Pictures from Jennifer on Germany’s Wetten Dass Program

Thanks to Nadine from Germany for these images. Jennifer performed and was interviewed recently on a German TV program Wetten Dass.

Nadine also says, “But you could see that she is ill because she coughed a bit,” which is evident in the above picture.

14 Responses to “Pictures from Jennifer on Germany’s Wetten Dass Program”

  1. Anonymous says:

    In the actual interview you can see she is faking a cough. Also she lip synced! In the beginning she started singing before the her prerecorded voice and she gulped air waiting. At the end the little girl was singing along with J.Lo’s but there was no child on stage.

  2. Mexchulo says:

    She was sick….so sh lip synced…plus..she also messes up on the dance break…but she hella improvises……Now Wut!

  3. mexchulo says:

    Dont mess wit her

  4. Kevin says:

    Is there anywhere online to see the video of her performace?

  5. Patricio says:

    I saw the video of the performance and she looks very ill, without energy when she dances… She tried to do it the best, she tried to smile, but the energy wasn’t enough…

  6. yamarie says:


  7. Ashley says:

    I belive that it was very nice of Jennifer to appear on the show even though she wasn’t feeling well. This shows the Jennifer is very loyal to her fans and would do anytrhng for them. Even show up for an interview if she wasn’t feeling well. I think everyone should be praising her instead of putting her down. Most artists would of just cancelled. SO, thank you Jennifer!

  8. nadine says:

    you can download the perfornmance on but this site is better
    and jen didn’t fake the cough!!!!!!i saw it 3 times and so i have to know!!

  9. julio says:

    if she sang live or not i dont really care it was hot , everything she does it hot .. so thats that.. if you hate j.lo so much to be talking crap about her a fan web site, what the hell are you doing in here anyway?

  10. Hell says:

    That’s funny. When J-Ho lip synches, that’s alright, but when Mariah does, you guys get mad lol

  11. dreame123 says:

    well although i wouldnt call jen a j-ho(because i dont think she is at all) i must admit julio people who are die hard fans would never admit jen sucks for lip-synching(even if shes not sick she still does) but when someone else does they would have something negative to say and thats pretty hypocritical.

  12. madonna says:


  13. Steve says:

    A mere mortal couldn’t possibly be so talented,
    so she must be the 2nd coming. That right the Lord
    sent a daughter this time

  14. Mike says:

    She is so sexy. Nobody will ever be that sexy