Video: “Escapemonos” Live on the Grammys

Fresh from tonight’s Grammys, as promised, here is Jennifer Lopez’s duet with Marc Anthony singing “Escapemonos.”

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s Grammy performance | .wmv/6:12/15.4mb

We also have the Escapemonos lyrics.

53 Responses to “Video: “Escapemonos” Live on the Grammys”

  1. yeily says:


  2. Lana says:

    i only use dial-up, sometimes i get disconnected before finishing with the download… everytime I click on the link, it always opens on a new window and it wouldn’t show the complete URL and because of this i can’t copy the link to GetRight (the media downloader). what can i do to make my downloading easier? i hope to hear from any of you guys regarding this. thanx so much!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was an awful production. I am sorry but J.Lo made a huge error taking the stage when everyone knows the Grammy’s aren’t about theatrics. She should have known better. You could tell Ricky was laughing at her in the audience.

  4. Farbud says:

    I’m downloading it now , it’s about 73% , but i know that , this song is not something u can perform in grammy and expect to be successful…u know , first time i heard it , i thought that the only thing u can do is deleting it from your harddisk !!!

  5. jlofan says:

    who is ricky lol?

  6. Yo says:

    Maybe you donīt like it because itīs a Spanish song, do you? However, it seems no to be the best performance of “Marclo”, so… I agree with you.

  7. Javier says:

    Jennifer sounded like she was nervous because you could tell. I mean she is singing infront of millions of people. Her voice at the end screwed up a little, you can feel the nervousness in her. But she is still a great singer, I mean many artists lip sing but not Jennifer.

  8. Albert says:

    Well,in case you don’t know,She has lip-synced quite a lot of times!And as a professional singer,why would she be nervous? I dont understand

  9. Joseph says:

    Albert, the entire world was watching this performance. It was the most hyped performance of the show, all week on the entertainment shows, in the papers, on the net all you heard about the Grammys was “will Jennifer finally admit she’s married”, “Jennifer and Marc to finally sing together for the first time since their wedding” “What will Jen wear” etc… She most certainly had every right to be nervous. The performance was heart-felt, the Grammys were a lot more low key than in previous years so it fit right in, and it was a very honest and genuine expression of their love.

  10. Bruno says:

    Aaliyah was a huge star before she sang at the Oscars and when she did you could hear she was nervous. Many celebs get nervous. It was Jenny’s comming out party. Being dogged constantly for lipping it, she came out and sang. And of course she was nervous, you could tell. Especially when Marc grabbed her hand and held it tight. I dont see what’s with the harsh critics. Britney, Madonna, and Janet sing pretty much the same way. Not great singers but are good entertainers.

  11. Javier says:

    Jennifer lip singed when she first came out, like the live performances in Waiting for tonight, If you had my love, and Feeling so Good, but in her Puerto Rico concert she did not lip sing at all. But you can definently tell she was nervous But Jennifer did her thang. Nobody aint perfect right?

  12. Juan says:

    What is the big deal… Overall the performance was good… yea she messed up in one part, shes not no damn mariah carey nor whitney houston.. She performed Live!!! N prove that she can sing!! N I agree its the grammy’s i know she was nervious jenny is a perfections she wants everything to be perfect… I loved it!!

  13. Heather says:

    OK maybe this is just my opinion, but I did not think this was her best performance by a long shot. I have to give her credit for not lip synching, but at the same time, she didn’t sound so hot. Am I the only one who thinks she sounded like she had a cold or something? Her voice sounded really congested and it cracked in a couple places that she can normally handle no problem. The track on Marc’s CD sounds SO much better! She looked awesome, but I just think I’ve seen a lot better from her. Maybe it was nerves, maybe she wasn’t feeling well, but whatever the cause I feel bad for her because I know this is not the full potential of the Jennifer I know and love.

  14. Archie says:

    For the dude in dial-up. dude, Broadband is cheap.

  15. Lori says:

    You have got to be kidding me to believe that she sounded good at all. She was off key and off pitch practically the entire time. Marc Anthony is such an amazing singer and it only made her sound all the more amateurish. As for performing live in public, she’s a professional making millions of dollars off of people buying her albums so don’t you think she could take the time and learn how to sing.

  16. Bruno says:

    I love how people are so without fault and are perfect and are allowed to criticize everyone else. You know, it may seem like JLo is getting what she wants, but no she’s not. She earned everything. So what if she is not the best singer, neither is Hilary, Britney, Ashlee, Janet, and Madonna. So what is the big fuss about her? Instead of bitching about her success, why don’t you just avoid her the way I avoid 50 Cent and Paris Hilton. Don’t pay attention to them and you’ll feel better. Or you can get off your ass and try to become famous. Until then, nothing you say is going to create a backlash so huge that it will end Jennifer’s career. It’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  17. lux says:

    Jennifer was a little flat last night, but she’s still leagues above this new generation of singers whose voices are completely manufactured in the recording studio. Jen has a lot on her plate, and no one comes close to the success she’s had in all the fields that she’s taken on.

    She was simply off key this one night which is definitely hard to tell if you can’t hear yourself singing or somebody doesn’t tell you. It’s not like the horrible Ashlee Simpson Orange Bowl performance.

  18. angie says:

    Everyone knows that J-Lo can’t sing, but last night…her performance totally sealed the deal. She was flat, sharp and then for a finale…CRACKED when trying to hit a note. I feel sorry for Mark Anthony…he is a fantastic singer and, had to do a duet with…???eek. Mark Anthony is way above J-lo when it comes to vocally..and hes very highly respected in the latin community. I wonder what he tells J-lo when she asks him “ did i sound?” poor guy. Well, hopefully now that J-lo made a fool out of herself, her head will shrink back to normal. I think she’s a really cute actress and amazing dancer-she should stick with that and quit trying to follow in Selenas shoes.

  19. Alexis says:

    I’m a professional singer and recording artist. If you don’t know what autotune is, you best believe J-los producers do. She is completely studio produced and, I have never heard a live performance from her that sounded very great. I agree about her being in the catagory of Madonna and those sorts. She is a great dancer though. I think if she wasnt so stuck on herself …maybe people wouldn’t be so hard on her-they just might give her a break. After last nights performance, I actually kind of feel sorry for her. I was a pretty big Jennifer Lopez fan in the beginning but, her ego just got way to big.

  20. Natalie says:

    JLo’s performance last night was horrifying. I was actually sitting there feeling very sorry for her and embarrassed for her. She was soooooooooo… flat and stiff. I still can not see her and Marc-Anthony together. I saw no connection between them last night – no chemisty- NOTHING. Poor girl…The audience just sat there in stunned silence. One more thing – for someone who is creating her own clothing line, I would shoot the person who created that god-awful contraption she was wearing. Not flattering at all – perhaps it was hiding a pregnancy. I hope she is a better mother than singer….time will tell.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The episode was like a bad soap. Lopez has been around long enough to know how to be professional. She was leaning way to much on Marc. He was very tired. You could tell. She needs to stop using men and start taking the responsibilty for her own performances. She failed last night. I think she made a huge error gicing that perfromance right after her clothing line debut. She also should have worn something from her own line.

  22. Natalie says:

    I find it very intriguing that she was on top of the world only when she was with P.Diddy. Fame was at her fingertips. She seems to be lost since then. She is looking for another P.Diddy, but can’t seem to find one. He is probably hyperventilating with laughter today. I think she is headed for a breakdown or something. You can’t blame last night’s performance on Ben Affleck. He was smart enough to take to the hills. I agree that JLo needs to stop using and abusing her men. I heard she is some kind of control freak.

  23. Aimee says:

    In all honesty, I think Jennifer did not do a good job on the grammys at all. Her vocal inability was made only more evident by singing with Marc Anthony, who is a naturally talented performer. He completely overshadowed her and made her into a fool.

    But considering it was a contrived publicity stunt, what more could we expect? It was just a way to get people to watch the Grammys, and to promote Jennifer’s latest album. Whether she performed well or not, it will still get her a lot of attention.

  24. Carlos R says:

    the J.Lo and Marc Anthony performance was prety good dispite the slightly noticeable nervousness. There was pure chemistry between the two. i honestly don’t think they could have done it better. It was a perfect song for the two love birds to sing together.

  25. Anonymous says:


    You are 100% right. However, the Grammy’s had so many great singers on last night – Alycia Keys (MY GOD what a voice and piano player), Joss Stone (ONLY 17!), etc… – that JLo really looked like an amateur pony trying to impress the mares.

  26. Anonymous says:

    That’s a good point-it did get her alot of attention which is definitely something that she likes. Shes certainly not a low profile entertainer. Some artists share their talent with the world to touch and move people with their creativity-Stevie Wonder for example as well as all of those artists back in the day who made nearly no money at all at that time. They did it for the love of it. Others do it, just to be recognized and feel important-for the fame and fortune and attention. I think we are just all a little burnt out on J-lo right now. She is a very talented and beautiful woman but, she seriously needs some singing lessons. I wish the best for her though. And she was fanTASTIC in the Selena movie. But, she will never be Selena-not with that attitude or voice. She definitely could come down off that throne of hers. She hasnt earned the right to be there. I dont mean to tear her down, i just don’t think singing is her thing.

  27. Mike says:

    quit trying to follow in Selenas shoes.

    Hate to break it to you. If Selena were alive she would not have attained the success Jennifer has. Jennifer was going to be famous no matter what, and Selena was never going to be. RIP Selena, but she was successful, and had her clothing and record empire. But the fact is, Jennifer is waay more marketable. Selena would not have even come close. And fuck Joss Stone with her stupid bootleg Sistah Girl voice that is more manufactured than a chick with protools. She’s a phony who is trying to capitalize on singing soul music with the gimmick that she’s white. Who cares. Kelly clarkson is a far superior singer to Joss.

  28. Veronica says:

    Does anyone in this site even speak Spanish? Let me tell you something. J.lo’s performance was good. Marc has helped Jen with her Spanish ALOT!
    Considering in her interviews on the Spanish TV stations her Spanish was okay. Now Selena, yeah she was great, but if j.lo was trying to be anymore like Selena she would be singing Bachata and going to Mexico. Get over that Selena deal. Another thing, no chem. between Marc and Jen? What are you blind!? Hello! Tons! By the way the Grammy’s are all about theatrics. You have Kanye West and John Legend doing church scenes, Gwen and Eve remaking Pirates of the Caribbean and Queen L. trying to host and sing Jazz? Not a place for theatrics? You must have not been watching. I’m sorry but her “head” is too big?
    What is up with all this hate? Brit Spears thinks she’s God’s gift to men and that she can do all that she damn well pleases. Madonna as well, she is in her own Universe with that damn Kabbalah Bull S. Jen has just got everyone’s attention because people are just fascinated by her to be honest. Although most Puerto Rican women tend to have everyone’s attention. She’s truly a jack of all trades and not many people can say that. Also one last thing… Jen is currently in her third marriage. Elizabeth Taylor married I believe 11 or more times. Brit is one her second before the age of 26. Billy Bob has been married about 4 or 5 times. Her first marriage was to a poor Cuban who couldn’t deal with her new-found success. A dancer for her second marriage? Bound to fail, he was below her, you can’t marry someone that doesn’t even come close to her world of success. Marc is perfect for her, unless he cheats, then he’s just dumb. Ben wasn’t able to deal. He’s a country boy that can’t handle the Puerto Rican female, especially a powerhouse woman like her. Marc was a best friend first. P.Diddy is a whole different story, Jen is not trying to replace him, he cheated, lied, and wasn’t there enough to be her man. Plus he’s way too ugly for her. Trust me, the Ricans know what I’m talking about. Jen has it. Don’t hate. Celebrate.

  29. Bruno says:

    Why no hate for Gwen Stefani’s horrible off key performance of the rip off song Rich Girl. A song she stole from 2 latinas and is getting credit for it. No, but people hate on Jennifer because she’s latina, she has her pick of who ever she wants, (if she dumped Marc and went after Brad, she’d bag him) and she does everything. Stop hating, escecially when she has calmed down considerably. Everyone will be quiet when Rebirth does extremely well due to the strength of it’s super radio friendly single waiting in the wings (Hold You Down) That song is the next Dilemma (Nelly and Kelly)

  30. Angel says:

    I am a J-lo husband who is latino can’t stand her or anything that she does but, i still stand up for her as much as possible. Regarding those Selena comments, I thought Jennifer Lopez was so good in that movie and I was a HUGE Selena fan myself and thats what really made me a fan of Jennifer in the first place. I lOVED the wedding planner-till this day I think its one of the cutest movies I’ve ever seen. I think J-lo is gorgeous and has made alot of women feel alot better about their self image. Her dancing talent is probably unbeatable. Now, when her first CD came out, I bought it and when I heard lets get loud i was like “daaaam!” she sounded really good!! But, after that album, it just seemed like when i would hear her songs on the radio, when i would hear her singing, it kinda made me cringe. The tracks were cool, i even liked the songs but to be completely honest, i just don’t think shes a good singer as alot of these people are saying “shes a great singer”. Im just trying to be honest here. I like J-lo but i as well was embarassed for her at the Grammys..and, yes, its true..the audience kinda just sat there staring at them when they finished. It was a little..weird. As far as her head being big, well, i am a little disappointed in the way her attitude and ego seemed to get bigger. Main reason was because she is SUCH and adorable actress then to see her become this “j-lo” entity..i don’t know, it was just a little dissappointing. Please don’t think Im trying to hate on J-lo, lets be a little more mature then that, I’m just being honest. I wish Jennifer Lopez all the luck in the world.

  31. Javier says:

    A good singer doesnt mean hitting high notes. Every singer has their own way of singing. And Jennifer’s voice fits well with the music she creates. No Jennifer is not like Alicia Keys, or Beyonce, vocally, but Jennifer does NOT have a horrible singing voice. You can say she’s an OK singer, but not a horrible one. Plus, Jennifer has never performed in the Garrmy’s and since millions of people watch it she was nervous, and I would be nervous too. Watch Puerto Rico JLO concert, she doesn’t lip sing, she did a banging job, especially singing, “If I could fall in love” by Selena.

  32. Dan says:

    All this hate towards J.Lo. I’m a big fan of hers and I have all her cds and cd singles, liked her before she started singing, went from state to state looking for hard to find cds, so i’m a big fan of hers but she can’t sing. To hide her vocals she gets these hip hop beats to play over them and she dances like a puppet (metaphor), she is a excellent dancer in my opinion. I listen to jennifer lopez because she comes with hot shit every time she does something. It’s the slow songs that hurt her.

  33. asimo says:

    @ veronica and kelly

    thank youuuu, u sed it, its jus surprising ppl can make a big fuss about one performance, wen some others were kinda low

    i thort it was quiet cool, even i dun know spanish, i thort the song was sweet, i looked at the lyrics in spanish and sorta made out the words in english and i was correct in the english version lol.
    y’all can love/hate the performance, it jus ur opinion realli, not gonna be big even if u make it major.
    i thort the performance was excellent. thats my opinion, y’all gonna fight against that? when it jus an opinion…

  34. Anonymous says:

    Wow…some of these emails certainly shows the maturity of J-los fans :/

  35. Angel says:

    If youre not a fan of J-lo, then, you shouldn’t visit this site. I was being sincere and giving my honest opinion in my message but, i think some of these people are being Waay to harsh on Jennifer. You can give constructive criticism and still be a fan and love her for the things that you really dolike about her. I still love her as an actress and dancer. Noone is perfect and you arent going to like EVERYTHING that someone does-but it doesnt mean you should just completely BASH them. People love Jennifer for their own reasons and everyone should respect that.

  36. Heidy says:

    Can I just say that if Selena were alive there is NO WAY Jennifer would be as “big” as she is now. First off, Selena had STAGE presence. SHe didn’t need pirotechnics, smoke, etc to make a good was just her, a mike and her band. THAT’S ALL. Selena had a VOICE. Jlo has PRODUCERS. Jennifer needs to get off that cloud she’s on, behind the tons of makeup and “im so cute” air she puts on……she’s nothing but a regular puerto rican girl from the bronx. She’s an average girl who got lucky. Selena even in death has sold MILLIONS more than Jlo.

  37. Archie says:

    I saw it. To be honest, Marc Anthony is such a professional. As much as I would like to find ways to applaud JennyLo for her performance, it didn’t happen. As I was watching it, I had this sour, grieving face (trying to convince myself that it isn’t that bad). Then when she slipped a note towards the end, that was when my body felt this shrug of embarrassment. I felt deeply embarrassed and I wasn’t even the one singing!! What an embarrassing moment for JLo indeed! However, no matter what we say about that performance, JLO and Marc Anthony got paid good for messing up a number. So what, it’s embarrassing but they got the cheddah!

  38. Patricio says:

    I don’t know what people want about Jlo!
    All her fans and all people should know that She doesn’t have a incredible voice, in the cds she has a little voice, but very beautiful. She never sings live, and everybody critics her… Now she sings live! And everybody critics her too Ž_Ž… I have heard a looooot of others singers that sing worst than Jlo ! . Jlo sang like she do it in the cds, with her little voice. We could see that it’s her voice of the cds. At the end she lost the control of her voice, but She never sings live, so It’s very hard for a person to start sing live!. She starts to do it! And I know that each day she is gonna make it better and better. The first trying was good, maybe with a lot of imperfection, but good for someone who never sings live.
    And again, if you hope that Jlo start to scream and sing with a veeeeery power voice, you’ll never see it, you should know that

  39. kelly says:

    leave her alone, if u don’t like her that much, why bother come here if you weren’t a bunch of psycho, get a life, a girlfriend/boyfriend or a job but stop annoying fans that have love for one person because you ain’t gonna change their opinion
    if you hated her thta much, why do you even come here?
    some people are trully pathetic

  40. Master P says:

    I am not that attracted to her voice , as i am her beauty.(she has average looks) I do just give her some credit…some people can sing, but cant get on stage and perform. I am just amazed as to how lucky and wealthy she is. She was Once a normal person and now a millionare! I wish to do the same!

  41. Joy1282 says:

    I enjoyed her performance. I thought that it was very smart and subdued- mysteriously lovely. I felt like she and Marc meant the words they were singing and I think that the performance truly did connect with people.

  42. Crablegs says:

    Does anyone have a Qucktime movie of the performance? I missed it and the file cannot be played on a Macintosh.

  43. andrea says:

    I love Jennifer and Marc’s perfomance.I speak Spanish and you’ve gotta believe me “Espamonos” is not a cursi or ridicoluos song at all. In fact it is really nice.I wish there was an English version so that you guys don’t hate it that much.Anyways I think Jlo and Marc make a great couple and their performance together was excellent.

  44. Randy says:

    from Veronica regarding Gwen:
    “rip off song Rich Girl. A song she stole from 2 latinas and is getting credit for it.”

    Does anyone know more about this? I can’t find anything, can someone email me if you have more details – I found her whole album reeks of desperation and I think she had a hard time writing songs on her own – just like she says in her first single (and video) from that CD.

  45. Lisa says:

    ennifer Lopez is an entertainer NOT a singer. The differance is simple, Witney Houston, singer, Celin Dion singer, Jennifer Lopez ass shaker. She’s pretty and talented yes, but not a vocalist. Her performance wasn’t terrible but when singing with her husband who can sing, it did not compliment her ability to “belt it out”. Maybe she should perform with american idol’s William Hung and then she’d sound HOT!!!

  46. john says:

    jennifer lopez wasn’t as bad as i thought she would be. but god that song was bad. nothing special about it at all. marc anthony couldnt save it. it was just sappy crap. at least their no me ames salsa version was cool. but this song had no energy.

  47. David says:

    That was the worst performance in the history of the Grammys. I am glad the truth is finally out and Lopez has been exposed for the fraud she is. She is just a garden variety lipsyncher the likes of Milli Vanilli and Ashley Simpson!!!

  48. Cindy says:

    Jennifer Lopez is the best star ever I think if she wanted to she could rule the world. I mean shes a great singer, a great actress, a great person, and she has exsprienced a lot of things. Jennifer is my inspiration. I hope I grow up with as much luck as JLO does. By the way I’m also from the BX so I know how hard it was for you.Bye Luv ya always your gurl Cindy Martinez

  49. amber says:

    jlo is my favorite singer, actress and dancer. i think she did an excellent job. if she made a mistake you are wrong. i mean imagine being in front of millions of people. no matter what you do she is going to be famous. and she is not trying to act like selena. i think she and marc anthony are the perfect cupple.

  50. abby says:

    hey! i hope i have as much luck as her. she is great at everything. i want to be as famous as her because i know she really famous. but i don’t want it for the money. i just want people to hear my voice, to see me act and dance. and love me. i am not from the bronx but i know it’s really hard there. but i really like it there and love to live there when am 16-17. because i have been livin in a small town that is boring and going back to my home country after 7 grade. Dominican Republic. if you don’t know they speak spanish there.

  51. Edgar says:

    Jennifer Lopez is an OK entertainer and actress, but truth be told, ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to charisma, ass-size, and talent, she pales in comparison to Selena (and many others as well). Where as Selena (and others) had(ve) looks, talent, charisma, personality, and what not, JLO only has looks. Without her stunning looks, she’d be nowhere today.

    That’s the cold-hearted truth. Her fans may not like it, but what can I say? If you like her, that’s fine. I wouldn’t mind attending one of her concerts at all (if she’s even ever had any after her televised concert in Puerto Rico). If anything, I love her for having portrayed my favorite celebrity — Selena. But beyond that, I hold no special affinity for her.

  52. Anders says:

    I dont know what the problem is, I think they did really good. I enjoyed it alot. Jennifer isnt the best singer but she did good. Marc Anthony is really is a great singer.