Video: Sweetface on the runway

Here’s a video J. Lo’s Sweetface runway debut as seen on E! coverage of fashion week.

J. Lo’s Sweetface runway show | .wmv/4:58/7.82mb

What do you think of her new line?

15 Responses to “Video: Sweetface on the runway”

  1. yeily says:


  2. Joseph says:

    I love it

  3. cojo says:

    i loved it. its really stylish and when wlked out on the cat walk her ass looked really nice in those tight pants.

  4. Erika aka Sweetface says:

    I saw the show and loved it. the one that i loved the most was the one with the blue jeans and the tiny shirt with the jacket. I thought it was hott. I want jenny-lo to have good luck with everything she does. In return i wanna keep on buyin’ her stuff and lovin’ what she does. love u Jenny-lo

  5. paul says:

    J Lo is an idiot for using fur. In China cats and dogs are skinned alive and thrown against brick walls or the floor to feed the bloody thirst of westerners for fur. Many are strays, but many others are peoples pets which are stolen. And they are killed only for their fur! Once furs have been dyed you cannot tell which animal has been killed for the fur. If you have any humanity you should not wear fur.

  6. Veronica says:

    I loved it! She did a great job! We all knew she would. The fur thing I’m totally for. You can give me a Chinchilla fur coat any day of the week. Be damn straight I’d wear it. f*** PETA
    I’ll skin the animal myself. Say I have no humanity, I really don’t give a damn. I’m still always going to be first in line for a new fur coat.

  7. Marius says:

    I understand J Lo has a pet dog that she apparently dotes on. This dog is no different to the millions of terrified dogs that are skinned alive every year. Would she change her mind about fur if someone skinned her pet alive? Perhaps. However there were reports in the New York Post back in the 90’s that J Lo was swanning about town with Puff Daddy – leaving her per dog locked in her L.A. condo with no food or water. This woman clearly thinks about nothing but herself.

  8. marius says:

    the dog was left for three days without food or water.

  9. Erin says:

    Umm…I am TOTALLY for the fur thing. Fur is cool, who cares if the animal is killed for it. That is why we are human and are smarter then the animals. The only way you can say something is if you dont eat meat and wear leather.
    -Did anyone ever realize that like cavemen wore animal skin? Hmm…Think about that one. FORGET PETA!

  10. Erin says:

    wait…lol…why does it say my name is marius??? i typed Erin…hmmm

  11. lux says:

    I’m against fur clothes, myself – but still a J. Lo fan. I just won’t be buying/endorsing her fur clothes.

    Marius, how in the world would anyone know that Jennifer locked her dog in her house for three days without food or water? That sounds tabloid. For anyone to have known that, they’d have to have access to her house like a house cleaner. In that case, if the maid saw that the dog had no food, she should’ve gotten him some. But it’s most certainly made up.

  12. marius says:

    if we are that clever then why do we think it is ok to cause so much pain and death for vanity? What if we met aliens who were more clever than us? Would they have a right to torture and murder us for no good reason? If we are a clever species as you say, we would realise that all life is special, and that we should avoid hurting animals (and people) wherever possible.

  13. marius says:

    Message to Erin –
    So cavemen wore fur. So what? Are we cavemen? Cavemen ate raw meat – do you wanna do that too?
    We have evolved past these primitive things, since we learned to weave and plant crops!

  14. dreame123 says:

    wow it is so good to hear that some jen fans actually hate the fact that she wears fur…i thought i was the only one, i mean on every jen fansite people love it, its sickening. And Erin you are disqusting and you sound so uneducated how old are you? If people actually think its ok to torture and killed living beings because they think humans are smarter, then they just prove how dumb humans actually are. BTW if jen ever did that to her dog, she is a horrible person, but it might not be true.

  15. Elle says:

    I think that people are so cruel talkin about jenny in that way , the rummours about her dog being locked up without food and water are total rumours , jenny is a caring person and does not just care about herself. Poeple like wearing fur and thats their choice , she is just bringing life to her designs , which are very brilliant and this range of clothing is very stylish and street but very sweet and suttle aswell, it reflects her character well. xxxx