On the D-L

Finally getting around to the backlog of downloads we have.

Jennifer Lopez – Making The Video “Get Right” Part 1 of 3 – WMV/7:25/19.2MB
Jennifer Lopez – Making The Video “Get Right” Part 2 of 3 – WMV/6:45/15.9MB
Jennifer Lopez – Making The Video “Get Right” Part 3 of 3 – WMV/6:54/19.7MB

Jennifer Lopez – “Get Right” High Quality – VCD/5:03/50.5MB
NOTE: Do not attempt to stream the above video! It’s too big and won’t happen. Right click the link and select Save Target As…. Broadband highly recommended. This download will only be available for a limited time (2 weeks at the most).

Jennifer Lopez Megamix Video – WMV/5:50/13.6MB (unofficial)

Jennifer Lopez Megamix Audio Only – MP3/VBR/5:50/8.2MB

Jennifer Lopez – “I’m Real” Video Version – MP3/VBR/4:43/6.2MB

As usual, no direct linking or repackaging/stealing of our files. We put hard work into preparing these and it’s not fun when certain web sites steal it away in a matter of seconds claiming it as their own work.

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Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. lux says:

    these are niiiice! i should know!