husband and wife. Does she care that she was a major factor in a man leaving his family? No because she has no morals)

    Here’s my prediction for the next album

    Jen’s Back (of course she cheats on husband Marc Anthony with 50 Cent)

    Hey at least her cheap publicity stunts have a record of keeping some buzz on her, nevermind the fact that it makes her look like a skank, a whore, a trap, etc.

  2. Javier says:

    This is me…Then was a time of her life when she was deeply in love with Ben. And Rebirth she is being born again, a new person. Yeah she had some mistakes, but damn let her be!

    All I can say is, the Fashion thing of Jennifer was great. “THE DIVA IS BACK!” I love that about Jennifer. 🙂

  3. Gracie Alverez says:

    Sure she was in love, just as she was “in love” with the other men she used to help keep her music in the media. Here’s a fact: Without some publicity stunt the media and general public wouldn’t care about JLo’s music, let’s be honest with ourselves, there’s nothing creative or unique about her as a singer. The lyrics she attempts to write can easily be compared to a 7th graders diary and as we all know she can’t write music, so to me that says she really not talented in the music department. And naming her album Rebirth was something anyone with half a brain could have predicted….she’s a very simple, not so bright woman, slut, whore, take your pick

  4. ERNIE says:

    WAKE UP GUYS!!!! DO U REALLY THINK J-LO IS IN LOVE?!!! she has no idea what she wantws, what she is looking for and where she is going to with her life! she keeps getting marry to help sell her albums and she keeps “remaking” other musicians songs…just look at “rebirth” is coming from an usher song call “ride.” i mean can she WRITE HER OWN STUFF, PRODUCE HER OWN STUFF OR AT LEAST HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT SHE WANTS TO SING? NO…….SORRY J-LO. BUT YOU GOTTA MAKE SOME REAL MUSIC GIRL.

  5. hereandnow says:

    If she loves her husband so much, why is Marc Anthony looking so bad now. He has NEVER looked like that. He has lost weight, and his face is sunken in and guant looking, yet she takes pictures with him smiling and just loving the attention, while her husband looks like he is deteriorating.

    If you go to jlopezstopklata, you can see pictures of him. It is very sad!

  6. adriana says:

    uhmm wow you guys are retarded .. marc is behind jennifer 100% and him getting skinnier and looking ugly isnt her fault. Shes not a whore or a slut so dont use stupid words if youdont know what the hell they mean obviously bc shes everything but a slut. PCE =)

  7. Diana says:

    I personally think that every one needs to mind their biz. People need to start relizing that it’s not their life it’s hers and she can do what she wants and when she wants to do it. I like Jennifer the way she is. En after all may-b she don’t know what she want’s but i’ll tell you one thing she’ll find it one day. Or who knows may-b she already did. (Marc Anthony)

  8. kelly says:

    crazy carey fans will never change, but don’t mind them because they feel insecure enough to waste their time on a person they hate and come write stupid posts on a fan site.
    Don’t worry, i’ll pray for you

  9. Joseph says:

    I don’t get the point of people going to someone’s fan site, if they’re not fans.

  10. nadine says:

    WHAT THA HELL????are you crazy??how can you blame jen for marc’s looking!!!!
    he is so happy with her or can you prove that it’s not the case!?????
    and it is just ridiculous that jen uses her men for promoting her records!!!she just had 6 men in her life and she loved each of him!!!!so don’t write things just to hurt us!!cos that’s not for what this site and this forum is

    thanxx for listening

  11. Laura says:

    first of all for those who say she married just to make another good album…the others weren`t produced with marc and all of them were succesful. Secondly…ride was offered to usher and certainly not produced by him, cus then jen couldn’t have stealed it from him, right? And pls make it clear.. everybody with his preferences, don`t make discriminations cus it`s not the case here. And Ernie..if you’re not well informed don`t write bullshits on this site, cus she does produce her own music. Take the JLo ot This is me album and take a look at the producers. And i think she has proved that she does know what she wants from her life, but again you probably don`t know anything about her, because you write about stuff you`ve probably read in the magazines…and let me tell you…75% are all lies

  12. n/a says:

    It is pretty odd that she has to have a guy to get press!

  13. N?A says:

    Comment removed.

  14. K says:

    Mariah’s fans! you guys are bothered that Get Right is doing better than Mariah’s single? Umm yeah you guys are! Plus why are you bothered because JLO is interesting enough for the media to write about and Mariah is just too old fashioned + boring? Jlo doesn’t need any men to support her album! her albums are great and we all LOVE them. and by the way? I really laugh my ass off when I see you guys writing shit about Jennifer; This tells me that you guys are jealous of her success. I never visited Mariah fan site to say bad things about her? You know why! because she’s not worth my time she’s basically worthless. So i recommend you guys always come and talk shit about her so we can laugh at your anger of JLO’s endless success 🙂

  15. na says:

    Comment removed.

  16. Gracie Alverez says:

    Okay when did this topic of JLo being a slut, whore, home wrecker, etc. become about Mariah vs. JLo? Great going JLo fans, you make yourselves look more pathetic with each post. I think you’re upset because I pointed out something that can’t be denied…the proof is in the pudding. Everything I stated is COMPLETELY true about each of her albums. There is always some drama going on with her and the MANY men in her life when an album is about to drop.

    Adriana, I am VERY aware of the meaning to words whore, slut, tramp, etc. perhaps you’ve become adjusted to JLO’s lack of morales, so maybe that’s why you see her hopping in bed with a different man every season as being normal. Peace

    Diana, I’m sure as you sit here and read what you posted earlier a deep, heavy feeling of embarrassment comes over you. I mean telling us to mind our “biz” has to be the dumbest statement since JLo proclaim “I’m real”. She’s in the media, so therefore we are intitled to have our opinions of her shameful lifestyle. I have to admit just reading your comment I can tell you’re a truly genuine JLo fan.

    Dear Laura, you’ve proven that you’re not the brightest when it comes to grasping the point of a message. No one EVER said that JLo used her men to help her make a good album, being that she has yet to release a good album. I said she uses the men and drama surrounding her to promote her album. Also Laura, YOU ARE 100% WRONG, concerning JLo and producing. She DID NOT produce one song on This Is Me Then or any other album. Yes, she did executive produce it, which in simple terms (something hopefully you can understand)means she helped to over see the making of the album, but she in no way wrote or arranged ANY music for the album. So in other words she said “yes let’s steal that beat and take that hook” but that’s as far as her “producing” went. You’re a real genuis!Much love

  17. teddy says:

    why does everyone keep on talking about her relationships, thats her freakin’ life , everybody goes through breakups its just that hers come out on the front page of a magazine or newspaper, if you dont like j.lo and think she is a skank and all that then why are you in her fansite ? u need to mind ur damn business and let her live her life she is human u know! plus u should just be interested in her as an artist, her personal life is umm well P E R S O N A L ! HELLO! haters.. much love to jennifer ! what is this about 50cent? lol

  18. K says:

    Gracie Alverez Hey ******, Your burnt because JLO doesn’t need to do any drama on the media! they media hunts her everywhere just to get a peice of her real life! she tries so hard to keep her lifestyle out of her career but I guess the media LOVES JLO So much? and they can’t let her go since she’s the most beautiful, talented, triple or lets say quadro threat to everyone. and your trying to be smart talking about how things are supposed to be in her life? Its her life! If she wants to have a new man every year why not? Your just a filthy bastard who go and read gossip magazines and hate on JLO Well do hate on JLO FOOL because JLO doesn’t need a stupid retarded fan. And about her albums? All of them went platinum, does this mean their not good? Wake up okay? And in this music business? If you didn’t hunt you will be hunted!

  19. kosta says:

    im so sick of all the hatters… DAMN, why cant u stop bashing agians jlo? if u dont like her, ok… if u think she is tallentless ok… but who cares for ur oppinnion?
    JENNIFER is and will ALWAYS be MY favourite artist cuz she does what she do with pain…
    every artist needs publicity no matter how? why should jen make marc ill? he is 24/7 behind her not she behind him…
    MARC needs JENNIFER, but JENNIFER doesnt nees HIM for publicity…
    ps. sorry for my bad english, hope u guys understand what i tried to say… 🙂

  20. Javier says:

    You all need to stop argueing. Stop comparing Jennifer to Mariah. I never visited a Mariah site just to hate on her, I never visited a Britney site to hate on her, and I never visited a Beyonce site to hate on her. It’s a waste of time like some of you non fans of Jennifer. It’s sad that you don’t have anything better to do but visit a fan site and just simply hate. Yes it’s your opinion, but don’t waste your time on a fan site. Us Jennifer fans will back her up 100%. It’s getting ridiculous, let her be. You act like Jennifer is the only entertainment female who has been around the block with many men. As for her producing music, she has produced her own songs in This is me…Then. Maybe not 100% produced by her, but c’mon now, you actually think Mariah or every single music artist produce 100% of their album? Nope. Many music artists have their own way to make music. Every music entertainer has some kind of talent. People are drawn to Jennifer because her life is actually interesting unlike Mariah, which her’s sound boring. I havn’t seen Mariah on a cover of a magazine yet, simply because it’s a waste of time to talk about a boring celebrity.

  21. Gracie Alverez says:

    [Comment removed.]

  22. Gracie Alverez says:

    [Comment removed.]

    Mod note: Inciting flames and bashing others is terrible ‘Netiquette’ and not tolerated here. Shame on you. Find something productive to do with your time instead of being a troll.

  23. adriana says:

    I wasnt saying anything bad about Jennifer .. but I dont understand why people would come on her fan site to write stuff about Jennifer. I mean if you can write bad stuff about her why is it me and Diana? cant write something good but then have you guys write back to us .. pleasseeee ! PCE

  24. adriana says:


  25. genx says:

    I’m so proud of JLO as well…she did great on her fashion show and her debut song with Mark Anthony…I know she’s not the best singer but she works hard at everything she does and she is pulling it off even the media has had to swallow their venom at trying to make her a has been. She has had a phenomenal beginning this year great video, great fashion show, and she pulled off the slow dance Spanish song with her husband LIVE, she even came out in December Vogue though she isn’t (no curve) vogue material, as you can see I am a fan and proud of it. But just in case I was being BIAS about the Grammy presentation I taped the performance and asked friends what they thought and so far everyone is happy with her singing and their glad she sang LIVE this proves that she can sing after all. Yesterday I saw JLo beyond the runway on MTV, where she managed to promote Fashion, Rebirth and Miami Glow all in one hour …now how amazing is that… this is the Jennifer I like the most she seemed truly genuine and sincere. And I hope the MEDIA stops hating Jennifer Lopez I mean its ok to criticize if she doesn’t perform well but when she does well they should also report it like it is. To all the JLo haters out there stop wasting your time …she is much Loved because of all her accomplishments. Peace and Love ALL. XVXVX

  26. nadine says:

    you are so right i side with genx and all the others that defends jennifer here!!!
    she doesn’t deserve that teher are haters cos she worked so hard to fullfill her dream!!
    as i wrote already here all the reproaches are just ridiculous!!
    and i don’t understand why people come here to hurt other people’s feelings!!cos that’s just sad that there are some that have to do st. like that!!

    love to all Jennifer fans

  27. Tony says:

    See they said she is 34

  28. Suzie says:

    Heyy Jlo is da bestshe is sexy.beautiful,n very talented.But i have to say i luved her wit p-diddy and ben afflect. But i do tynk she still does luv Ben listen to rebirth there is some songs i sware are about Ben well id unno but i adore her i think she is wonderful.And she is certainly not a whore or slut come on, people hav had more g/f and b/f than her. Even hough she did get married three timez who cares!it’s her life n no matter what she does ‘m besides her.So everybod should sop haten!

  29. Angela says:

    i think people u hate her have nothing else to do coz the people they like r boring they only do one thing , they either sing or act … its sad for them but who cares we like jen she worked hard to get were she is …. no Latin Woman is ever gonna archive so much and be so succesful like jen … she is one of a kind and she’ll always be … why do people involve her career with her personal life??? c’mon people grow up u obviously dont knw wat ur on about it her life no urs i mean i might get married 2 times and it might not work so ur gonn have to get divorced like she did … that might happen to u .. u all say things without thinking that , that might happen to u in the future …. anyways i like her because of her work.. a i dnt mix her work with her personl life …

  30. Gracie Alverez says:

    JLo is the meaning of the word “pathetic”

  31. kelly says:

    I think we all need to pray for Gracie because she seems to have a lame life to come veryday and diss and spend that much time on someone she hates.
    lets all pray:
    koumbaya my lord, koumbaya…
    you do know alot about the world pathetic and specially don’t you lol
    Befor i hated u but know i dearly pity you lol