Minnie Driver Downs Jennifer Lopez’s Music Career

Actress-turned-musician MINNIE DRIVER has hit out at JENNIFER LOPEZ, because her dancing skills and sex appeal made it far easier for her to make the transition from movie star to pop singer.

Driver believes her songwriting talents mean she was destined to forge a music career sooner or later, and she dismisses J.Lo’s “butt shaking” as her only real contribution to the music scene.

The 34-year-old says, “If you dance and you’re really hot, there’s no doubt you can cross over.

11 Responses to “Minnie Driver Downs Jennifer Lopez’s Music Career”

  1. Joseph says:

    Word to the wise: If you ever get a record contract, don’t expose your jealousy of other artists when your album is flopping.

  2. jlofan says:

    Minnie Driver is soooooooo jealous. Just because she hasn’t been able to cross over she has to take it out on Jennifer?In the UK alot of people don’t know that Jennifer was in fact an actress before a singer.

  3. Brian says:

    I’m sure that a lot of people in the US didn’t know she was a actor before a singer. She’s great at both. If the reports of Minnie saying this are true, its pretty sad she needs to say these things just to get some attention.

  4. Javier says:

    People should know she was an actor before a singer, “Anaconda, Selena” were very big. I can’t wait to listen to “Hold You Down”, I saw a video clip of Jennifer performing live in NYC Sony Studios, and this boy recorded it from his cell phone. I could barely listen to the audio since there were too many screaming fans in the background. It was only a 18 second clip, Jennifer ended singing, then fat joe gave a rap, the beat its hard to hear, it reminds me of ALL I HAVE, but its going to be hot.

  5. anela says:

    Heeej J-Lo how are you,what are you doing do se shit sexy and fint i love you because do e best hehe ;)Anela Love you(L)

  6. Kimlan says:

    First of all Minnie needs to get Bit&* slapped. She needs to realize beauty is something Jennifer was born with, her talents is a gift minnie just has to deal with the fact that she is a plain hater and would want to be like Jennifer.

  7. jlofan says:

    I just heard Jennifer perform get right live at the sony music studios on top of the pops. She sounded great! She danced all the way through and continued to sing until the end. And all the haters said she would never sing get right live! Minnie Driver should get a life, she is so sad to say that.

  8. vivian says:

    I just got to say one thing HATER !!!!!!

  9. Subashin says:

    Was a fan of JLO since i saw her star in Selena.Following her career ever since,awaiting her new albums and movies.Minniw Driver just feels bad,cause talent Just didnt come to her.Sorry girl,but get over yourself

  10. Rooibos15 says:

    JLO is ‘n lekker antie, ek smaak haar stukkend

  11. siobahn says:

    i just got to say one thing- HATE HER!!!!