Jennifer Lopez – “Get Right” Instrumental – MP3/VBR/3:45/5.2MB

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9 Responses to “Instrumental”

  1. kosta_germany says:

    thx for the instumenral… what about remixes??

    – full intention – ?

  2. simon says:

    get right is on # 8 by TRL Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kosta_germany says:

    hey simon, wir mssen voten… damit sie die #1 knackt… 🙂

  4. melanie says:

    guys we should really step up the requesting if we want to get her to \1 on the billboard, trl doesn’t even matter compared to being \1 and every body should go buy a copy

  5. CzarCastic says:

    Yep…TRL really isn’t that big of an acomplishment. Topping the Hot 100 is a much better feat. So use our Radio Request link on the main page or buy the single when it comes out. Purchasing the single in droves will help immensely.

  6. CARMEN RIVERA says:

    i’m waiting for my sigle …i got a have …
    i love the son so much…..

  7. khaled wehbe says:

    Go JLo we wish that there is a song like
    waiting for tonight (hex hector remix) in
    her new album.

  8. yeily says:

    wow thanks i love it … this wb site is great !!! 5 stars jejejej

  9. J R says:

    Hi woow this is cool, thanx for the instrumental, you are the best webmaster for the best website =)