Jennifer Lopez’s Pepsi Commercial Won’t Air In USA

Pepsi is launching a cinema spot featuring Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and soccer star David Beckham that will only run in markets outside the U.S., the company said.

The noir-ish, two-minute spot is set in Hong Kong and opens inside a dojo, a place where martial arts are studied and practiced, and shows two masked, leather-clad figures practicing their fighting moves. The two peel off their masks revealing that they are the two female singers. Instead of breaking into song, however, they jump onto motorcycles and tear through the streets of Hong Kong on a secret mission.

Entering a darkened club full of underworld figures, a stranger in the corner observes them as they order two Pepsis. As the others in the club try to intimidate the women, they tap their martial arts skills and remain the only ones in the club left standing, except for the stranger who turns out to be Beckham. They acknowledge him and then leave, Pepsis in hand.

Omnicom Group’s CLM BBDO in Paris created the spot, which breaks at the end of February.

In a statement, Lopez said, “I have done some action movies before, so I was a little ahead of the game. This one, however, was very hard because I had to learn the moves on the spot. That said, it was great as we got to kick some butt!” In a statement, Beyonce said the spot “looks great,” while Beckham proclaimed the experience of working with the two women “incredible.”

Salman Amin, CMO of PepsiCo International, said in a statement, “We at Pepsi have always committed ourselves to bringing consumers the best that there is to offer from the worlds of [soccer] and music. This time we have brought the two worlds together in a combination that we believed would create a fantastic piece of activity. We believe we have been proven right and now consumers will have the opportunity to see it for themselves.”

7 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez’s Pepsi Commercial Won’t Air In USA”

  1. lux says:

    I wonder why they do that. It seems like anytime a big star does a commercial, they don’t want it shown in the US. Like the Gwyneth Paltrow Martini ad, the Nicole Kidman Chanel ad – I know there’s more but I’m drawing a blank.

  2. Tommy says:

    Hopefully its ripped and all over the net for everyone to see…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    They won’t air it in the U.S. because of a boycott started against Lopez to Pepsi Investors in the American market. This ad was suppose to air during the Super Bowl.

  4. DJ J. Salinas says:

    This not the first time Pepsi has done this… To Name afew. There was the one last year with Britney, Pink, Beyonce and Enrique. Then can’t forget the one Janet Jackson did. There were 2 version of that one for Hong Kong I think not sure, and the same one just with Ricky Martin.

  5. JLoMyQueen says:

    Well somebody here, moderaters, fans outside the U.S try to ripp it and make it available online for all us american fans who wont get the chance to see it… again i beg on my kness please pleaseeeee help us with this and rescue us from from drowning!!! 🙂

  6. jlofan says:

    What do I need to record it from the tv to the pc?

  7. Jlos_no.1_fan says:

    we dont get stuff like this in Australia i would love to see it