“Get Right” Airplay Update, 1/2-1/7

A smaller jump today compared to yesterday. Tomorrow will be the end of one full week of airplay for “Get Right”

*Keep in mind these are weekly stats, not daily, but updated daily.

Big Players (Mainstream):
WHTZ New York, NY – 55 spins (+5)
WFBC Greenville, SC – 39 spins (+6)
WSPK Poughkeepsie, NY – 35 spins
WHYI Miami, FL – 33 spins (+6)
KIIS Los Angeles, CA – 33 spins (+7)

Big Players (Urban/Rhythmic):
WPYO Orlando, FL – 31 spins (+0)
WKPO Madison, WI – 29 spins (+7)
KSXY Santa Rosa, CA – 27 spins (+4)
WJFX Fort Wayne, IN – 22 spins
WZMX Hartford, CT – 21 spins

1048 spins on Mainstream stations and 475 on Urban stations.
= 1523 total spins this week!

2 Responses to ““Get Right” Airplay Update, 1/2-1/7”

  1. HAZAER says:

    WOW!1523 total spins in one week thats amazing, but we can get that number higher!Just Keep Requestin’

  2. Javier says:

    WOw you guys actually have “Hartford, CT’s radio station on here.” But everytime I listen to Hartford’s radio station they don’t play her song, I prolly miss it all the time. I havnt heard it in CT yet. Just once, but that was early in the morning. I hope they make a hot remix for the song.