New Report from Contact Music

I just read this story from Contact Music, and while I personally doubt the validity of the story, it’s my job to post Jennifer Lopez news. You can use your own judgement:

Latina beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ has cancelled her performance at next month’s (09FEB05) BRIT AWARDS following an argument with husband MARC ANTHONY over her baby plans.

Salsa singer, Anthony allegedly told broody Lopez he doesn’t want to have children because he already has two sons, RYAN, 16 months and CRISTIAN, 3, with ex-wife DAYANARA TORRES, as well as a daughter ARIANNA, 11, with ex-love DEBBIE ROSADO, reports British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD.

And friends say Lopez has decided against flying to London for the music ceremony so she can work through her problems with Anthony, who she married last June (04).

A source says, “They’re been arguing, but recently things seem to be getting worse. The main problem is J.Lo wants children and Marc doesn’t want any more.

“But J.Lo’s worked flat out to get where she is and wants a child. She loves Marc and she’s torn.”

Earlier this month (JAN05) Lopez admitted she was desperate for a baby, saying, “I have always been very big on family and I’ve always said it will happen one day. I would love it.”

8 Responses to “New Report from Contact Music”

  1. Javier says:

    I hope this is false. :puts on an angry face: I don’t believe it what so ever.

  2. Joy1282 says:

    I hope that it’s false also. I think that as it gets closer to the album release there will be more and more stories that you have to use your own judgement about.

  3. Joe says:

    Don’t believe this for a minute, I read the same story about 6 months ago here in the US. They’re just trying to start the talk of J-Lo the Diva again, and start trying to point her towards a bitter breakup.

  4. asimo says:

    oh trust me, this is jus the beginning, as soon as jennifer comes in, they will make up n e slanderous headlines about her. so yeh, thats how they do it. which is pathetic..
    but i neva beliveve the british media, and i can judge for ma self whether its true from other sources outside uk..

  5. jlofan says:

    you can get the full report here:

    I reall hope this isn’t true, this could be enough to tip her over.

  6. Ron says:


  7. i dont belive ,anything eather….and to tell the truth i dont care about her personal life …i love her …i love her music i i love to see her dance…..nothing goig to stop loving her work…..her talent
    enough with her personal life ,she got a super talent ,and thas what is matter to me…..

  8. Maria Lopez says: