“Get Right” Single Out Today!

The “Get Right” single should be in stores today outside of the US! Purchase your copy soon and make it #1! United States residents may also purchase import copies from online retailers such as Amazon.com.

“Get Right” Pt. 1 tracklisting:
1. Album Version
2. Remix (Ft Fabolous)

“Get Right” Pt. 2 tracklisting:
1. Get Right (Album Version)
2. Get Right (Fabolous Remix)
3. Love Don’t Cost A Thing (Rj Schoolyard Ft. Fat Joe)
4. If You Had My Love (Darkchild Radio Edit)
5. Get Right (Instrumental)

“Get Right” Pt. 2 (Enhanced) tracklisting:
1. Get Right (Album Version)
2. Love Don’t Cost A Thing (Ft Fat Joe)
3. If You Had My Love (Darkchild Edit)
4. Get Right (Instrumental)
5. Get Right (Video)

Only 15 more days until the album drops!

12 Responses to ““Get Right” Single Out Today!”

  1. simon says:

    what is teh diffrent between get right pt. 2
    and get right pt 2 (enhanced)
    yes i now the tracklist.
    but in switzerland stores you can only one single buy it.
    and thats the get right with video??!!


  2. Javier says:

    I was at the mall today and I forgot to check if FYE had Get Right single……..even tho I had no money on me at the moment LOL..

  3. TimePassesBy says:

    In Europe you can buy “Get right” Pt.2 (Enchanged). In the UK you find “Get right” Pt.1 and in USA “Get right” Pt.2 and “Get right” Pt.2 (Enchanched)

  4. Sabrina says:

    Yuor this singer nice site

  5. Sabrina says:

    nice site

  6. Hanz says:

    Dont they have the acapellas???

  7. Coolair76 says:

    J’adore tout ce que tu fais en tant qu’actrice, que chanteuse, tu es une vrai artiste internationale. Je t’embrasse. A+, Coolair76 (coolair76@hotmail.com).

  8. Seb says:

    The cd just came out in US and UK ?

    Do you know when its will be release in Canada ?

  9. jlofan says:

    good news! Get Right is Number 2 in the UK already! The only thing that stands in her way is Elvis.

  10. Ray says:

    17,000 copies sold by J.Lo on first day of the single release!!!
    Top 10, here she comes!!!

  11. asimo says:

    i think its stupid to re-release the elvis traks, and they all been securely positioned the top 40.
    theres me finkin, that newer and better songs and talent are comin and a person who dead, is coming their way? daamn

    but i will be v.happy if get right makes it numba 1 in uk. hey, where do u find teh official uk charts please?

  12. Nikki Henderson says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Can you please settle an arguement about the instrument that is played at the start of Get it Right?? I think that it is a Clarinet, am I right??