“Get Right” #1 on Launch.com!

“Get Right” has debuted at the #1 position on the Top 100 videos on Yahoo!’s Launch.com, meaning it’s the most watched video there!

13 Responses to ““Get Right” #1 on Launch.com!”

  1. ChEaN says:

    I really miz her so much!!!

  2. Joseph says:

    Yay Jennifer, we luv ya girl!!!!!

    Does anyone know what # it’s on TRL?

  3. jade says:

    is get right her nu song?

  4. Diana says:

    heyy gurl i love the new song and i love how you dance on the music video its so awesome:) luv ya lots

  5. Anonymous says:

    i luv ya new song its fab!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sophie says:

    Heej everybody…
    The new vid is really coowl..
    And i would like to have some pix of it…
    does any1 knows where to find them??
    Hope you can help me!!
    mail me plz…

    Love from me SOp

  7. Mandy says:

    JLo is sOO kewl, Right guys? I’m Sure Y’all agree wit me bein dis a jlo site n all. I fink its just so kewl that therz a website lyke this. Well ne waiiz…JLO YOU ROCK!!!!!!
    Luvin your nu song get right

    Always, Mandy

  8. CELIAC says:

    Keep up the good work girl…you look great on your video. I love your dance move and style.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love jlo she has the best songs i love get right i love the beat and it has a nice tune and when i hear it i just wont to dance .

  10. jamall says:

    this song is great jlo looks soooo sexy luv u loadz gaz(jamall)

  11. sarah parkes says:

    jlo is my insperation i love her like she is my family i am her biggest fan i would love to have a signed photo of her thanks bye

  12. jasmine says:

    can you teach me to dance like you jennifer. you have cool move. please. and also can you e-mail me.

  13. David says:

    yer well people like porn with tacky music dont they! glad it has a gd beat or else she’d be ****ed, with that voice!