Shall We Dance? Final USA Box Office Numbers

This past weekend at the box office, Shall We Dance? earned another $65,000 in revenue. After 15 weeks in theaters, Shall We Dance? is now ending it’s USA theatrical run. The movie has grossed a total of $57.7 million in the USA and a current take of $60.2 million overseas for an overall total gross of $117.9 million which is a nice profit over the reported $45 – $50 million cost of the movie. Look for the movie to arrive on DVD February 1st in the USA & to continue opening in more countries overseas.

5 Responses to “Shall We Dance? Final USA Box Office Numbers”

  1. i cant way …i got a have that movie for my own…i love that movie……jennifer glow in that movie……..and im very happy for jennifer lopez…..she is inique….she is my only inspiration for everything she do…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually after promotional costs of 40 million and theater expenses the film didn’t make a profit.

  3. jlofan says:

    yeah! It hasn’t even started over here lol.

  4. simon says:

    in switzerland is shall we dance now on top 20!
    so, in my country ins it over!

    ahh yeah in switzerland had the movie over 210`000 people saw it!
    thats the same like lord of the rings and oceans twelve!
    and in west-switzerland starts shall we dance in early february!
    so it will be pushd out of 280`000, at well!

  5. Kevin says:

    Ok, I’ve changed the post to reflect only the USA figures.