Lopez MTV Special Sprinkled With Bling

NEW YORK – Jennifer Lopez didn’t let MTV delve as deeply as they do into the lives of “Newlyweds” Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey or the Osbourne family, but she did let the cameras capture her stressing out over her sparkly New York Fashion Week debut — and one itty-bitty tantrum.

“Jennifer Lopez: Beyond the Runway,” the hour-long docu-special that airs Thursday night (10 p.m. EST), is mostly drama-free. Unlike the Osbournes’ screaming matches or a fit by Simpson, most of the conflict is over bling and color.

Six months before the show, Lopez worries her designers won’t come up with enough looks. They do. Four months before the show, the singer-actress worries that she’s going to embarrass herself. She doesn’t. Two hours before the show, she fears an atmospheric fan won’t work. It does.

When reviewing the first “looks” for her new Sweetface clothing line, Lopez nixes a black garment, saying that she doesn’t “love the black. It’s not a J.Lo color.” She then flashes a shiny smile at the designer. No harm done.

Sure, she’s mostly sugar in the special, but there’s a little bit of spice, too. After peeking at a pair of blah-looking jeans, she tells her crew “don’t even show it to me if I can’t change it!” She threatens to cancel the runway show more than once. And after a booking miscommunication results in tardiness, Lopez picks up the phone and lets the sass fly.

“Don’t let the receptionist handle your responsibilities,” barks Lopez — whose new album, “Rebirth,” is set for release March 1.

Her husband and Grammy Award show duet partner, Marc Anthony, makes only fleeting, non-speaking appearances. Supermodel Naomi Campbell pops up as well. But as the title states, “Jennifer Lopez: Beyond the Runway” is definitely all about J.Lo.

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    Jennifer got her diva back!!!! LOL LOL LOL…..I dunno I cant wait to see it.

  3. jlofan says:

    Does anyone know when this will be aired in the UK?

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    i love jlo and would like to be updated on her lifestyle. i am her biggest fa in south-africa

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