MTV Stays In Step With Fashion Diva J-Lo

Thanks to Erin for this newsbit.

Jennifer Lopez is ditching the block for the runway.
The quintessential multi-hyphenate — actress-singer-dancer-wedding enthusiast — is getting high praise for her new clothing line, “Sweetface,” which recently debuted in La Lopez’s first-ever fashion show during Olympus Fashion Week in New York.

J-Lo fans can catch a behind-the-scenes look at the diva at work when MTV airs a one-hour special, Jennifer Lopez: Beyond the Runway, at 9 p.m. Thursday.

Expect lots of bling and Bronx love from the saucy seamstress, whose new album, Rebirth, coincidentally, drops March 1.

6 Responses to “MTV Stays In Step With Fashion Diva J-Lo”

  1. m. frances says:

    too bad she has to kill innocent animals to look good.

  2. red fucker says:

    jack dean and denise goldfich live in the bins outside lodon bridge station

  3. dickhead says:

    denise is a lesbo she had an affair with jlo. wen you hear this people, spread it around the world.

  4. dreame123 says:

    yea, m.frances i agree it is too bad she has to kill animals to look good (which really doesnt make her look good at all, or anyone else for that matter)its a sick world out there i must say and her fashion show(if u want to call it that) pushed it over the edge…im a j.lo fan and i was pretty dissapointed in her no make that very dissapointed

  5. alex aguilar says:

    i liked it a lot. but i like j-lo the most

  6. luis sosa says:

    hey i would like a picture of you and could i get like updates on you?