Jennifer Preparing for Fashion Week

‘So, what do you think about the ideas for the fall line?” a nervous Andy Hilfiger asks of Jennifer Lopez.

“Uh, I created the ideas for the fall line,” La Lopez replies with deadpan authority.

This exchange – and it all gets considerably more nerve-racking – appears in MTV’s Feb. 24 special, “Jennifer Lopez: Beyond the Runway.” This hour-long peekaboo goes behind the scenes as Lopez oversees her new clothing line. MTV sent over a “highlight reel” that begins with Jennifer girlishly explaining her goals, then going on to judge some of the clothes (“make this top longer … but keep the band here … and these pants are hot”). And, finally, a fairly tense meeting with partners. Lopez, her midriff entirely bare and in pants that fall distractingly below the navel – right to the bikini line – doesn’t look like your average mogul, but she is all business and knows what she wants. Not bossy, just “to the point.”

Tomorrow, in what is expected to be the big event of Fashion Week, Lopez and Hilfiger unveil the Sweetface collection at The Tent in Bryant Park. Movie stars; fashionistas; pop, rock and soul icons; and celebs without brains will battle for front seats.

The invite says, “Only the fly need reply.”

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  1. torny says:

    eyaz jlo
    lovin ya music its sound babes!! keep it up and you will certinly see me at ya next gig.
    anyway love yaz hunny
    torny xXx