Lopez Experiences Her Personal “Rebirth”

From USA Today

Since releasing her last album of new material in 2002, Jennifer Lopez has been through one of the most scrutinized breakups and one of the most yakked-about marriages in recent showbiz history.

In case you’ve spent the past three years holed up in a monastery, the former was with a fellow actor, Ben Affleck, and the latter to a fellow singer, Marc Anthony.

As she prepares to unveil a new CD, Rebirth, on Tuesday, Lopez is loath to discuss either relationship.

“I was more open in the past, but I’ve learned a few lessons,” says the star, 35, whose off-screen drama with Affleck so consumed gossip columnists that they fused the couple into one person: Bennifer.

“Marcifer” doesn’t have quite the same ring, but Lopez isn’t taking any chances. She hasn’t even publicly announced her marriage to Anthony, though she did perform with him this month at the Grammy Awards and doesn’t object when a reporter refers to Anthony as her husband.

“I’ve always said that I wanted to remain the person that my parents raised and not to become this weird, reclusive type,” Lopez says. “But it’s a different game now. I’ve had to set some boundaries because of the way that the media has changed in the past few years. You have to protect yourself. That’s why I’d rather talk about myself in terms of what I do as an artist.”

That, of course, can mean making movies, dancing or designing clothes. But at the moment, Lopez is most keen to discuss Rebirth, which features a guest appearance by her spouse. Anthony also contributed to Lopez’s first album, 1999’s On the 6, as did her longtime creative partner and co-executive producer on Rebirth, pop-soul savant Cory Rooney.

“A lot of people who worked on the first album worked on this one, so it did feel like a new beginning,” Lopez says, explaining the title.

Ever the multitasker, she also is working on a Spanish-language CD she hopes to release this year. Anthony will be more involved in that project, co-producing with Latin tunesmith Estefano.

“It’s going to be almost all ballads, really beautiful,” Lopez says. “I’m not fluent in Spanish, so I’ll throw out a few words to tell them that this is what I want to say. It’s interesting working like that with two men, because sometimes they’ll come back to me with something, and I’ll be like, ‘No, a woman would say it like this.’ ”

Not that Lopez is dismissing her husband’s romantic intuition or that of his collaborator: “When they write, it’s like poetry.”

4 Responses to “Lopez Experiences Her Personal “Rebirth””

  1. WillY says:

    thank you!! i love this article

  2. Joseph says:

    She has her work cut out for her, 50 Cent is releasing his album the same week as her.

  3. genx says:

    I’m so proud of JLO as well she did great on her fashion show and her debut song with Mark Anthony…I know she’s not the best singer but she works hard at everything she does and she is pulling it off even the media has had to swallow their venom at trying to make her a has been. She has had a phenomenal beginning this year great video, great fashion show, and she pulled off the slow dance Spanish song with her husband LIVE, she even came out in December Vogue though she isn’t (no curve) vogue material, as you can see I am a fan and proud of it. But just in case I was being BIAS about the Grammy presentation I taped the performance and asked friends what they thought and so far everyone is happy with her singing and their glad she sang LIVE this proves that she can sing afterall. And I hope the MEDIA stops hating Jennifer Lopez I mean its ok to criticize if she doesn’t perform well but when she does well they should also report it like it is.

  4. Seb says:

    I heard that 50 cent album came the 3th, thats true ? :S