Usher Says Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Get Right’ Was His First

Ask Usher what he thinks of Jennifer Lopez new single “Get Right” and he might say “that’s just wrong.” Fox News is reporting that Usher already recorded “Get Right” as a single called “Ride.” The song wasn’t featured on his smash album Confessions, but it was released as a 12-inch club record and on the Internet last year. In fact, both “Ride” and “Get Right” were produced by Rich Harrison who is said to have used the same horn track on both songs.

Lopez’ single was released as “Get Right” because it’s mixed with a rap record with the same name by Fabolous.

Usher is reportedly furious about Lopez’s release. When he was asked about her version of the song Fox News claims he said, “I hate it. And I’d better get some of the publishing (rights).

5 Responses to “Usher Says Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Get Right’ Was His First”

  1. lux says:

    I bet this is something just to stir up controversy. Stuff like this goes on all the time. And FOX News isn’t the most reliable source.

  2. mare1970 says:

    This Story is true and as a person very close to several in the music industry i can tell you this kind of stuff goes on all the time. But Usher did record a song last year called “RIDE” that was released in europe as a 12″ club single. If you don’t believe me you can go to

    and hear it for yourself. Although i don’t believe Jennifer Lopez would ever do anything so careless as steal a song i do believe the producer knew exactly what he was doing and someone needs to sue the pants off of him.

  3. Pro Solution says:

    That is really a terrible remake. With the money she has can’t she pay for some originality?

    She has millions, if she can’t get original material she needs to get some real producers,
    Kanyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. He produced Ushers used the same horn, He sucks ass. We need to re evaluate music that is marketed to our ears. The hungry artist, spend time writing rhymes and lyrics. When you got money you create shit music.

  4. james says:

    the song is just brilliant. whoever, whatever. Even if it’s pop, and i don’t listen to a lot of it, it’s amazing production and i think superb and original.
    Still too bad for Usher if it was ripped. I would be super pissed off too.

  5. zahra says:

    Damn!!!i dint even kno dat diz happened i thot j-lo asked usher to sing wid her but change da rhymez damn man da producer probz wantz to get out of da music bussiness get me cuz datz sum stupid thang 2 do 2 two famous singerz damn man crazy producer but i think both der rhymez waz gud so u kno dun b pissed nun of u itz all gud u gon make loadz of better songz ite peace