MTV Sneak Preview of “Get Right” Video Tonight!

Don’t forget to watch MTV’s Iced Out New Year’s Eve 2005 tonight, where they will show a preview of the “Get Right” video! Starts tonight at 10:30PM EST and runs until 12:30AM!

Reruns of the program will air at 3AM and 7AM again that night.

And Happy New Year everyone from!

3 Responses to “MTV Sneak Preview of “Get Right” Video Tonight!”

  1. Marcus says:

    omg!!! i saw the sneak peak and the video was off the chain! there was only one thing that confused me. i heard that kanye west was on the song in the video but i didn’t see him in the peek. can anyone fill me in on that? but anyway, the video seems off the chain and i can’t wait til january 5th and 6th so i can see the making of the video and the video being aired on TRL and 106 & Park!!!

  2. mel says:

    Kanye isn’t on the song. The rapper Fabulous is on a special version of ‘get right’, but I don’t think he’s in the video 🙂

  3. Tak says:

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