Jennifer Lopez Gets Back on Musical Track

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Jennifer Lopez titled her 2002 album “This Is Me … Then.” Well, make no mistake, this is her … now.

I took some time off last year, which was hard for me to do, as that’s not really in my genes — it’s not part of my makeup,” Lopez told Billboard. “There were times when my life was like a roller-coaster ride, but as an artist, you need time for clarity.”

So Lopez did what she felt she needed to do. She took a good hard look at her life and career and decided that she had to rediscover “the same person I was before ‘On the 6.”‘

Lopez is, of course, referring to her multimillion-selling 1999 debut album. “I had to put things in perspective,” she adds. “It was time to rejuvenate.”


Welcome to the next phase in Lopez’s career, which encompasses music, film, perfume and fashion. Her new Epic album, the aptly titled “Rebirth,” arrives March 1.

It will be available in two configurations: single CD and DualDisc. The video portion of the DualDisc includes a making-of-the-album documentary lensed by D.A. Pennebaker.

Internationally, “Rebirth” comes out a day earlier, while in Japan it goes on sale Feb. 23. In these markets, the DualDisc will be replaced by a CD/DVD set.

Lopez says she could not have named the new album — her fourth studio set — anything else. “For me, the title is incredibly significant,” she says.

“All you have to give, as an artist, are your experiences, your life,” Lopez continues. “That’s where it should come through — not through a silly tabloid. Sure, the media got out of hand these past couple of years. I’m an artist — that’s what put me in the media in the first place. But I can’t be a crazy, little girl anymore. It’s time to put the spotlight back on my career.”

“Rebirth” is poised to do just that. Working with several songwriters and producers — including Rodney Jerkins, Rich Harrison, Fat Joe, Tim & Bob and her husband, Marc Anthony — Lopez delivers a collection steeped in pop, hip-hop, Latin, funk and dance.

“I’ve grown a lot since my first album,” she says. “Vocally, I’ve become more confident. I record songs with a different attack — with a different vigor.”

Also included are two songs co-penned by the singer: the funky “Cherry Pie” and the power ballad “(Can’t Believe) This Is Me.”


The latter track — originally written in Spanish (sung in English here) — will be featured on Lopez’s first Spanish-language album, which she is working on with Anthony. Epic will release it in the fourth quarter.

The artist’s enthusiasm for the current album has had a positive effect. The lead single, “Get Right,” and its accompanying video are off to a strong start on radio and video channels, on the Internet and in the ringtones market.

This week it holds at No. 15 on the Pop 100 chart and at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. It ascends to No. 17 on the Rhythmic Top 40 chart.

In Canada and France, “Get Right” debuted in the top 25 and top 40, respectively; it is the sixth most-played track on radio in Japan. In the United Kingdom, the track has been added to Radio One.

The video has been the most-streamed video at numerous Web sites, including Yahoo, MSN, VH1, Rolling Stone and MTV.

MTV will soon begin streaming the entire album, while Lopez will preview the set Feb. 28 at a “virtual in-store” on MSN.

Lopez and Anthony are scheduled to perform together Sunday (Feb. 13) at the 47th annual Grammy Awards, marking their first such appearance since their marriage.


6 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez Gets Back on Musical Track”

  1. Chris says:

    Dear, J 2 That Lo can U please put the Hip-hop remix of Get Right on your album? It is your decide cause it your album. Please me and everybody at my school loves the get right hip hop remix so please can you put it also on rebirth? Thank U 4 listening 2 me
    Love Your Music,

  2. simon says:

    go jenny go jenny…..

    yes jennifer top the charts around the world!

    question: can the peoples in canada and france buy the single get right now??
    thats unfair!!!

  3. miguel says:

    Woo J Lo!!! 🙂

  4. jlofan says:

    what is this virtual in store thing on msn?

  5. yamarie says:

    i heard the song of jlo and fat joe “hold u down” its so cute and nice. it rocks

  6. kirky says:

    i luv hold you down with fat joe